DAILY CATHOLIC     FRI-SAT-SUN     June 5-7, 1998     vol. 9, no. 109

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          WASHINGTON, DC (CWNews.com) - President Bill Clinton proposed renewal of Communist China's Most Favored Nation trading status on Wednesday, and received almost immediate criticism from both the right and the left for his decision.

          House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt, D-Missouri, said the MFN designation would reward human rights abuses and repression by China. "We must not reward the Chinese Communist government for its continuing political repression and tyranny," he said. "Human rights is a principle that can not be allowed to fall prey to politics. America must stand for more than money." Under MFN, a country is granted the preferential tariff rates that have been established with major trading partners, primarily through negotiations.

          Gary Bauer, president of the Family Research Council, called the decision part of Clinton's abandonment of his promise to get serious of China's disregard for human rights. He noted that the State Department had recently documented abuses, including "state-sanctioned murder, torture, arbitrary arrest and detention, forced abortion, and continued brutalization of Protestants, Catholics, and ethnic minorities, including Tibetans." He also cited recent intelligence reports that China is now targeting nuclear missiles at US cities.

          Clinton said it was important to stay engaged with Beijing and trade was a key part of that engagement. "Our exports have tripled over the last decade and now support over 170,000 American jobs," Clinton said. "But just as important, trade is a force for change in China, exposing China to our ideas and our ideals and integrating China into the global economy."

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June 5-7, 1998       volume 9, no. 109


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