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MONDAY     vol. 10, no. 61      March 29, 1999

March 29, 1999
Holy Week
Monday of Holy Week


On the Way to Calvary - graphics courtesy of Thomas Dediluka
   For the Lenten Way of the Cross, click on either the graphics Daily Way of the Cross or the text-only Daily Way of the Cross or the Meditative Lessons on the Way to Calvary
Please pray for those embroiled in the war in Kosovo on both sides, especially the innocent civilians

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Medjugorje Monthly Message

Countdown to the Millennium

Monday of Holy Week
    Today is Monday of Holy Week with tomorrow continuing the Holy Week Liturgy with Tuesday of Holy Week. For the readings, liturgies, meditations and the vignettes on Monday and Tuesday of Holy Week, click on DAILY LITURGY.

      Below is the third of several increments of the Prayer for Spiritual Renewal during Lent from the Treasury of Novenas booklet:

God of love, bring us back to You. Send Your Spirit to make us strong in faith and active in good works. May our acts of penance bring us Your forgiveness, open our hearts to Your love, and prepare us for the coming feast of the Resurrection of Jesus.

What if Jesus had given up?

Meditative Lessons on the Sorrowful Mysteries

Passion of Our Lord   It is Consummated!
    What if Christ, after the demoralizing trial and inhumane scourging called out and said, "Enough, alright, what do you want. I'll do it."? We all know the answer to that one: satan would have won! But Jesus is the Son of God and such nonsense as the above theory is just that - nonsense! Though He was also Man, He persevered and the scene we see in part two of Lesson 10 THE SCOURGING AND CROWNING WITH THORNS not only bears out His resolve but should reinforce our commitment to follow and be obedient to Him no matter what persecutions come our way. These meditative lessons, imparted by Our Lady to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart during Lent of 1993, are meant to inspire and prompt a greater understanding of the season of Lent in helping us all prepare for His Passion and Death, and ultimately the glorious Resurrection. These lessons help us realize that we, too, must suffer with Mary and Jesus in reparation for the countless souls who scourge Him with their sins. For part two, click on "IT IS CONSUMMATED!"

Year of God the Father
277 and counting,
hoping and praying...

Monthly Message for
MARCH 25th
The Gospa's message for March     Dear children! I call you to prayer with the heart. In a special way, little children, I call you to pray for conversion of sinners, for those who pierce my heart and the heart of my Son Jesus with the sword of hatred and daily blasphemies. Let us pray, little children, for all those who do not desire to come to know the love of God, even though they are in the Church. Let us pray that they convert, so that the Church may resurrect in love. Only with love and prayer, little children, can you live this time which is given to you for conversion. Place God in the first place, then the risen Jesus will become your friend. Thank you for having responded to my call. For more on Medjugorje, click on MEDJUGORJE AND MORE

"Jesus therefore said, 'Let her be - that she may keep it for the day of My burial. For the poor you have always with you, but you do not always have Me."
John 12: 7-8


  • Installment ninety-eight in our on-going megaseries THE HISTORY OF THE MASS AND HOLY MOTHER CHURCH

  • Another pertinent editorial in CATHOLIC PewPOINT

  • Messages 455 and 456 in "I SOLEMNLY TELL YOU..."

  • Time Capsules in Church History with MILLENNIUM MILESTONES AND MEMORIES focusing on March 30th.

  • Short gems from Bishop Fulton J. Sheen in SIMPLY SHEEN

  • Daily Dose of Ecclesial facts in CATHOLIC CANVAS

  • Part Three of Chapter Ten of "IT IS CONSUMMATED!

  • Another new Catholic site in SITE OF THE DAY

  • DAILY LITURGY for Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week.

  • ...and much more in our 62nd issue for 1999!

