DAILY CATHOLIC     MONDAY     January 4, 1999     vol. 10, no. 1

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          ST. LOUIS, 31 (NE) The Archdiocese of Saint Louis is going through an enthusiastic period of preparation for the visit of Pope John Paul II in January. Many lay and religious Catholics are working for the success of this encounter with the Vicar of Christ. Three communities of contemplative nuns are in charge of the elaboration of the 100,000 hosts that will be consecrated in the Eucharistic celebration at the Trans World Dome of San Luis. "We always pray for the priests and the people that will use the hosts we prepare. These will be for the mass with the Holy Father, and that makes them more special," said Sister Mary Leo Hoffman, abbess of the Monastery of Saint Clare. The sisters of her community, will make 20,000 hosts for the Mass on January 27th. The remaining 80,000 hosts will be produced in other monasteries in Florissant and Ellisville.

          Another sign of the concern of the Catholics in Saint Louis for the reception of the Pope is the initiative to plant a great quantity of trees in the places where the Holy Father will pass, and also in other places of the city. Archbishop Rigali, of Saint Louis, knows the Pope's predilection for the landscapes of Poland's forests and mountains. "We cannot bring the mountains, but we can have the trees," said the Archbishop of Saint Louis. More than 800 trees have already been planted in the Archdiocese, number that is expected to increase during January.

          The music is also being carefully prepared. Songs from different composers have been selected for the central celebration in the Trans World Dome, as well as for the other meetings and events. A Compact Disc with the most important songs may be edited before the arrival of the Pope John Paul II. "It's kind of St. Louis' gift," said John Romeri, archdiocesan coordinator of music. "These pieces will be a reminder of the specialness and the holiness of this event."

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January 4, 1999       volume 10, no. 1


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