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Ted Turner will never be able to muscle or buy his way into Heaven!

          Before beginning this weekend's editorial we want to clarify something very important to those few Democrat loyalists out there, a few who always e-mail us that we shouldn't be talking politics in these pages, in particular about Bill Clinton. Let us assure them we are not talking politics, but rather morals and values, something we should be talking about in a publication of this sort. To borrow an excuse phrase from the liberals, it is not our fault that the majority of Democrats support the culture of death platform and the majority of Republicans uphold pro-life. That is the major reason the Christian Coalition and lobbying groups of the Christian Right align with the Republicans. The attacks against the Christian Right usually come from the Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy. That in itself says the Christian Right must be doing something right! Though we have to mention Clinton again today, it has nothing to do with politics per se but the news that he, of all people, has been nominated for the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded this Fall in Oslo, Norway. We have to wonder at the sanity of this since his sexploits, questionable ethics and outright dishonesty have done nothing to bring peace to the millions of American families who strive to teach their children values, morals and ethics.

          However, all is not lost for the good people in Scandinavia have also nominated someone who is deserving of this coveted award - Pope John Paul II. The question we have, however, is not why the Pope is finally being considered for his accomplishments this past year but why he wouldn't be considered the "Top Peace Proponent of the Century!!!" Think about it! Who masterminded (with a lot of help from above) the fall of the Iron Curtain? Who has intervened in every conflict with one solution - a compromising peace where human dignity is the winner? Who plays no favorites, taking on the powerful superpowers in regards to aggressiveness, unwarranted bombing and embargoes? Who is not afraid to be the one logical voice in the wilderness against the hollow echoes of a global UN conspiracy intent on reducing the world's population their way? Who strives to uphold life in all its stages? Who does the world listen to and respect, even if they don't always agree? Only one man: the Sovereign Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church now in the twenty-first year of his productive pontificate!

          While Clinton continues to garner headlines and be the darling of those who comprise the "misery loves company" crowd, there is another buffoon out there who threatens the Sanctity of Life. Just as Jesus had His detractors, so also our Holy Father has his. One of those is the dangerous loose cannon Ted Turner, billionaire media mogul who wants to be taken seriously. Folks, if he continues with the kind of remarks he made at a gathering for the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association this past Tuesday in Washington D.C. he should seriously be considered as "Clown of the Century!" If he wasn't such a jerk, Turner might be seriously considered as a potential antichrist with his barbaric remarks and actions over the past several years! As we reported in yesterday's News and Views, he took great pleasure in insulting the Pope and Catholics during his talk to the culture of death group Tuesday, degrading the Holy Father with the snide remark, "Ever seen a Polish mine detector?" and inferring that the Pope is an "old fuddy-duddy who should get with it." Turner completed his sarcasm by snippedly chiding, "Welcome to the 20th Century." If he had been referring to a black leader, a Jewish leader or a gay rights leader you can believe the media would have been all over it, crying for his head to apologize and make amends for his insensitivity. But because it is the Pope, because Catholic-bashing is an accepted sport in today's society, it goes virtually unnoticed and people laugh in agreement with this "Mouth of the South."

          Turner was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but over the past several decades that utensil has been replaced by a podiatristic implement better known as in "foot-in-mouth" disease! Like most spoiled rich kids, it seems ol' Teddy gets what he wants. That is evident from his hording of so many properties and entities. He oversees the CNN global dynasty in America, Europe and South America. He channels programming for TNT, TBS, the Cartoon Network, New Line Cinema, Rough Cut, Castle Rock Entertainment and many other cable networks in his vast Time Warner conglomerate. He also owns the Atlanta Hawks NBA entry and the National League Atlanta Braves. No wonder it's so easy to root against the Tomahawk choppers! No wonder it was so natural to root against the Pharisees!