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Cardinal Frederic Etsou-Nzabi-Bamungwabi  - photo from Inside the Vatican Cardinal Malula's successor Cardinal Frederic Etsou - Nzabi - Bamungwabi, C.I.C.M. is strong rock in Zaire amidst the country's bitter internal struggles where rebels rule
    Our thirty-seventh red hat we feature, in alphabetical order is 69 year-old Cardinal Frederic Etsou - Nzabi - Bamungwabi, C.I.C.M., the Archbishop of Kinshasha and Zaire's second Cardinal in its history. He has been at the eye of the storm through the bitter civil strife that has seen countless people and clerics martyred for their faith. He was elevated to the cardinalate on June 28, 1991. For more on Cardinal Frederic, click on COLLEGE OF CARDINALS COLLECTION

  • Vatican maintains diplomatic relations in Yugoslavia despite mounting tensions

  • Vatican under seige at the UN by fanatical pro-aborts

  • Cardinal Castrillon closes the book on women deacons

  • Guatamala officials forced into the fray as Opposition party seeks answers to Bishop's murder

These headlines and more are featured in today's NEWS & VIEWS below.

GIF images used with permission of EWTN Message to the Americas:
There are many new world saints who have planted the seeds for holiness and we need to learn from their example

    Following up a year after the Bishops of North, Central and South America, along with the Caribbean contingent, met for the month-long Synod of the Americas in Rome at the end of 1997, Pope John Paul II officially closed the Synod with his Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Ecclesia in America at Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine in Mexico City in January. Because of its significance for all Americans, we bring you this important document in several installments over the next few months. For those wanting to read the entire encyclical or check footnotes, go to Ecclesia in America For the fifth installment on The situation of the men and women of America and their encounter with the Lord, click on THE VICAR OF CHRIST SPEAKS.

The Cross is empty without a Victim
Pat Ludwa's View from the Pew    In his column today, Pat Ludwa points out that when we venerate Christ, especially on Good Friday, we venerate Him, not the cross He died on. The cross is merely a symbol but the crucifix is the essence of the sacrifice and any cross without the corpus upon it is empty and non-fulfilling. As he indicates, extolling the cross itself is like praising the scalpel a physician uses during an operation while forgetting who wielded the instrument. For Pat's column titled It's what's ON the Cross that counts!, click on VIEW FROM THE PEW

Famous quotes of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen We must reduce in order to gain
   They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the words of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen have been known to launch a thousand images in one's mind, one of the ways this late luminary did so much to evangelize the faith. Because of the urgency of the times and because few there are today who possess the wisdom, simplicity and insight than the late Archbishop who touched millions, we are bringing you daily gems from his writings. The good bishop makes it so simple that we have dubbed this daily series: "SIMPLY SHEEN".

"There are two movements towards happiness. The first of these is our withdrawal from the outside - from too great an absorption in the things of the world. The second movement is far more profound: it is an ascension from what is inferior within us to what is its superior, from our egotism to our God."

Events in Church History
K of C emblem    On this date in 1882 Father Michael J. McGivney received a charter from the State of Connecticut for the new Catholic fraternal organization of men - the Knights of Columbus which had been founded the same year on February 2nd. For other pertinent events throughout the centuries that are memorable in Church history today, click on MILLENNIUM MILESTONES AND MEMORIES

"Why then do you prefer your worldly pleasures when I am All?"
Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart of MarySacred and Merciful Heart of Jesus     Those words from Our Lord imparted to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart in Message #453 on the Feast of Saint Blase in early 1994 help prepare His children for the upcoming Lent as He desires them to shed the shackles of the world and be free by calling on the Font of Divine Mercy and allowing the Holy Spirit to come and reside in them. On the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord His Blessed Mother prefaces her Divine Son's Message by reinforcing the need to call upon God for Mercy and to draw deep from the Font as she warns that it will not always be so readily available when the Justice is at hand. For Messages #453 and #454 from Our Lady and her Divine Son, click on "I SOLEMNLY TELL YOU..."

