DAILY CATHOLIC     FRI-SAT-SUN     July 3-5, 1998     vol. 9, no. 129


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Enjoy the fireworks shows this weekend
before the real fireworks begin!

          Throughout his illustrious pontificate, nearing two full decades, Pope John Paul II has been called many things, but we doubt anyone has ever dubbed him the "Gentle General" which we do here today. We know the radical modernists would like to call him names we couldn't print here and he has once again raised their ire and frustration with his Apostolic Letter Ad Tuendam Fidem - "In Order to Defend the Faith" released the first of this week. In this four page document the Holy Father tightened the clamps on dissenters by taking away any doubts as to the tenets of the Faith. In fact, by this document he enacts into Church Law an oath that obliges all Catholics, especially theologians charged with the responsibility of teaching, to accept without question Catholic teachings on such issues that today have stirred so much controversy. We're talking about the bans on women priests, or the Holy See's insistence that artificial contraception, euthanasia, sex outside of marriage, and the practice of homosexuality are WRONG!!! It is no longer open to debate and that is the way it should be.

          The line has been drawn in the sand, so to speak, and it is time for all those loyal to Jesus Christ to cross over and stand solidly with the Pope. Naturally the dissenters are up in arms, decrying this as total censorship and a means for conservative scholars at Catholic universities to rid the liberal, dissenting professors. Well why not? It seems that modernist theologians have been so entrenched by tenure that nothing has been able to prevent them from spewing their heresies. Now, with this Profession of Faith they must take the oath and must preach the truth. Any dissenting from this truth and the pink slip is theirs, not just at the Catholic University they may represent, but in the Church as well. For the Vicar of Christ's latest decree, explained further by Cardinal Joseph Ratsinger states without a doubt that any dissent of these truths and the dissenter could be excommunicated for if they reject established Catholic doctrine then they are "no longer in full communion with the Catholic Church." It's about time. For the last thirty some years too many have masqueraded as Catholics when, in truth, they were really espousing the Protestant line. Now is the time of weeding as the harvest has come. Now is the time to separate the wheat from the chaff and throw the chaff out lest the weeds and cockles would choke out the good fruits. They have been trying, but the Holy Father's sickle of demanding obedience has cut a mighty swath in the path of these who would continue to infect the good wheat.

          Many of the dissenters claim the Holy Father's tactics are intended to stifle conversation and dialogue. Well, has anyone told them the Church is not a democracy? This weekend we celebrate our 222nd birthday as a nation - the anniversary of the founding of this country which, in truth is a republic, not a democracy. In the issue of "free speech" we all, as God-fearing Christians, have an obligation to speak out but not when it is a direct dichotomy of what God has decreed either in Public Revelation or through His Church. But over the years this "free speech" syndrome has digressed to where everybody thinks they have to have a say and look what we're stuck with today: the ammoral Clinton administration! Today it's politically correct to "have a say," but the Church is not and never has been guided by political correctness. Had she been led to follow finite whims we doubt Holy Mother Church would have escaped the thirteenth century when political intrigue and graft permeated the Papal States. No, the Church is guided by a Higher Power and we all know where and Who that rests with!!!

          This weekend is the time when everyone proudly sports the red, white and blue of our country. But loyal Catholics can be gratified in knowing that, with the Pope's pronouncement of these enforcements that are now incorporated into Canon Law, we don't have to worry about all the shades of gray that muddied up the picture and confused so many. Once again we can return to the two distinctive colors of black and white! We can take comfort in realizing that the pendulum is swinging back to a time when the Church spelled everything out and no one could confuse the difference between right and wrong. The new Catechism of the Catholic Church released in 1994 was the first step, now the Holy See has turned the screws on theologians and others who would forge their own agenda in the name of Catholic teaching. The great bugaboo "follow your conscience" over-rode the sensible and the wisdom of centuries for the last thirty years plus by rationalizing away sin and the graces we can merit from the Sacraments, good works, and prayer. Now, finally they won't be able to hoodwink us any longer. If they do, wave sayonara! You just know the modernists, liberals, feminists, new agers and lukewarm souls will not go quietly. Their kind never do. They'll mount an all-out assault on the Pope and those loyal to him and, in fulfillment of Our Lady's prophecies, the schism will be exposed in full force. It's been hiding in the weeds for too long. Now, with the cutting down of these strangling roots, there'll be no place to hide. And you can better believe as everything is spelled out in black and white, we may very well be wearing other colors as well, such as black and blue from the persecution and tirades leveled against those loyal to the Holy Father. He, along with the many of Mary's faithful remnant, are going through a martyrdom of persecution and the Catholic bashing is about to intensify. Soon most of us will experience the slings and arrows of human hate retaliating because we follow a Higher Authority. But that is the price of Dependence on God that makes it possible to celebrate our independence this weekend. So enjoy the fireworks shows this weekend before the real fireworks begin!

Michael Cain, editor