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There is nothing ordinary about Our Lady!

          Summer and Ordinary Time. They go together like a horse and carriage. The liturgical green represents the verdant trees and grassy knolls of these months when the pace is slower and more relaxed with many seeking the shade of a tall oak to soak in the ambience of August. Fall is a short while off and there will be time enough to gear up for September. The Holy Father follows this pattern annually, taking his vacation in the vicinity of the Italian Alps and then retreating to the Papal Summer Palace at Castelgondolfo outside of Rome in the cooler hill country. He works daily but at a more relaxed pace than during the rest of the year. In fact, most of Rome goes on hiatus during the entire month of August. And so, as we reach the midpoint of the "dog days" of August, it is once again time to take a break. As is our custom at the DAILY CATHOLIC, every summer we take a two week hiatus during the summer, divided into one week increments with the first one early in July and the second on the Solemnity of the Assumption. Thus, this edition is the special "Second Summer Hiatus Issue," chock-full of articles, features and the disclosure of the next six persons chosen in the countdown of the TOP 100 CATHOLICS OF THE CENTURY. It is, by the way, the largest issue of the DAILY CATHOLIC ever published. Normally we provide three sections to include the weekend issue, this time there are seven sections! This issue also marks the completion of two series. One is the Holy Father's Apostolic Exhortation to the America's which we have been running every Monday for the past several months. This excellent, inspiring work lays out the guidelines Americans from Alaska to Argentina need to follow in helping bring the Church into the new millennium and stave off the schism being threatened by the Amerikan Church.

        The second series, which winds up in this issue this weekend after running for several years, is "I SOLEMNLY TELL YOU...". It is the compendium containing 632 Messages from Our Lord and His Blessed Mother to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart which Cyndi received from September 22, 1990 to the Solemnity of Corpus Christi on June 18, 1995. There are quite a few God-incidences to the timing of these final messages and the timing of completing them this weekend on the web.

        First of all, Our Lady's final message - 631 - came on June 14, 1995 in which she conveyed, in part: "On this day I speak to all of my children through you, my little hidden flower, for the last time." It was appropriate that the Blessed Virgin Mary's last message to the world came on the fourteenth of June for Mary was fourteen when she was conceived by the Holy Spirit and it was fourteen years and ten days from the date of her first apparition at Medjugorje. Our Lady's first words to the Hidden Flower on September 22, 1990 were, "I am your Heavenly Mother, Mary. I am Queen of Peace, Mother of Almighty God, and these words are delivered to you, my beloved children, through one of my children - my beloved hidden flower whom I have chosen to be my voice to my people. I ask that, in total faith and abandonment to the Will of the Eternal Father, you believe as if you each had individually heard my Heavenly voice within your heart." For the next five years Our Lady and her Divine Son conveyed words of wisdom, love and reminders that we all need to do more for the sake of our own souls and others. Everything imparted proved to be in total harmony with Sacred Scripture and Church Doctrine and every message was discerned by her spiritual director Father Al Svobodny, OMI before being published and each message printed was submitted to the Bishop of the Diocese she was living in at the time.

        Our Lord's final words to the Hidden Flower - Message 632 - came on June 18, 1995 - the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ - quite appropriate since the Eucharist was at the core of all the messages given to her. It was also five years to the date that Jesus first asked Cyndi to take up a journal and begin writing the messages she was receiving through interior locution. From that Sunday to September 20, 1990 she received various messages from both Jesus and Mary for Cyndi's own spirituality and the family's in preparing all for the ministry that God had planned for us. That is why it is no God-incidence that nine years to the day that Our Lady commissioned the ministry of MIR-A-CALL Center to begin on the Solemnity of the Assumption in 1990, we complete our long run of carrying all the messages on the internet, having featured at least two a day for the last several years.

