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Cardinal Law Says Success Depends on Recovery of Identity

          ROME, JUN 28 (ZENIT).- Cardinal Law, in his closing address to the recent Symposium on Evangelization in Latin America, stressed the need for recovery of a Catholic identity in the Catholic universities of the American Continent. The Archbishop of Boston, speaking in Spanish, said that only a "faithful implementation of the guidelines given by the Holy See will insure the necessary renewal of American Catholic universities."

          Referring to the "importance and urgency of a New Evangelization," Cardinal Law stressed "the indispensable role of Catholic universities," pointing out the efforts that are being made in the United States to implement the "Ex Corde Ecclesiae" apostolic constitution of John Paul II whose objective is the recovery of the Catholic character of the universities and educational institutions that define themselves as Catholic.

          Cardinal Law warned, however, of the existence of "an organized resistance on the part of many presidents of colleges and universities to a juridical implementation." "We are faced with the idea that the Bishop is out of the Catholic college or university and that academic freedom will be jeopardized by the U.S. laws.

          Cardinal Law's words were pronounced at a moment when a panel of the Society of Jesus, including presidents of several Jesuit Universities in the United States, have expressed their opposition to applying John Paul II's apostolic constitution. They believe "Ex Corde Ecclesiae" cannot be applied to the American reality, even though it is addressed to all the Catholic universities of the world.

          Cardinal Law said that from his point of view, "we have a splendid opportunity to insure the Catholic identity of our colleges and universities by a careful and full implementation of 'Ex Corde Ecclesiae.' "

          The Cardinal's address closed the working sessions of the historic symposium, which for a week was dedicated to reflection on the last hundred years of evangelization in Latin America. The event was organized to commemorate the centenary of the Latin American Plenary Council called by Pope Leo XIII, and held in Rome from May 28 to July 9, 1899. ZE99062809

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June 29, 1999       volume 10, no. 125


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