Worldwide Catholic NewsWORLDWIDE

with a Catholic slant provided by
Catholic World News Service
    Vatican refuses to sever diplomatic ties with Serbia as other nations bail out while Pope reasserts need to pray for peace to youth
    Holy See keeping their nuncio in Belgrade   While other nations are closing up shop in Belgrade and recalling their diplomats, the Vatican is staying put in hopes of maintaining communication with Serbia with the succinct desire of helping attain peace. In fact the Holy See is endeavoring to maintain diplomatic contact with all sides in an effort to serve as a peace mediator should the Church be called upon. Meanwhile the Holy Father urged the youth he addressed Thursday to pray wholeheartedly for peace while in Moscow the Russian Patriarch warned of further deterioration and all-out war if NATO continues the bombing. For more, click on Crisis over Kosovo.

    Abortionists target Vatican's status with the United Nations
        Led by the radical, heretical, schismatic and sacriligeous Catholics for a Free Choice, a concerted effort is underway to undermine the Holy See's status and influence with the UN as those promoting the culture of death will do anything they can to badmouth those upholding the culture of life - specifically the Pope and the Vatican. This includes trying to deny the Vatican its permanent observer status in the UN, but such groups as the American Life League were quick to defend and praise the Holy See's position and accomplishments. For more, click on Vatican under attack.

    Head of Congregation for the Clergy reasserts ban on women deacons in Holy Thursday Letter to Priests presented to the Pope
    Cardinal Dario Hoyos Castrillon and the Pope - photo from Inside the Vatican     Dismissing all possibilities that women could be ordained deacons, Cardinal Dario Hoyos Castrillon spoke to the press Thursday after presenting the Holy Father with the annual Letter for priests worldwide to be released on Holy Thursday by the Pope. He spoke glowingly of the future of vocations and hopefully the Cardinal's confirmation of the deaconate ban will put to rest the issue of women striving to be deacons once. For more, click on Men only.

    Pressure being put on Guatamalan officials to find murder of Bishop Conedera
    Guatamala    Those upset with the sandbagging shenanigans of Guatamala's government are grilling top authorities in questioning why the case of the murdered Bishop Juan Gerardi Conedera has dragged on so long with no concrete evidence though there are many witnesses that pin the dastardly deed on high-ranking members of the Guatamalan army. Members of the Opposition Party want answers in light of the second judge to resign from the case in three months and the dark cloud placed over the country in the cover-up. For more, click on Guatamala gauntlet

For more headlines and articles, we suggest Catholic World News site at the CWN home page and Church News at Noticias Eclesiales Both CWN and NE are not affiliated with the Daily CATHOLIC but provides this service via e-mail to the Daily CATHOLIC Monday through Friday.

Daily Dose of curious contents of the Church:
Knights of Columbus
      Today is the 117th anniversary of the first charter of the Catholic fraternal organization the Knights of Columbus founded by Father Michael J. McGivney, priest of St. Mary's Church in New Haven, Connecticut who saw the need for providing for widows and families and promoting Catholicity among Catholic men. Today the organization boasts a membership of nearly 1.6 million men comprising 10,800 councils of First, Second and Third Degree Knights, not to mention the higher Fourth Degree and its Assemblies plus their proteges - the Squires and their Circles. Last year the Knights showed their leadership clout in cooperating with the Bishops in all aspects of parish life, evangelization and the pro-life movement and contributed a record 107.1 million dollars in charitable donations as well as logging over 50 million hours in volunteer services. The Knights' official publication Columbia is the largest circulation Catholic magazine in the world. On December 18, 1997 the canonization process was introduced for Fr. McGivney. For more we refer you to The Catholic Encyclopedia at New Advent Catholic Supersite. (source: 1999 Catholic Almanac, Our Sunday Visitor).

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      In honor of the 117th anniversary of the charter of the Knights of Columbus we present the world's largest Catholic fraternal organization's official web site: KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS. Many of its pages are currently under construction since Petersnet will be taking on the project, but it should give you an overall view of what the Knights are all about for now and you might like to bookmark the site for future reference.

March 29, 1999       volume 10, no. 61
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