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MONDAY      September 6, 1999      SECTION ONE       vol 10, no. 168

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Dorothy Day

The Mother Teresa of America who concentrated on chasing out of God's world the money changers of commercialism and greed

   Today we bring you the 69th person selected out of the TOP 100 CATHOLICS OF THE CENTURY. The voters chose Dorothy Day whose cause for beatification has been introduced. It must be a God-incidence that her selection falls on Labor Day for, though it was not planned that way, it's only apppropriate that we honor the founder of The Catholic Worker. Following in the example of Our Lord, she devoted her life to living the Beatitudes and chasing the money changers of commercialism and greed out of the temples of capitalism by tweaking America's conscience into remembering the poor, the oppressed and the downtrodden. For more on the 69th selection, click on DOROTHY DAY

69.   Dorothy Day

The Clarion to conquer the enemy with love and truth!

    In his column today, Pat Ludwa talks about the current war being waged, not in the theatre of Asia, Africa and Central America so much as in the trenches between the pews where dissident groups taunt and bait orthodox Catholics. Pat reminds us it would be easy to fall into the trap of retaliating with the weapons of hate, but he shows where this was not Christ's way and should not be our way. We are to win our enemy over with love, not hate and violence. It is easy to be a dissident, much harder to be loyal and toe the line. It is easy to lash out at others, much harder to hold our tongue and open our heart. For Pat's column Spiritual Warfare, click on VIEW FROM THE PEW

Spiritual Warfare!

August 25th Medjugorje Monthly Message

   Dear children! Also today I call you to give glory to God the Creator in the colors of nature. He speaks to you also through the smallest flower about His beauty and the depth of love with which He has created you. Little children, may prayer flow from your hearts like fresh water from a spring. May the wheat fields speak to you about the mercy of God towards every creature. That is why, renew prayer of thanksgiving for everything He gives you. Thank you for having responded to my call.
For more on Medjugorje, click on MEDJUGORJE AND MORE


"And having looked around upon them all, He said to the man, 'Stretch forth thy hand.' And he stretched it forth and his hand was restored. But they were filled with fury, and began to discuss among themselves what they should do to Jesus."

Luke 6: 10-11

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September 6, 1999 volume 10, no. 168   DAILY CATHOLIC