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          These Lessons/Meditations are a numerical series of 100 instructions given to Cyndi Cain, the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart over the time period of January 6, 1995 to March 1, 1995 (Ash Wednesday). Though there are a few of these Lessons/Meditations from Our Lady, the majority are from Jesus Himself. He asks that these simple messages with deep theological insight be called "THE HIDDEN WAY" for it is in being truly hidden - obedient, humble little ones - that we are lifted up with Him in sharing His Passion and ultimately His glory. He asks that we hide ourselves in His wounds and there meditate upon His Passion and Death, contemplating upon His words in Matthew, "for there is nothing hidden, that shall not be revealed: nor secret that shall not be known" so that through discernment and meditation we can be drawn closer to the Triune Divinity and understand more clearly the role each of us is to play in His Plan of Salvation for ourselves and others. Only by immersing ourselves in Christ can we understand this as the words from the prayer "Anima Christi" - the essence of the salvific nature of Christ's Passion and Death - states: "O Good Jesus, hear me. Within Thy Wounds, hide me...so that hidden in Your Most Sacred Wounds, I may quickly come to great holiness for love of Thee." This is the essence of these special Lessons/Meditations including Lesson/Meditation #93 from Our Lord below.

Lessons/Meditations from Our Lord and Our Lady to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart


Lesson Meditation #93

(Imparted on February 22, 1995 to the Hidden Flower by Our Lord)
          Beloved Hidden Flower of My Mother's Immaculate Heart, I give to you My Peace, that your faith may be strong in these days of suffering.

          Beloved little children of My sacred Heart, I have ad- dressed now My first two commandments, speaking about those points of the Commands which you have forgotten and therefore are in need of in these critical times. All of My Commandments contain the perfection of My Law, My Gospel, for each has a far deeper meaning beyond its human words.

          Now I will speak about My Third Commandment by which you are obligated to keep holy the Lord's Day.

          But do you? What does it mean to keep HOLY My Day, which My One True Church declares as Sunday, for it is on this day I arose from the dead, and on this holy day The Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles.

          Holy? On Sunday it is My Command that you put aside all the tasks which occupy your time through-out all the other days. Your work today, because of your technology, does not recognize My order of time. By this I mean that for countless of My little ones your work turns day into night and night into day, so that to put aside all unnecessary tasks is foreign to you.

          Who has done this to you? You, yourself, in your weakness cooperating with the father of all lies-satan. By advancing technologically you have diminished theologically. Work is supreme, your absolute priority for by it you procure your needs and satisfy your wants by excess. The more you want and are able to procure by means of your work, the greater your want increases and you have become ensnared in satan's great trap.

          My Day is Holy and My Command is to keep this day Holy. I Command you, for the salvation of your soul, to come well-prepared to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and there to receive true food and drink-My Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

          Many, many of My little children do not come. Many who do come, do not know why. Their spirit is restless. They are ill-prepared and cause Me, their Lord and God, great sorrow. I want you to come to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass frequently, but always on My Day as I Command. Think to yourself that I, the King of Kings, have sent forth My summons which calls your soul back to Me. Be conscious therefore, of My True Words which solemnly tell you that even one Holy Mass worthily attended during life is of more value to your soul then ten-thousand Masses said for the repose of your soul. If you ponder on these words and strive to be fully prepared at all times for My Summons, you will eagerly, joyfully come to Holy Mass on Sunday, and be filled with many countless graces and blessings.

          By keeping My Day holy you sanctify the entire day. If this is the only Holy Mass you can attend all week, it sanctifies your week, for I remain with you in all that you do. That is how Infinite are the merits of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

          But there is so much more for you to also do on this, the Lord's Day.

          It is a special time for all. For those in the married state who have children, it is a grace-filled day which should be spent in My Peace, while you speak about Me, read and learn about Me, and a time to come together in prayer.

          You are unwilling to hear what I am saying because satan has dissolved the family into individuals who lead separate lives because each is pre-occupied by his/her particular enjoyment which cannot be shared with another family member. Families in these End Times live in isolation, passively entertaining themselves by endless hours before a television or computer, or any means you can use to wile away time.

          This is NOT holy. It does NOT please Me. Who Am, and Who has commanded you to honor, worship and reverence Me in a special manner on Sunday.

          Woe to those who keep business open on Sunday and thus force their employees to perform unnecessary servile work on this day. Woe to all of My little children who knowing My Command, par- take of these services because it is easier than spending the day with and for Me.

          Oh! Little ones. I Am, and My Order in Creation is Perfect. Sacred Scripture tells you that having created all the world, I rested on the seventh day. This I did as an example for all men, so that by obeying My Commands they might swiftly mount to great holiness and enter into My Eternal Embrace.

          Therefore, all who do not hold jobs of absolute necessity, such as law- enforcement officers, nurses, doctors and the like, must strictly observe My Command.

          Let all parents recognize their duty to come to Holy Mass on Sunday, and do not remain absent because you have children. Bring them! For I solemnly tell you My heart rejoices mightily as I behold My innocent ones, and upon their parents I give even more grace.

          Be above all filled with holy prudence. If illness strikes down the body, and the degree is such that to come to Mass would worsen your health and place others at great risk, you are pardoned of your obligation, provided you come quickly to Holy Mass the moment your health is restored.

          Let those who are obliged by their vocations to care for the sick-especially parents, under- stand that I bless obedience to the responsibilities of vocation. Thus, a mother whose child is ill and the child is of a tender age where the mother's presence is necessary, let her remain at her child's side to be blessed, but let the father and all others of the family keep My Command.

          My Day must be transformed back to the original intent of My Command. The Lord's Day is that-Mine! It is the gift I give to all, who because of duty are unable to come to Mass during the week, many be richly blessed and sanctified in their vocation and daily duty.

          Spend time in prayer, meditation and contemplation of Me! Spiritual reading is of vital importance. Partake of food in a holy way, gathered together at least on this one day, where I bless the family bond. Keep custody of your eyes, your ears, all of your senses, so that from this one single day you may gradually grow in holiness to live virtuously every day.

          Heed My words well, My dear children. I Who Am give unto you everything. In return I Command that you give to Me the fullness of your attention ONE DAY.

          Will you not do that for Me, Who Am? Will you not come and grow in love and holiness all the days of your life?

          How I love you! How I cherish you! Come to Me and learn from Me, for I solemnly tell you: I Come!


July 7, 1998       volume 9, no. 131


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