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WEDNESDAY             August 26, 1998             SECTION TWO              vol 9, no. 167

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      ROME ( - Among 37 people killed by Rwandan rebels in Democratic Republic of Congo are a priest and three nuns, the MISNA religious news agency reported on Tuesday.

      The agency said the rebels held a "summary execution" at a mission in Kasika in eastern Congo on Monday. MISNA said the killings were in reprisal for an attack on rebel forces nearby on Sunday. The priest and nuns belonged to the Sons of the Resurrection religious order.

      The massacre comes one day after Pope John Paul publicly prayed for an ended to violence in the Central African country and called on rebels and government troops to respect humanity and call a cease-fire. Congo has been embroiled in violence since August 2 when President Laurent Kabila ordered Rwandan soldiers who helped him come to power last year to leave the country.


      BUENOS AIRES ( - A federation of 83 Argentine humanitarian Non-Governmental Organizations -- most of them of Catholic inspiration -- succeeded this week in officially establishing Mother Teresa of Calcutta's birthday as the national Day of Solidarity.

      The commemoration was approved yesterday by the Department of Culture and will be celebrated for the first time on August 26, Mother Teresa's birthday. In the official document approving the feast, authorities said: "The commemoration should awake among Argentineans the spirit of fraternity and solidarity to create a giving culture and to encourage Argentineans to create new private and collective humanitarian initiatives." The statement also recognized Mother Teresa as "a role model of the virtues our society needs."

      According to a recent Gallup poll, twenty percent of Argentineans volunteered in a humanitarian activity last year, but only two percent are actively involved in volunteering on a steady basis in the some 47,000 humanitarian groups.

      The Day of Solidarity will also include a Man or Woman of the Year chosen from among people who have founded the most creative and effective initiative for social assistance.


      KHARTOUM ( - Sudanese Christians gathered in ecumenical prayer service on last week to pray for the release of two Catholic priests arrested by the Islamic government for alleged links to bomb attacks in Khartoum in June.

      Auxiliary Bishop Daniel Adwok of Khartoum celebrated the Mass and told the assembled congregation that Sudanese Christians only have their faith to fight injustice, and said that Christians must never use violence to solve their problems. Father Hilary Boma, chancellor for the archdiocese, was arrested on August 1 and Father Lino Sebit, a parish priest, turned himself in on July 29 after an arrest warrant was issued.

      Bishop Adwok said a purported confession by the priests of involvement in the bomb plots was obtained through torture. He added that the government should either try the priests in an open court or release them. A spokesman of the Episcopal Church of Sudan said that the detention of the priests was a tactic by the government to discredit Christianity. He said the government has always given lip service to religious tolerance while persecuting Christians.

      BOGOTA ( - A high-school teacher who professed belief in Gnosticism won a civil rights lawsuit on last week against a local priest who accused him on Satanism.

      Father Juan Carlos Jaramillio said he denounced Rube Giraldo in the small town of El Santuario last year because the teacher was teaching spells to his students and the children even tried to conjure spirits. Giraldo said he was not involved in the incidents and suggested that the priest denounced him because he believes in a religion long ago considered a heresy by Catholics. After townspeople began making death threats and started calling him "Satan's professor," Giraldo filed a civil rights lawsuit against the priest.

      Last week the country's highest court, the Constitutional Court, ruled in his favor in a surprise climax of what has become a national debate about the relationship between church and state. The Constitutional Court in recent years has struck down several laws favorable to the Catholic Church in Colombia including mandatory Catholic education in public schools, tax breaks for the Church, military service exemptions, and the requirement for a Church annulment in order to receive a civil divorce.

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Proverbs 21: 28

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August 26, 1998 volume 9, no. 167   DAILY CATHOLIC