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Donald Duck Cartoon from 1968 Sold in Chile

          ROME, JUN 29 (ZENIT).- A 1968 Disney propaganda cartoon featuring Donald Duck encourages families in the developing world to have few children. The cartoon "Planificacion Familiar" ("Family Planning") was created by Disney for the US Population Council, one of the chief promoters of population control, and is being distributed by the Chilean affiliate of Planned Parenthood, Associacion Chilena de Protection de la Familia (APROFA), for home and educational viewing.

          APROFA is selling the video as part of a set which retails for $25. The set includes "Planificacion Familiar," a Planned Parenthood cartoon entitled "Felices Familias Planeadas" ("Happy Planned Families"), and an APROFA educational video entitled "La Confianza No Es Un Metodo" ("Trust is Not a Method").

          "Family Planning" begins with Donald Duck, a well-loved children's figure, opening a medical supply kit that contains reproductive health supplies, oil paints and an easel. Using the paints and easel he proceeds to illustrate rapid population growth and ensuing starvation.

          "The world is overpopulated," a narrator declares. "With every generation, the population is growing too fast.... Let's say in time that this couple will have more children.... The mother ... is unhappy, weak and sick. The children will be sickly too.... But this situation can change."

          From his reproductive health supply kit, Donald Duck brandishes a golden key, and declares: "Science gives us the key for a new personal freedom: family planning!"

          At the end of "Family Planning," Donald Duck declares: "We are all responsible for humanity and that means you too!"

          Patty Gadomski of Disney Educational Productions confirmed that Disney created the Donald Duck "Family Planning" cartoon. She said that it had sold well in Third World countries, but went out of production in 1988 because of decreasing demand.

          Gadomski added that APROFA is in violation of copyright law for reproducing and marketing the video, and for marketing the accompanying video "Happy Planned Families" as a Disney product.

          "Happy Planned Families" markets condoms, IUDs, the pill, and other methods of birth control in the Chinese, French, Spanish, English and Arabic languages. A close examination of the credits reveal that "Happy Family Planning" was not made by Disney but by Planned Parenthood of America in cooperation with the Wyeth Institute. Wyeth-Aherst is the manufacturer of Norplant.

          Gadomski described APROFA's use of the Disney name and video as "a serious no-no" and said Disney's attorney's would be in contact with APROFA to stop the violation. ZE99062920

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June 30, 1999       volume 10, no. 126


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