Liturgy DAILY CATHOLIC for April 22
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no. 78

April 22, 1998

Wednesday, April 22:
Wednesday in the Second Week of Easter

      First Reading: Acts 5: 17-26
      Psalms: Psalm 34: 2-9
      Gospel Reading: John 3: 16-21

April 21, 1998

Thursday, April 23:
Thursday in the Second Week of Easter and
Feast of Saint George, Martyr

      First Reading: 5: 27-33
      Psalms: Psalm 34: 2, 7, 9, 17-20
      Gospel Reading: John 3: 31-36

      Born near the end of the third century, Saint George became a great Roman soldier, being elevated to tribune for his bravery by the Roman Emperor Diocletian. Though he had been born of Christian parents, George did not become a Christian until he realized the atrocities being done to the Christians by his emperor. George openly rebuked Diocletian and begged the emperor to follow Jesus. For his efforts George was thrown into prison and eventually beheaded by the evil emperor around 303 AD. He became the icon for the Christian cause as his courage reinforced fortitude in every Christian. He has always been depicted as the great dragon-slayer - defeating the devil in the same vein as Saint Michael except George was upon a horse, garbed in Roman armor. Legend of his exploits spread throughout Europe and many miracles were attributed to his intercession after his death by those pilgrims who visited his tomb. Devotion to St. George was one of the most ancient and wide spread in the early Church. His fame prompted England to choose him as her patron saint and his feast was declared a national holiday there in the 13th Century. He is the patron saint of soldiers and Boy Scouts.

April 22, 1998     volume 9, no. 78    LITURGY