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WEDNESDAY      October 6, 1999      SECTION ONE       vol 10, no. 190

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Number 47:

Father Solanus Casey, OFM Cap.

Modern U.S. Capuchin Saint of Love, Humility and Healing

    Today we bring you the 47th person selected out of the TOP 100 CATHOLICS OF THE CENTURY. The voters chose Father Solanus Casey a Capuchin Friar whose life was one of healing and humility. While the world knows of that famous Capuchin in San Giovanni Rotundo, Italy who will soon be a saint Blessed Padre Pio, few outside Detroit, New York and Huntington, Indiana know of a man who lived the same obedience as Padre Pio and whose healing powers were legendary. Hindered academically, he made up for his deficiencies in studies by being the perfect professor for the sick in body, mind and soul. He had time for everyone and a kind word for all, exemplifying the ideals and virtues of the original friar Saint Francis of Assisi. For more on the 47th selection, click on FATHER SOLANUS CASEY, OFM CAP.

47.    Father Solanus Casey, OFM Cap.

The Tools of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

The Ark of Gold

    We continue with our on-going series of this abridged History of the Mass and Holy Mother Church over a 2000 year span called 2000 YEAR VOYAGE ON THE BARQUE OF PETER. Today we continue our short series on the "Tools of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass" with the focus today on the Ark of the Covenant - the Holy Tabernacle where Our Lord resides in the Blessed Sacrament. For Installment twenty-one The Tools of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass part two: The Tabernacle, click on BARQUE OF PETER

Installment Twenty-one

The Tools of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - Part Two

The Tabernacle

Next Wednesday: Installment Twenty-one: Tools of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: part three

Events Today in Church History

    On this date twenty years ago in 1979 Pope John Paul II became the first Sovereign Pontiff to ever visit the White House, meeting with then President Jimmy Carter. It would be the first of several trips to the United States for this pilgrim Pope who redefined the word global as the most traveled Roman Pontiff in history. For other pertinent events throughout the centuries that are memorable in Church history today, click on MILLENNIUM MILESTONES AND MEMORIES

Historical Events in Church Annals for October 6:

"He became like us in all things, except sin."

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the words of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen have been known to launch a thousand images in one's mind, one of the ways this late luminary did so much to evangelize the faith. Because of the urgency of the times and because few there are today who possess the wisdom, simplicity and insight than the late Archbishop who touched millions, we are bringing you daily gems from his writings. The good bishop makes it so simple that we have dubbed this daily series: "SIMPLY SHEEN".

" Power to appreciate temptation is the fine condition of being able to help others out of temptation. The first step God took toward making us become like Him was to become, as far as He could, like us."

September 25th Medjugorje Monthly Message

   Dear children! Today again I call you to become carriers of my peace. In a special way, now when it is being said that God is far away, He has truly never been nearer to you. I call you to renew prayer in your families by reading the Sacred Scripture and to experience joy in meeting with God Who infinitely loves His creatures. Thank you for having responded to my call.
For more on Medjugorje, click on MEDJUGORJE AND MORE


'And He said to them,' "When you pray, say: 'Father, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come! Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who is indebted to us. And lead us not into temptation."

Luke 11: 2-4

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October 6, 1999 volume 10, no. 190  DAILY CATHOLIC