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Archbishop Foley Explains Synod Proposals

        VATICAN CITY, OCT 13 (ZENIT).- Speaking to Vatican Radio, Archbishop John P. Foley, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, pointed out that the media has been a recurring topic in the present Synod of Bishops for Europe, which is being held in the Vatican from October 1-23.

        Archbishop Foley said that one of the most welcomed proposals was the creation of "a Continental television network for the Catholic public." This idea has already been implemented on a smaller scale by the Church in Italy with the establishment of the "Sat 2000" network.

        The possibility of a Europe-wide television network was mentioned by French Bishop Bellino Ghirard of Rodez during his address. "I propose the examination, with determination, of a project for a Catholic television on a European dimension: a type of permanent Eurovision to sustain the building of Europe, with respect for its founding values."

        Bishop José Sánchez, who is responsible for the Spanish Episcopal Commission for Social Communication said that the "Church in Europe must unite efforts and exchange experience regarding the organization of joint services in this important field, especially in television and the Internet"

        However, "as a Church, we are afraid of the media," Bishop Crispin Hollis said. Hollis is Bishop of Portsmouth, England, and president of the Commission for Social Communications of the European Episcopate. "We belong to a people which has become progressively secularized by a culture that is largely media-controlled and yet we often neglect those very media which could help us to evangelize our culture more widely and more effectively. The media challenge us but they do not have to be a threat."

        Cardinal Józef Glemp, president of the Polish Bishops' Conference, said that "as Christians, we are not present in a sufficient way in the mass media. Perhaps we are lacking the courage to introduce ourselves in cultural areas and to look for trustworthy friends there."

        Auxiliary Bishop Adam Lepa of Lodz, Poland, added: "Catholic media must become a place of evangelization and not only a means for evangelization (among other things, to witness faith). Journalists in the Catholic media should be persuaded themselves that action upon public opinion concerning things of the Church, doctrine, mission, and its true image in society, is the most important means of evangelization." ZE99101301

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October 14, 1999       volume 10, no. 196


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