DAILY CATHOLIC     THURSDAY     June 18, 1998     vol. 9, no. 118

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          VATICAN (CWNews.com) -- Pope John Paul II will make a pastoral visit to Croatia in October, highlighted by the beatification of Cardinal Alojzije Stepanic.

          Archbishop Jean-Louis Tauran, the Vatican Secretary for Relations with States, today made the announcement that the Pope would visit Croatia on October 2 - 5. On October 3, he will preside at the beatification ceremonies for Cardinal Stepanic in the Marian sanctuary of Marija Bistrica. That date marks the anniversary of the day in 1946 when Cardinal Stepanic was sentenced to the labor camps by the Communist regime. On the following day the Holy Father will visit Split for the 1,700th anniversary of that city's foundation.

          Archbishop Tauran told Croatians that Pope's visit was designed "to strengthen you to continue to live the Christian life with confidence on Croatian soil, without worrying about the future." Archbishop Ante Juric of Split, in a pastoral message to the people of that archdiocese, said that the papal visit would be "a great gift and grace for us all" and predicted "great spiritual fruits."

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June 18, 1998       volume 9, no. 118


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