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MONDAY      March 8, 1999      SECTION THREE       vol 10, no. 46

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      BEIJING ( - A Beijing newspaper reported on Friday that China's Communist government may be prepared to recognize Vatican authority over Catholics in China as a prelude to formal diplomatic ties.

      The United Daily News newspaper said China had made the concession in secret talks with Vatican officials who have made several visits to Beijing. According to the report, the Pope would be allowed to choose and ordain new bishops for the Church in China, but the Communist government would still retain final approval. The reported compromise is similar to the arrangement the Vatican has worked out with Communist Vietnam.

      The newspaper report also said the Vatican agreed to sever diplomatic ties with Taiwan, which China views as a renegade province. However, the Vatican would still maintain unofficial ties with Taiwan's government and would suffer no restrictions on the 300,000 Catholics in Taiwan. The topic of a papal visit to Hong Kong and a reciprocal visit by Chinese President Jiang Zemin to the Vatican are as yet unresolved.

      China's government mandates that all Catholics belong to the state-sanctioned Catholic Patriotic Association, which eschews any connections to the Vatican. The association has an estimated 3 million members while there are an estimated 8-10 million underground Catholics.


      BARCELONA, Spain ( - Cardinal Ricard Maria Carles of Barcelona this week condemned an AIDS awareness campaign that promotes condom use as dangerous to the spiritual and moral well-being of young people.

      Cardinal Carles said in his weekly newsletter to parishes in his archdiocese that it was "feeble and deceptive" to promote condom use as a way to engage in safe sex. Dr. Francisco Parras, head of the Health Ministry department dealing with AIDS campaigns, said that while he respected the Church's right to comment, this would not influence government-sponsored campaigns.

      "If this was a society where people didn't have sex, then sexual relations would not be a way of transmitting the HIV virus. But Spain is not like that," Parras said.


      ROME ( - St. Francis Basilica in Assisi will reopen in time for Jubilee Year celebrations, although some repairs to earthquake damage will still be ongoing, restorers said on Friday.

      More than 168 square yards of frescoes painted by Giotto and Cimabue along with a piece of the ceiling in the upper church were damaged by the September 26, 1997 earthquake which also killed two friars. Head restorer Guiseppe Basile said less than 20 percent of the frescoes had been reassembled so visitors will instead see images of the paintings projected onto the walls and ceiling.

      "People will look up at the ceilings and see virtual copies of the original paintings" projected from slides, said Antonio Paolucci, a former cultural minister now in charge of the restoration project. Some 12 million pilgrims -- three times the usual number -- are expected to visit the basilica in 2000.


      DETROIT, 6 (NE) "For many of these children, options are limited. How can something be done to make a difference for them? I have long prayed and even cried over these questions," recently said Cardinal Adam Maida, Archbishop of Detroit. The answer has come in the form of a scholarship program to help needy students afford private school in Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park.

      The program will be administered by a Catholic foundation. It currently counts with a 10 million-dollar fund that will be fully destined for the education of children. Students with a grant can choose from 170 Catholic schools in the area or other private schools. This effort is part of the archdiocese's effort to give priority to Catholic education, which has been amply promoted by the Cardinal Maida.

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     In honor of today's optional feast of Saint John of God we present the official American site for THE HOSPITALLERS OF SAINT JOHN OF GOD also known as the Brothers of Saint John of God which St. John of God founded and which devote themselves to charity to all and sacrifice as their emblem of the pomagranate and the cross symbolize. This Portuguese-born saint is the patron saint of the sick, nurses and hospitals the world over.

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March 8, 1999 volume 10, no. 46   DAILY CATHOLIC