Liturgy DAILY CATHOLIC for April 24-26
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no. 80

April 24, 1998

Friday, April 24:
Friday in the Second Week of Easter and
Feast of Saint Fidelis of Signmaren, Priest & Religious Martyr

      First Reading: Acts 5: 34-42
      Psalms: Psalm 27: 1, 4, 13-14
      Gospel Reading: John 6: 1-15

      This saint was one of many who God rose up during the "Century of Saints" to counter the Protestant Revolt of the 16th Century. Saint Fidelis was born in Sigmaringen, France in 1577 of noble parents. Always devout to the sacraments, Fidelis became a Capuchin monk, embracing a life of austerity and prayer. The Congregation of Propaganda appointed him to go to Switzerland to save as many souls as possible from the growing heresy of Calvinism. While preaching in Sevis, Switzerland a Calvinist fanatic shot at him, but he would not be deterred. After his sermon, a mob of Protestants confronted him, headed by a Calvinist minister who ordered him to renounce his faith. Fidelis replied, "I came to refute your errors, not to embrace them. I will never renounce Catholic doctrine, which is the truth of all ages, and I fear not death." Incensed, the Calvinists pierced him through with their scabbards. He died for the true faith and Jesus Christ.

April 25, 1998

Saturday, April 25:

      First Reading: 1 Peter 5: 5-14
      Psalms: Psalm 89: 2-3, 6-7, 16-17
      Gospel Reading: Mark 16: 15-20

      Converted by Saint Peter after Jesus ascended into Heaven, Saint Mark accompanied Peter to Rome, becoming Peter's secretary as Peter recounted the life of Christ for Mark to record in Greek for the Gentiles. Mark is noted for the vivid images he portrayed of Christ's personality to give us a better insight into the Son of God, such as "He embraced...the little children." After Peter's death, Mark was dispatched to Egypt where he found the Church of Alexandria and was responsible for large numbers of converts. He was the father of the anchorites, the early hermits, and he set up a great Christian school to educate the populace. Upset with his influence, heathens captured him, dragging him over rough hewn stones and flinging him into a dark prison cell. There, consoled by Angels through a magnificent vision of Jesus, Mark lovingly embraced his death in true love for Christ and His followers. Mark is represented as a lion since his gospel begins with Saint John the Baptist as the "voice of one crying in the wilderness."

April 26, 1998

SUNDAY, April 26:

      First Reading: Acts 5: 27-32, 40-41
      Psalms: Psalm 30: 2,4-6, 11-13
      Second Reading: Revelation/Apocalypse 5: 11-14
      Gospel Reading: John 21: 1-19

April 27, 1998

Monday, April 27:
Monday in Third Week of Easter

      First Reading: Acts 6: 8-15
      Psalms: Psalm 119: 1, 23-24, 26-27, 29-30
      Gospel Reading: John 6: 22-29

April 24-26, 1998     volume 9, no. 80    LITURGY