          Like another billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch, lord of the Fox empire, they are two peas in a pod! No wonder it's going to be so easy to root against the Los Angeles Dodgers this year! You see, Murdoch has bought the once vaunted boys of summer and turned them into money grubbers with no consideration for the good of baseball just as he has no moral conscience for what he displays on his numerous networks. Here are two men who, combined, mold the minds and consciences of billions of people. They could both do so much good, but rather than taking the high road, they choose the low road, buying off anyone or anything they can including those who are willing to sell their soul to the devil! Murdoch has long been the king of slease and Turner is not far behind. While Murdoch seldom speaks, open a refrigerator door and Turner is ready. In 1997 he told the National Press Club that Christianity is a religion for "losers," demeaning those who believe in a Heaven and a hell. Not only that but he actually said that he looks forward to going to hell because "hell is supposed to be a mess and Heaven is supposed to be perfect and who wants to go to a place that's perfect?" Ah, excuse us, Mr. Turner, but we do! And we're willing to pay the price; not counted in what comes from the wallet, but from the heart. Turner tried to include others in the media as enlightened icons when he said that most journalists are going to hell because they're not religious and know too much, inferring that religious people are ignorant and those who reject religion are smart. Clever and dumb like a fox, this Turner creation.

          Now Turner is trying to muscle and buy his way into the world political scene with his one billion dollar donation to the United Nations Population Fund. But there is a catch, the money is earmarked not for poor Third-World countries who are in such dire poverty, but rather for abortions, forced sterilizations and forced contraception in his one-man effort to control the world. He has the audacity to propose that everyone in the world should be limited to procreating no more than one child over the next century. His bizarre logic says that will reduce the world population from nearly six billion to only two billion. Guess what, folks, there's another way to reduce the world population faster. It's called the Purification, the re-cleansing of the earth and God's people when the Blessed Mother's Immaculate Heart will finally triumph ushering in a new age of peace, the glorious Reign of the Sacred Heart - an era where the likes of the actions of men like Turner, Murdoch, Clinton et alii will be a thing of the past and we will live in harmony with all men as the Almighty always intended.

          There were other men who spoke nonsense like Turner's manifesto when he proposes such outlandish, inhumane solutions; men like Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzche, Karl Marx, Joseph Engels, Nikolai Lenin, Jean-Paul Sartre, Adolph Hitler, Chairman Mao Tse-tung, Pol Pot and the list continues to the edge of the third millennium with men like Saddam Hussein, numerous South American, Southeast Asian and African dictators as well as the current regimes of China and Vietnam. We all know the consequences of their philosophies and experiments forced on mankind. What is the difference between Hitler and Turner? Very little, both want a super race; one tried to acquire it by force, the other with money. Both turned their backs on religion and God. Hitler was a former seminarian who disdained God's will for his own, following the rebellious course another German monk four centuries before at Augsburg had taken. Turner doesn't seem to take the Heavenly Alpha and Omega very seriously, constantly mocking religion and God's Commandments, stating "If you're going to have 10 rules. I don't know if adultery should be one of them." Just like Hitler, terrible Ted is no dummy. He knows that the only serious obstacle to his fulfilling his agenda is the Pope and the Catholic Church. That's why he denigrates the Holy Father with his slurs and ethnic "jokes" at the expense of a billion Catholics. He's mad that this old Polish Prince of the Church thwarted his efforts at Cairo. He's incensed that this "out-of-touch medieval marvel" of Rome constantly counters Turner's culture of death agenda and campaign to demoralize the world with words of common sense and the supernatural sense, guided by the Word of God and His Spirit. Ted has Jane "Hanoi Hanna" Fonda; the Holy Father has the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Peace, Mother of Providence. Whose camp would you rather be in?

          No matter what we or anyone else write, no matter what Church leaders say in defending the Vicar of Christ and Holy Mother Church, the "Mouth" will continue to say whatever he wants, bashing whatever is decent and good in his familiar good ol' boy twang; he'll continue to fork out millions for his pet project of eliminating God from the face of the earth and playing himself up as a god to the masses. But the bottom line is that when it comes time to meet his Maker, he's going to need a lot of prayers from all of us. Even though he's expressed an interest in going to hell, he can't really mean it. Can he? Let's face it: until this ultra-liberal loon gets his act together and wises up to Whose really in charge, he may get just what he wishes for. No matter how much of a temporal fortune one accrues, hell is free for the taking! It's Ted's choice, but Ted Turner will never be able to muscle or buy his way into Heaven!

    Michael Cain, editor

February 19-21, 1999      volume 10, no. 35
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