A Call To Peace DAILY CATHOLIC for April 12-14
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vol, 9
no. 72

INTRODUCTION: Jesus says in Matthew 11: 28,These Lessons/Meditations are a numerical series of 100 instructions given to Cyndi Cain, the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart over the time period of January 6, 1995 to March 1, 1995 (Ash Wednesday). Though there are a few of these Lessons/Meditations from Our Lady, the majority are from Jesus Himself. He asks that these simple messages with deep theological insight be called "THE HIDDEN WAY" for it is in being truly hidden - obedient, humble little ones - that we are lifted up with Him in sharing His Passion and ultimately His glory. He asks that we hide ourselves in His wounds and there meditate upon His Passion and Death, contemplating upon His words in Matthew, "for there is nothing hidden, that shall not be revealed: nor secret that shall not be known" so that through discernment and meditation we can be drawn closer to the Triune Divinity and understand more clearly the role each of us is to play in His Plan of Salvation for ourselves and others. Only by immersing ourselves in Christ can we understand this as the words from the prayer "Anima Christi" - the essence of the salvific nature of Christ's Passion and Death - states: "O Good Jesus, hear me. Within Thy Wounds, hide me...so that hidden in Your Most Sacred Wounds, I may quickly come to great holiness for love of Thee." This is the essence of these special Lessons/Meditations including Lesson/Meditation #81 from Our Lord below.
Lesson #81
February 10, 1995
      Beloved Hidden Flower of My Mother's Immaculate Heart, I love and bless you. In all things speak to your holy spiritual director. As you well know it is I Who tell him all that he must know of and about you.

      As I speak to My children today, I do so concerning that Spiritual Work of Mercy "Bear All Wrongs Patiently."

      O! How difficult this work of mercy is for you who live in these end times when humanism, rationalism and every sort of heresy abound. Satan lies to your mind which in turn feeds your lower human ego, and rather than "seeing with the soul" you see with ego, which is "I". Your life is a repeated litany of "I want, I need, I demand..."

      Did I Who Am not come to show you how vitally necessary it is for the "I" of self-love to be crossed out? Did I not cancel this "I" of self-love by My Most Sacred and Sorrowful Cross? Therefore, I solemnly tell you he who clings to My Cross learns swiftly to subdue the ego, that is the "I", and to see My Will alone.

      Only in this way does it become possible for you who are Mine to bear all wrongs patiently, deferring all judgment to Me so that you always possess My Peace.

      This Spiritual Work of Mercy is so necessary to spiritual growth. It humbles the soul and makes the soul contrite, for when, in all things, you bear wrongs done unto you patiently, you see those faults within yourself that have done harm to others.

      How, then, do you come to understand the full meaning of this vital Spiritual Work of Mercy? How do you "bear" with the small and big crosses of life, without losing your way on the path of salvation?

      Hear Me, My children, for this particular Spiritual Work of Mercy is that one which will aid you and bring you quickly to a high degree of virtue. It purifies heart and soul, for deriving its life and strength from The Holy Spirit, it enables your soul to patience in all trials by uniting you to My Passion. Thus, you love and forgive in union with Me, and acknowledge that no matter how small or large the hurt done to you, tthe same has already been done unto Me, the Only-Begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ, but to an Infinite Degree.

      Now, little children, I ask you to pray and meditate upon My words. By this Spiritual Work of Mercy you are not bound to condone, approve or neglect to lovingly correct a sinful wrong done to you. This Spiritual Work of Mercy does not make you a weak soul, but rather a strong soul confirmed solidly in your faith for this Spiritual Work of Mercy, which is superior, extends outward to that Corporal Work of Mercy already spoken about which aids you in admonishing the sinner. However, by this work of Mercy, you nevertheless accept with love born of the Holy Spirit the wrong done against you and find within your heart a generosity to forgive the wrong, thereby pleading for Mercy for the person who has done such a wrong, as well as for yourself so that Divine Mercy becomes an Infinite Stream of grace for all the world!

      And what "wrongs" must you bear patiently, which is with forgiveness and mercy?

      By this Spiritual Work of Mercy I Will for all who are Mine to suffer everything, from the thoughtless word or deed, to the most willful word or deed, all for My sake.

      Because your human nature is weak, you must recognize that not one day passes where you do not wound another by a thoughtless word or act. You can wound another not only by speaking and acting, but also by failing to speak or act in a time of need.

      The entire frame-work of The Spiritual Works of Mercy are intertwined To fulfill one is to ultimately live and fulfill each one, which being intertwined lead you swiftly to Paradise.

      Let each of My little children understand well My Words. When you are unjustly judged, do not jump to your defense. Silence is the superior part, and charity demands that you make no response, acknowledging this humiliation as a true gift from Me, while you pray earnestly for he who slanders and judges you unjustly. When you are denied consolation, compassion; when harsh words erupt from flaring emotions; when you neglect a duty or responsibility, when by seer human weakness your best efforts fail to measure up to another's desires, you commend all to Me, forgive by act of your will, and seek Me Alone as Comfort and Strength.

      Many hurts which you carry as great wounds in your heart are wounds that truly do not even exist, but which satan places upon you by his lies and the fact you give the evil one free access to your mind. I solemnly tell you that so many souls and hearts are burdened with anger and bitterness towards another, when in My eyes no willful wrong was ever done and My Compassionate Smile alone suffices to give you forgiveness and a gentle spirit!

      Do not hold grudges against anyone! Do not permit the poison of satan to take a small, unintentional hurt and expand it into unimaginable proportions that stifle the fullness of grace in your soul, and paralyze the action of The Holy Spirit.

      If you are in Me and I in you, why are you so eager to address every wrong, to fight back, to speak uncharitably, to judge, to be unmerciful? Why do you, by such actions, seek to distance yourself from Me and wound My Sacred Heart even more?

      O! Little ones, at every moment your own human nature shall be afflicted. This is the Way of the Cross lived moment to moment. It is acceptance of My Cross in joy and obedience, so that all self-love and self-seeking are eradicated from you, thus purifying your immortal soul.

      In these times of total selfishness My command to you is to be totally self-effacing. Seek only to Love, Forgive and dispense My Divine Mercy to all the world. Cry out to Me daily to give to you a potion of My Sacred Heart whereby bearing all wrongs patiently is that mystical act of being truly crucified with Me, for Me, of Me and in Me. Seek this; all else shall be given to he who so joyfully embraces The Way of the Cross. This is the path, the only path, to holiness and Eternal Joy.

      In these end times you shall learn quickly the importance of this Spiritual Work of Mercy, for you will not be able to persevere unless this Work of Mercy rests in your soul, and is rooted in your heart.

      Pray much and examine your conscience so you may be enlightened by The Holy Spirit. My own Mother shall help you, for the times are critical and you must be secure in My Sacred Heart, My True Presence in the Blessed Sacrament and The Way of My Cross.

      Know I love and bless each of you! Pray, for I Come!


April 12-14, 1998     volume 9, no. 72    THE HIDDEN WAY

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