DAILY CATHOLIC    THURSDAY     August 6, 1998     vol. 9, no. 153


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          By popular demand, we are bringing you the Messages imparted to Cyndi Cain, the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart from the Immaculate Mother and her Divine Son Jesus. These messages for the world began September 22, 1990 and were completed on June 18, 1995 on the Feast of Corpus Christi with the charge, "Do not be afraid. Do not be anxious. Do not become lukewarm. Remember, I am with you always until the end of time. Behold, My little ones, I beg you to prepare, for I Come!" Through these five years Cyndi was under the astute spiritual direction of her personal Spiritual Director Father Al Svobodny, OMI who discerned each message before being released. He was personally selected by Our Lady in this great task. It was Our Lord who has called Cyndi "the Hidden Flower" as Jesus relayed to her in an earlier message: "...because My Mother has taken you, a tender bud and placed you within My Sacred Wounds, I shall mold you, I shall bring to perfection all that I have placed within you, and this shall be hidden from the world...My Hidden Flower, know that I place you in the hands of My Immaculate Mother, and you shall know the tender care of Her Immaculate Heart. Know that I desire to work in you in silence, that you shall suffer many crosses and that to you shall be given the triple martyrdom of body, mind and soul." In response to Their request, Cyndi makes these messages known again to the entire world through the Catholic-Internet Network so that all God's children everywhere, without exception, may receive the Blessed Mother's Messages. We are trying to have all the messages over five years published in book form. However the escalating costs of printing prohibits that at the present time. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to help defray the costs of publishing this large-volumed book as Our Lady has requested often, ...please click here. Today, we bring you Our Lady's messages 173 and 174 from March 30 and April 4, 1992.

Messages One Hundred Seventy-Three and Seventy-Four

Message One Hundred Seventy-Three, March 30 1992

Mother Cabrini Shrine in Golden, Colorado

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
          Beloved Hidden Flower, I am with you. I beg of you to tell all of my little ones that God Almighty has sent me to bestow great graces upon all mankind, if only their hearts are open. Tell them to be open to the Holy Spirit and when the call is heard within the heart they are to come to me at the Holy Mountain in Golden where I desire to restore virtue to the world.

          Beloved Hidden Flower, tell my children that the moment of great darkness approaches, that the spiritual darkness of the world is complete. Yet through the faithful living of my messages by my little ones satan does not reveal himself before mankind and Divine Mercy may still shower forth.

          Tell them that as you knelt in prayer at the holy place at Mother Cabrini Shrine you felt throughout your entire body the trembling of the mountain. Tell them that you heard my Son say to you: "Go, tell my children that the earth shall tremble before the justice of God, and then shall come the great golden light which will be the beginning of the reign of the Sacred Heart."

          Tell them that He will obliterate the darkness and all who are faithful shall see Him, the glorious King. But before the Triumph will come the fulfillment of all I have foretold, which is in Sacred Scripture. Say to my little ones that I love them with all motherly affection and I am pleading with them to convert their hearts now.

          I love you, my children, without exception. Persevere and be at peace, for I, the Mother of God, shall remain among you as long as God permits.

          Hear my words. Pray! Pray! Pray! The time is urgent. I give you God's peace. Thank you for responding to my Call!

    Message One Hundred Seventy-Four, April 4, 1992

    (Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
            Beloved Hidden Flower, say to all my children everywhere without exception: Now, as never before the voices of all my little ones to whom I speak shall be persecuted as never before, for the demon seeks to ruin all of mankind. I, the Mother of God, Queen of Peace, Mary Immaculate, shall not cease in my mission. I will continue to speak to my humble little ones. I shall speak to many more. By God's authority I solemnly promise great graces, great inner miracles that shall convert hearts and souls so that my Immaculate Heart may triumph.

            Woe to those who persecute my little ones, seeking by every clever word of human origin to refute the Divine Wisdom which God imparts to His chosen ones.

            Woe to those who lead my little ones away from the Truth, refusing to see the glorious joy in giving oneself to God completely. In this act of total faith lies absolute trust and heartfelt Love, given by God. Through the giving of self all heaven rejoices as the ranks of my little army swell, supported by my Heart and the Sacred Heart of my Son.

            To all my little ones I exhort you to greater depths of prayer and unceasing sacrifice. Be not concerned about the welfare of your bodies. Look only at Jesus and unite your soul to Him.

            I implore all my little ones to be faithful to the Holy Father, my beloved son and to pray for him, my Martyr of Peace. I solemnly tell you the tide of persecutions shall reach unprecedented heights, and many of those vowed to my Son shall be the darkness which shall help to bring the great apostasy into full view by all the world.

            Hear my words and know that the Way of the Cross is the Way of Joy for all who truly love and serve my Divine Son.

            I solemnly tell you that the Justice of the Almighty is ready, and it can no longer be held back. My little ones, increase your prayers. Seek always the grace of the Holy Spirit. In this way you shall remain faithful, fearing nothing though all the world shall hate you; all the world shall persecute you.

            I solemnly tell you I weep because I have been with you, pleading, encouraging and you have half-heartedly responded. Now is the moment to decide. Convert now and trust in my help. I love you. I bless you. I am the Mother of God, Queen of Peace. Hear me, o my children, for soon my Divine Son shall return as Judge in all His glory.

            Thank you for responding to my Call

August 6, 1998       volume 9, no. 153


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