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THURSDAY    August 26, 1999    SECTION ONE     vol 10, no. 161

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Dr. Mary Kay Clark

Providing an alternative scholastic solution to preserving our Catholic heritage

    Today we bring you the 76th person selected out of the TOP 100 CATHOLICS OF THE CENTURY. The voters chose educational administrator Dr. Mary Kay Clark, who, since 1982, has revitalized and revolutionized home schooling in America for Catholic families with the orthodox curriculum provided by Seton Home Study School out of Front Royal, Virginia. For more on the 76th selection, click on DR. MARY KAY CLARK

76.   Dr. Mary Kay Clark

Let's face it! No other face will do!

   In his column today, Pat Ludwa brings up the fact certain dissidents don't like the way the "Old fashioned Jesus" looks so they're lobbying to come up with a new image of Our Lord. Just what the world needs!!! Make God in our image rather than allowing God to mold us in His image! Pat details the reason this will never work and the idiocy of discarding Perfection for imperfection as Pat reminds us in his column today. For Pat's column What's wrong with this picture?, click on VIEW FROM THE PEW

What's wrong with this picture?

"The National Catholic Reporter announces an international visual art competition to find an image of Jesus for the new millennium"

   "One could go on to argue why this is so, or why people are looking elsewhere for solutions and solace and ultimate meaning, why so many churches, once full on Sundays across the world, are closed or nearly empty now. There are various reasons why Jesus is perceived to be less central to the culture than in the past. Today, He seems remote, elbowed aside in the secular world's hectic pursuit of success and good times. The popular image is vague, not compelling as He must have been on Galilean hillsides or at the Last Supper. If the Christian religion is, as we insist, some amazing relationship with its founder, with this Savior whose 2,000th birthday anniversary, approximately, it is, then the picture we have of Jesus becomes paramount. But we have lost touch with this Jesus, a down-to-earth person who at the same time incarnated divinity and pointed to a transcendent world."

   "Scripture scholars and theologians have written endlessly about this Christ. Millions of words have been published. Yet the image is fading."

   "Can it be that the spirit of the age excludes messiahs and saviors? Or that the mainline churches, wrestling with their various demons, have smothered the founder? Perhaps that is why our world fails to link the millennium to the person of Jesus Christ."

   "While the project is, first and last, a visual art competition, its nature and purpose require that the theme be paramount. There are theological and philosophical considerations in this search for an image that will capture the hopes of a hankering humanity as we walk over the threshold toward another thousand years together on earth."

   "Entry in the competition implies submission to the rules and decisions of the judges and NCR,"

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August 26, 1999 volume 10, no. 161   DAILY CATHOLIC