DAILY CATHOLIC     THURSDAY     July 22, 1999     vol. 10, no. 136


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Historical Events in Church Annals for July 22:

  • 60 A.D.
  • This is the approximate year historians believe Mary Magdalene, Disciple of the Lord, died at Ephesus. Many accounts place her there, having traveled the first time to Ephesus with John the Evangelist and staying on after John left for Rome. For more, see DAILY LITURGY.

  • 259 A.D.
  • Pope Saint Denis becomes the 25th successor of Peter. Also called Dionysius, he reorganized the parishes of Rome and obtained liberty for the Christians from Gallienus.

  • 1515 A.D.
  • Birth of Saint Philip Neri in Florence, Italy. He would go on to become a Dominican and go on to found the Confraternity of the Most Holy Trinity - a lay organization dedicated to ministering to needy pilgrims - and eventually he founded the Oratorians and is affectionately known in Italy as the "Apostle of Rome."

  • 1647 A.D.
  • Birth of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque in Burgundy, France. It would be to this French Visitation nun to whom Jesus would reveal Devotion to the Sacred Heart and First Fridays, which would lead to the establishment of the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

  • 1676 A.D.
  • Death of Pope Clement X, 239th successor of Peter. It was Clement who intervened in the election of the King of Poland and obtained the nomination of John Sobiesky, beloved for his profound Christian convictions and because he had defeated the Turks at the battle of Chaezim. He celebrated the 15th Jubilee in 1675.

July 22, 1999 THURSDAY       volume 10, no. 136


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