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Miscarriage of Justice

          Every where on the face of this globe there seems to be unrest today. Here we are in the most advanced age mankind has ever seen, and no one seems happy. In China millions of couples live in fear of having more children for fear of reprisal by the communist government. In India Hindu militants are harassing Christians; in Indonesia a plot is underway to eliminate the Catholic influence or render them helpless in their efforts to make their country of East Timor independent. In Africa more countries than we can list are embroiled in civil war where religion seems to be in the eye of the storm and too many Catholic missionaries - both priests and nuns are being murdered at alarming rates. We already have a severe shortage of priests and far too many are dying than are being ordained. These modern martyrs are merely being used as pawns by rebel troops throughout Africa, as well as the Philippines, Pakistan, Central and South America. Bishop Sheen, in our segment SIMPLY SHEEN today, wrote, " Never in history have there been as many martyrs as there are today. The martyrdoms of the first 250 years of Christian history are trivial in comparison to the unnumbered heroes of the soul who have died for the faith today." Remember, he died in 1979 so this was around 25 years ago that he was referring to and since then suffering has greatly intensified.

          Besides the missionary martyrs there is another group of martyrs that comprise a hefty percentage over these past three decades - the unborn babies! If you've checked the headlines lately you'll see there's an alarming trend to kowtow to the politically correct crowd - not just in secular circles but in the Church as well. The legalese jabberwocky that was railroaded through early this week in a courtroom in Portland cries out for justification - both to dedicated, non-violent pro-life advocates and to God the Father. The referendum that a federal jury in Portland handed down this past Tuesday calls out to Heaven for vengeance. Innocent pro-life organizations were deemed guilty by association and held liable to keep pro-abort Planned Parenthood funded for many years to come with the outlandish verdict of awarding this culture of death organization 107 million dollars. Maybe that's a dollar for each baby killed! The First Amendment Rights be damned, this was an atrocity of the first degree, as pro-death prosecutors were able to spin a web of paranoia in the jury's collective mindset, scaring all with the fear of every abortion doctor being hunted down and killed. The facts are that any true pro-lifer decries any kind of violence, opting for the weapons of prayer and persuasion over any other weapon of destruction. The facts are that any pro-abort should be scared, not of what a human being would do to them, but what the Almighty Judge and Juror will decide. The facts are that the webmaster of the web site in question, the one which supposedly incited panic among fine 'upstanding abortion doctors' and the 'caring people at Planned Parenthood' (note the tongue in cheek facitiousness), was not even a defendant in this case as Joseph Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League pointed out. The man we are talking about is Neal Horsley who operates the Nuremberg Files web site. That's akin to non-Catholics filing complaints of harassment and fear, fear that they might be converted because the DAILY CATHOLIC is on the web. Ridiculous isn't even the term we could use here! Yet the jury threw out all logic and common sense and agreed with the slick presentation of the pro-aborts that this country will live in anarchy if that dangerous element known as pro-life advocates are not silenced. That's what it's all about. It stems from the 1994 Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act which barred pro-life demonstrators from harrasment by preventing women from entering abortuaries. This case had nothing to do with that; this case was based on an internet site. Pretty flimsy to most legal experts for the freedom of speech, so they thought, would be upheld. But alas, free speech has died a dastardly death, just as millions more innocent preborns will because it is not politically correct.

          The President of the United States can commit almost any immoral act he wants and not be upbraided by the PC'ers. The media can promote immorality of every kind and few will blink an eye; so hardened have their hearts and souls become. But say anything against abortion in this culture-of-death and anything-goes selfish-societal- mentality, and they come out of the woodwork crying foul. What's worse, those who should uphold the constitution, twist it and mold it to their convenience. The media's promotion of this Nuremberg Files web site and publicity over the notorious "Wanted Posters" caused a paranoia that multiplied with the number of hits on the site and mentions in the news. In short, the media created this monster. They forget the connotation of "Nuremberg." That was the city where the Nazi trials were held in the late forties in which those butchers of the Third Reich were brought to justice for the holocaust in which millions of Jews, Catholics, and ethnic peoples were eliminated because they didn't fit in with the Nazi ideal. Though we've never gone to the site, we can appreciate the title for, if this site is truly pro-life, it is not promulgating others to exact revenge, but calling on God to exact Justice for the terrible holocaust of the innocent unborn babies - these unwanted fetuses who have been eliminated because they don't fit in with the selfish, ideals of the culture of death proponents. Aren't these abortion doctors, the self-indulgent men and women who use this as an "easy way out," and those who promote the concept of killing a human being in the womb the same as those Nazi criminals? Jewish groups and the media are constantly reminding us of this terrible travesty of humanity, yet they are strangely silent about the holocaust of innocent babies. Where is the outrage against this holocaust? Think about it. As for what's happening around the world with the murders of so many missionaries, innocent citizens and the millions of helpless preborn little ones, God will have His day. As for the trial in Portland and the verdict handed down, it was, in the simplest and most painful of terms, a miscarriage of justice!

Michael Cain, editor

February 5-7, 1999      volume 10, no. 25
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