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THURSDAY      June 17, 1999      SECTION THREE       vol 10, no. 117

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Events that happened this day in Church History

      On this day in 676 Pope Deusdedit II passed away after a four year pontificate as the 77th successor of Peter. His accomplishments are significant today because it was he who converted the Maronites, a determined people of Armenian-Syrian origin and the Holy Father is set to travel tomorrow morning to Armenia in a continuing quest to totally reconcile the Armenian Apostolic Church with Rome. For other pertinent events throughout the centuries that are memorable in Church history today, click on MILLENNIUM MILESTONES AND MEMORIES

Historical Events in Church Annals for June 17:

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      BOGOTA ( - Rebels of Colombia's National Liberation Army (ELN) on Tuesday released 33 hostages taken from a Catholic church 17 days ago, although 20 others still remain in custody.

      The hostages were marched with great fanfare into Cali and delivered to members of special commission on kidnapping in front of a live television audience. One of the released hostages, the parish priest Father Humberto Cadavid, decried the carnival atmosphere surrounding the release. "The Colombian state is being held hostage," said Father Cadavid. If the rebels can abduct an entire church full of people "where is the security, where is the tranquility in Colombia? We're living in fear."

      Rebel leaders repeated their demand that President Andres Pastrana effectively hand over four cities to their control before peace talks can begin, in a move similar to the government's ceding control over a Switzerland-sized area to the rebel group FARC. "It's clear to the National Liberation Army that this government is not interested in a political solution," a rebel commander, Liliana Becerra, said during the hand-over ceremony.

      In addition to the remaining Cali hostages, ELN also holds 24 people from the hijacking of an Avianca Airlines flight on April 12.


      MOSCOW ( - The head of the Russian Orthodox Church warned the international community on Wednesday that despite the end to NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and the exit of Yugoslav forces from Kosovo, the situation in the region could be worsening.

      Patriarch Aleksei II told reporters after a meeting with UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson: "It is necessary to settle all issues related to the refugees before cold weather sets in: provide them with shelter and normal living conditions." He added that he is concerned at the safety of 1,887 Serbian Orthodox monasteries and shrines in Kosovo, which could be the object of revenge by ethnic Albanians.

      Robinson, in Moscow after visiting Macedonia and Montenegro last month, briefed the patriarch on the problems facing the Balkan region. It is important to ensure the rights of both the returning Albanians and the Serbs who have not left Kosovo, she said. The patriarch said he and Robinson had also discussed joint projects sponsored by the UN and the Moscow Patriarchate and aimed at providing help to Russia's poor, particularly children.


      ATLANTA ( - The Southern Baptist Convention on Monday issued a public rebuke of President Bill Clinton, a Southern Baptist, after he proclaimed June as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month and made other policy decisions.

      "We're not going to allow the president, especially since he is a Southern Baptist, to say that homosexuality is good," said the Rev. Wiley Drake of Buena Park, California. The resolution by the two-day annual convention also condemned Clinton's appointment of the country's first openly gay ambassador, James Hormel.

      The delegates also passed resolutions urging the UN, NATO, and Congress to take steps to halt ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, condemning the American Psychological Association's publication of a study saying adult-child sex may not be harmful to children, and calling on Congress to maintain a ban on the use of federal research that results in the production and destruction of human embryos.


Dominican Nuns' Internet Appeal

      ROME, JUN 16 (ZENIT).- "Time" magazine is conducting a poll among its readers for the nomination of "Man of the Century." (Editor's decisions may override or modify the results of the web poll.) A group of Dominican nuns supporting John Paul II's nomination have started an email campaign to bring this about. Votes can be placed at TIME MAN OF THE CENTURY.

      The Sisters are very worried that the cover of the last issue of "Time" this millennium will carry the picture of a terrible historical figure like Hitler. At the time of this writing, the standings were: Elvis Presley (16.72%), Yitzhak Rabin (16.26%), Adolf Hitler (13.47%), Albert Einstein (12.29%), and John Paul II (9.00%). Mother Theresa lags far behind, with 0.96% of the vote. ZE99061603

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     We take a different approach today in building on our final news story above. We're not promoting the site per se, but rather making the reader aware of it so they will go to it and vote in the Pope's name as well as Mother Teresa. You can find this voting process at VOTE FOR JOHN PAUL II AND MOTHER TERESA Crusade by stuffing the ballot box at Time Magazine's web site. At the page you arrive at on Pope John Paul II, click on the Person of the Century Poll to enter the Holy Father's name. You can also enter his name by clicking on Time 100 Poll and placing his name under LEADERS AND REVOLUTIONARIES category, then scrolling down to place Mother Teresa's name under the category titled HEROES AND ICONS.

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June 17, 1999 volume 10, no. 117   DAILY CATHOLIC