DAILY CATHOLIC   FRI-SAT-SUN   June 4-6, 1999   vol. 10, no. 108


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The proverbial vicious circle with the emphasis on vicious!

          If you've been following NBC Nightly News' Tom Brokaw or CBS with Dan Rather or Peter Jennings' ABC World News or CNN's slanted view or the Associated Press or any other U.S. source for news, you really haven't got a clue what's really happening in the Balkans. You see, folks, we are being fed the "Wag the Dog" tale as Washington wants us to read into it, not as it really is and because of that this whole bloody mess in the Balkans is just a big propaganda plot to convince Americans we're right. Folks, we're dead wrong! But for Bill Clinton to admit this is paramount to humility and that is something he does not possess. Thus, this proven prefabricator orchestrates the administration to pile one lie on another until we buy it lock, stock and barrel. And that's what they have us over, the proverbial barrel; when the truth of the matter is the NATO pilots couldn't fight their way out of the barrel if it were full of monkeys...and it definitely is! In this makeshift world of monkey see, monkey do, it seems every mistake by NATO bombers is played down while Slobodan Milosevic is portrayed as the worst villain since Adolph Hitler. Don't get us wrong, the Serbian strongman is no saint and is a despot of the worst degree, but how is he any different from William Jefferson Clinton? Both have undertaken a program of ethnic cleansing - one with Kosovars, the other with the unborn. Who is responsible for more deaths? It isn't Milosevic! Yet a Clinton-influenced court has indicted Milosevic in absentia as a war criminal, and rightly so, though the timing must be questioned while Clinton continues to be responsible for the murder of millions of innocents through the weapon of the pen in which he signed America's death warrant eight years ago and constantly reinforced with his vetos of partial birth abortion bans. He gets away with that because abortion is legal in this country. It's not right, just legal which doesn't mean a thing in God's eyes. But then, as they say, finite justice is blind!

          More than a matter of blind justice is the predicament of the "see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil" syndrome. For the manipulating and manipulated media this actually only works when it comes to covering up for the Clinton administration's sins, while shouting to the world the faults of all those who dare speak out against Clinton's immorality. It brings to mind the fable of the "King has no clothes" and the myopic state of the monarch's subjects. The media apes those who squeak the loudest and we all know what squealers they can be! But they can be blind squealers as well such as spouting that banning all guns are the answer to ending violence. Guns are definitely a problem but it is the lax acceptance of the culture of death and the non-responsibility factor for our actions that has spawned the violence today and guns are merely the instrument used in the destruction process. Is this editor the only one who thinks there is something hypocritical in Clinton calling for a ban on guns here in our country, while pushing for ground troops in the Balkans and advocating a weakening of our moral fabric in the media's entertainment empire all for the sake of the arts and realism? When we hear Clinton admonishing Hollywood wags about sex and violence it's like Gomorrah counseling Sodom. Folks, in effect it's the blind leading the blind and we're the victims! Is this editor the only one who sees the red flag when we hear the Clinton State Department wanting to commit more troops overseas? After all this action would leave our own shores vulnerable amid reports that foreign troops are already on our shores since "Slick Willy" has already sold America to foreign powers as FEMA gnaws at the bit to put special maneuvers into action. Sounds alarming, but when we read what the Blessed Virgin Mary has imparted to so many messengers and visionaries from Rue de Bac on, especially at La Salette, Fatima, Garabandal, Akita, Uganda, Medjugorje, Betania, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, we have to realize all Our Lady has foretold is coming to pass including the fact that war and want will reach our shores eventually.

          What has prevented this from getting worse? The answer is Prayer and who is the chief architect of striving to maintain peace and the culture of life worldwide? That answer is simple: the Holy Father. In fact, it galls this reporter that the western media has succeeeded so cleverly in effecting a complete blackout of Pope John Paul II's intricate involvement and the Holy See's around-the-clock efforts to bring about peace in the Balkans. Rather they give credit to Madeleine Albright who, in truth, hasn't got a clue either. They give credit to NATO commander General Wesley Clark who, in truth, is one of the deterrents to peace because of his war-mongering stance. They give credit to various other players but strangely missing are two of the key players - the Holy Father and Russia's Boris Yeltzin. The latter's chief negotiator Viktor Chernomyrdin is beginning to get the recognition but strangely missing is Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Vatican Secretary of State and Archbishop Jean Louis Tauran, Secretariat for Relations with States who has been the most active in dealing directly with Milosevic and NATO officials. Yet you hear nothing of these two men of the Church and stalwart strivers of peace.

          The latest slight is the void in the western news about UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan being summoned to the Vatican to meet face-to-face with the Holy Father. In other words, folks, the Pope is dictating the terms not the UN and not the US, but the western media won't buy this. After all, it would make the Clinton administration look like a minor player, which they really are. Ever since the Cairo Conference when the Sovereign Pontiff took on the culture of death in a high noon showdown, the Vatican has gained greater respect and prestige on the world stage, but for the western media moguls to admit this would be to admit that all the immoral agendas they are advocating is a sham. Al Gore has been seething ever since the Cairo defeat, plotting clandestinely on how to bring down the Church and her influence on third world countries. And this is a man those same media moguls are touting as presidential timbre?!? Timber!!! You can bet they're not going to come clean and so the smokescreen continues. How then can one account for the fact that Catholic World News, ZENIT International News Agency and the Fides News Agency are the only ones who reported the Thursday afternoon meeting between the leader of the United Nations and the leader of one billion Catholics. Searching the AP newswires, CNN, MSNBC and the major networks, nothing was found regarding the summit at Vatican City. Yet they know, without a doubt, of the Vatican's detailed efforts in working with all parties to bring about a lasting peace that brings human dignity to all. These special efforts and strategic meetings by Vatican representatives have been reported by the major, reliable Catholic News services for the past several months but never, ever anything in secular western media about the Holy See's involvement or the issue of human dignity. That is the key: preserving human dignity - for the Kosovo refugees, for the Serbian people, for NATO troops, for neighboring countries in the Balkans, for all those involved in the crisis including Clinton and Milosevic. Yet the Clinton administration and NATO bigwigs continue to act the bully, threatening continued bombing until Milosevic turns over his ball and goes home. It's the US' rules or no deal and that is not helping negotiations. The Clinton people need to go back to school and study human relations and human dignity. While Russia has gotten most of the bad press here in the west, the Ruskies have also been a major player in this peace process because of the Orthodox connection and the western media has no choice but reluctantly to give credit to them for their part, but how can one explain the deafening silence of the Catholic Church's around-the-clock involvement?

          In searching for anything about the Pope's meeting with Annan, all we could find was John Paul's blessing the new underground state-of-the-art parking lot that will alleviate parking problems for Vatican City employees and free up other spaces for the influx of tourists during Jubilee 2000. In other words, relegate the Pope to the parking lot, but don't let him drive on the global freeway of modern affairs of state. Yet the real intruders, the meddling, manipulating media, are whirling around in go-carts while the semis of real power and sincerity whiz by leaving the fifth estate in their dust. From that perspective, maybe it's understandable that they've bungled the news so bad, after all they've had lots of practice doing that by following the slapstick soap opera of this administration and the inept military strategists appointed by Clinton. You watch, the western media will give all the credit to Clinton when in truth he has been one of the biggest obstacles to bringing about peace earlier than this. Oh how far our country has fallen. But you won't hear the truth in the newspapers or on the telly, they're too busy wagging the dog as they spin around in circles chasing their tails...or should we say covering their tails in one big circle - the proverbial vicious circle with the emphasis on vicious!

Michael Cain, editor

June 4-6, 1999      volume 10, no. 108
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