DAILY CATHOLIC   TUESDAY   May 4, 1999   vol. 10, no. 87


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It's in the script.

          It's all scripted! It's all just too pat, too orchestrated, too easy! We're talking, of course, about the news over the weekend of Jesse Jackson's liberation of - oops, we should say the Reverend Jesse Jackson's liberation of three POW's. Consider that the Holy Father has sent delegate after delegate to Belgrade with no political motivation whatsoever, only that human dignity be upheld on all parties' part. Consider that the Sant'Egidio Community sent a delegation to Kosovo and to Belgrade to strive to forge a peaceful solution with Slobodan Milosevic but the latter dictator had nothing to gain from negotiating with those whose motives are pure. He needed leverage of public opinion. That's all that matters to these despots. Why? It's in the script.

          Enter Jackson and his leftist ideals. As we mentioned last week it would get maximum press coverage. You just knew it was all pre-arranged. Don't tell this editor that Jackson walked in one day and the next Milosevic handed over the three POW's with no ulterior motive. We don't buy it, especially when you consider that the Vatican has been working behind the scenes with open diplomatic relations with all parties for well over two months. Like the movie "Wag the Dog" life imitates art. In the movie Dustin Hoffman created an enemy in the Balkans and created a hero the public could rally behind in the unsuspecting young girl. Fast forward to a month ago when mysteriously three young men were captured all too easily and showed up in Belgrade all too quickly. We wouldn't be surprised if Milosevic and William Jefferson Clinton didn't cook this up together way beforehand; Milosevic to resuscitate his grip on Serbia after many setbacks throughout the decade of the nineties, and Clinton to take the public's mind off the immoral actions he has committed. Remember we wrote about his obsession with the polls. Let's face it, there are just too many coincidences and forced formatting that it all fits too easily in place. Think about it and then think about what the Blessed Virgin Mary has said many, many times about the false peace and to beware. Milosevic would not have released the "hostages" if there were not something truly in the works for him. Don't buy the idea that he's running scared either. Russia has already committed to coming to Serbia's aid in the event of further aggression by NATO. NATO is not that strong; the aligning nations have contributed little except advice, leaving America with the burden and the bills as millions and millions of dollars have been spent on weaponry all for one purpose: destruction! Now consider something else if you don't buy into the fact that all these countries, leaders and agendas are in cahoots: Wouldn't you think our ol' friend Saddam Hussein would take advantage of America's involvement in the Balkans to start something, invade this country or that? But no, everything is strangely silent, almost like the nebulous and mysterious (for now) OWO (One World Order) great director has not given Saddam his cue yet. Remember, it's all in the script.

          Something else that's in the script is all that Our Lady has prophesied. The world has been refocused, shifting to the left somewhat moving a couple thousand miles or so from the mideast to the Balkans. So what is happening in the mideast while all this is going on? Much that will be manifested in the near future, but for now, the mideast is still in the wings waiting. It's all in the script. Consider Our Lady's words at La Salette, Fatima and Garabandal. Then consider her pleading from this very area where the world is now focused. Ethnic cleansing is nothing new. It has happened many times before - in Bosnia and Serbia before Kosovo, and on every continent. Why then did Clinton choose to become the great liberator of human dignity now? It's in the script. For eighteen years the Mother of God is reported to have continued appearing in Medjugorje as the Queen of Peace in the village she personally calls her Oasis of Peace. When she first appeared on June 24, 1981 Clinton was just finishing his first term as Arkansas' governor and Yugoslavia was a year removed from the death of its notorious leader Marshal Tito. It would be nine more years before Milosevic would would become president of the Serbian republic. It was also in 1989 when the first problems arose in Kosovo when 29 died from riots prompted by Serbian intervention and attempts to end Kosovo's autonomous status. Kosovo's government would be dissolved the next year when all but Serbia and Montenegro would vote out communist candidates. Slovenia and Croatia declared independence and Serbia retaliated. The UN imposed an arms embargo against Serbia who was clearly labeled the "bad guy." In 1992 Macedonia declared its independence followed by Bosnia-Hercegovina, the region where Medjugorje is located. What ensued over the next three years would be civil war between the Muslims, Orthodox and Croat Catholics in Bosnia with Mostar and Sarajevo, two major cities in Bosnia, heavily hit. Yet through all the warfare, Medjugorje remained Our Lady's Oasis of Peace as the Blessed Mother continued to reiterate man's need to reconcile with God and his fellow man. Our Lady has emphasized that the only way to true peace is through her Divine Son. There is no other way! It's in the script...the sacred script.

          At the end of this week the Holy Father will jet over Croatia and parts of Serbia enroute to Romania and the first visit ever by a Roman Pontiff to an Orthodox country when he touches down in Bucharest. Romania borders the Ukraine on the north and east, a country Pope John Paul II will also be visiting later in the year and Romania borders Serbia on the west. Many speculated the Sovereign Pontiff would stop off in Belgrade as a show of support for Serbia's small Catholic population and alliance with the Orthodox in the campaign to end the bombing but, as Archibishop Franc Perko, head of the Belgrade Archdiocese, has pointed out: were the Pope to do this he would subliminally be condoning the actions of Milosevic. Even Popes have to be politically correct once in a while, yet the Holy Father follows the script from a higher source and we're not talking about a finite one. In his book there is a "ONE world order" and that is the Triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart as she promised at Fatima. Don't ever forget John Paul's great, undying devotion to her through his total dedication to her - Totus Tuus. That's the only "ONE world order" we care about for the Triumph will usher in the glorious Reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, referred to under other titles as well such as the New Advent, Era of the Eucharistic Presence, the Second Pentecost, and the Golden Age of Peace when all mankind will live in harmony with God's Will. After all, after two centuries of trying to buck the Divine Will in favor of man's own agenda the experiment has failed badly. Now it's time to get it right by adhering to what God wants. How do we know? It's in the Script!

Michael Cain, editor

May 4, 1999      volume 10, no. 87
Today's Catholic PewPoint Editorial


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