DAILY CATHOLIC     WEDNESDAY     August 19, 1998     vol. 9, no. 162

from a CATHOLIC perspective

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          DETROIT (CWNews.com) - The Michigan chapter of the Catholic Campaign for America on Monday called on the state's voters to reject a referendum on the November ballot to legalize assisted suicide.

          The group of lay Catholics particularly exhorted Catholic politicians to reject the initiative sponsored by the pro-suicide group Merian's Friends, pointing out that they have an obligation to avoid supporting or obeying laws which violate the dignity of human life. The ballot question would overturn a law approved by the state Legislature and Gov. John Engler and set to go into effect on September 1 that would ban assisted suicide.

          Robert Mylod, chairman of the campaign, said the ballot is a unique opportunity. "We are in an exquisitely dramatic moment. All Catholic and other leaders of good will have the opportunity to speak out against this 'culture of death' initiative," he said. "Marion's Friends seek to turn health organizations into instruments of death rather than protectors of life."

          The group also criticized Geoffrey Fieger, the Democrat candidate for governor and former attorney for assisted-suicide activist Jack Kevorkian, for anti-Catholic rhetoric and for making assisted suicide a cornerstone of his platform.

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August 19, 1998       volume 9, no. 162


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