DAILY CATHOLIC   CHRISTMAS-NEW YEAR'S ISSUE   December 24, 1999 - January 2, 2000   vol. 10, no. 245


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Let us approach the Christ Child with childlike Faith

    Dear friends,
        Throughout the year my humble prayers have been with all of you, with your families, for all of your intentions. Now, at this joyous time of the Liturgical Year, I will, once again, place all of you upon the paten at Midnight Mass, and ask our Blessed Mother to intercede for each one of you with her Divine Son Jesus.

        It strikes me that many may be anxious with the turning of the new millenium, some perhaps even down-hearted because events that have been foretold have not yet happened, or have happened in such a way that we have not seen nor understood them. The best remedy for all such disappointments is Our Lord. We must all spend time with Him, quietly before the Tabernacle, or when He is present in the Monstrance, and give Him our hearts with all of our concerns, anxieties, even fears. Give Him also your joys and laughter, for nothing happens to anyone without God's knowledge and care. Yes, even the sufferings come from Him in that He permits them to happen for the good of our soul, for our very salvation.

        Let us join together this Christmas and make it a holy occasion as we've never done before. How many of us thought we'd be here to see in a new millennium? Yet, God has chosen to let us live at this time, and what a time it is! The last time the millennium turned, the crusades were not yet underway, and the world was plunged into the Dark Ages.

        Are we any better off today? Only we can answer that question, and for each person the answer will be different. The one constant, the only constant, throughout history is God. He is, and He always will be, and it is on Him alone that we can count.

        Together, let us be as the shepherds were in Bethlehem, called by angels to go and adore the Christ Child. Let us have childlike faith, unquestioned confidence in Him, presenting ourselves, our heart, our wills, as the finest gift we can give to Him, Who has given us all!

        To each of you a Holy Christmas and a New Year filled with all His Graces and the guiding hand of Our Beautiful Heavenly Mother who gently but firmly nudges us ever closer to her Divine Son.

Cyndi Cain

December 24, 1999 - January 2, 2000      volume 10, no. 245
Christmas Message


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