        We had no idea what Our Lady had in mind when she first began speaking to Cyndi, nor did we have a clue how to disseminate what she asked. But, through total trust in God and His Providence we have persevered, we have fought the good fight. Not that it has been a fight, but rather truly a "labor of love." This editor gave up a lucrative position in advertising and promotion as the decade dawned in order to commit ourselves totally to our fiat to Jesus and Mary after our conversion experience in Medjugorje in May, 1990. Little did we know what God had in store for us. But we trusted. Even to this day we have no idea where the next dollar is going to come from in order to continue this ministry. But God has provided for the past nine years and we have never doubted. When things look the darkest, there is always the light for God is the Light and He has never left us stranded.

        We truly believe it is this blind faith and trust that has made this ministry so successful in spite of our own blunders. We are merely the utensils, if you will, setting the table so God can provide the nourishment and appetisers. The main meal has already been prepared through Sacred Scripture and the Doctrines, Dogmas and Teachings of His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Private revelation is merely the spices and herbs that enhance the main entree, reinforcing Public Revelation and giving us a taste of something we might not have considered totally palatable in the past. That is a main reason Our Lord and Our Lady chose so many messengers to impart Their messages in order to reach such a wide variety of people, from all walks of life, from every belief and unbelief. The Almighty doesn't want one of His children to go astray. God realizes not everyone has been able to grasp the truths of the True Faith, and so He has sent His Mother to intercede for us and, like a loving mother, she entreats all to return to the Truth, the Way and the Life, reaching as many as she can in as many languages, dialects, cultures and ways of life as possible. This is why there are so many messengers, so many different styles. But one thing among true prophets always remains constant - the message itself in which Mary asks us to live our faith through a total conversion of heart, prayer, penance, a return to the Sacraments and total compliance with and obedience to the Magisterium of the Church. Her messages are always Christ-centered as any light reflecting on her beams back to her Divine Son.

        It is also a God-incidence that shortly after the completion of the 100 Meditative Lessons on Church Teaching compiled in THE HIDDEN WAY, and shortly before the completion of all the messages of "I SOLEMNLY TELL YOU..." both books became available and can be ordered, as well as the Trilogy of the Mysteries of the Rosary by clicking on Books. Presently, because of crowded server space in archives, we cannot place all the messages in a file like we have with many of our features, columns and lists. Therefore, until we can expand, the only way to read the messages on line is by going back issue by issue in archives for both THE HIDDEN WAY and "I SOLEMNLY TELL YOU...". It is much easier to order the books and have them at your disposal daily. Both are colorful, sturdy coffee-table type books that have been published in fullfilment of Our Lady's wish that these messages be available in the times when we need them most.

        Over the five years Cyndi received the messages, she willingly accepted all that God had chosen for her and her family, giving her total fiat out of total love for God and His Blessed Mother. During that time she gave over fifty talks in 38 states but since the messages ceased, she has remained truly hidden as requested by God. In between her duties as a loving wife and mother, she spends most of her day in prayer and offering up her sufferings as a victim soul, while yours truly carries the bulk of the ministry through this growing publication known as the DAILY CATHOLIC which has reached a phenomenal number of people since going on line on All Saints Day in 1997. We are well over four and a half million since that time and fast approaching three million visitors for this year alone. Cyndi thanks all for their prayers and begs forgiveness for not being able to correspond yet with all who have written her. She has a very difficult time using her hand to write or type on the computer keyboard for any length of time. She assures all that she holds each and everyone who has written in prayerful remembrance to Our Lady before the Throne of God as her day has become a continuous prayer of offering all for His greater honor and glory, offering her pain in constant petition for Christ's Divine Mercy upon all and in praying for the swift arrival of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart which will usher in the glorious Reign of the Sacred Heart. This, Cyndi has been given to understand through interior vision, will be Heaven on earth and a time when all will truly believe and mystically see in the Blessed Sacrament the Eucharist Christ, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity!

        And so we begin a week of rest and relaxation. In deference to the first summer hiatus week taken in July, this editor won't be spending as much time at the keyboard. There are a few projects to complete such as the archives for the first 24 installments of THE HISTORY OF THE MASS AND HOLY MOTHER CHURCH which Tom Curtin of Illinois so wisely kept and forwarded the files to us so we don't have to retype them all. It only entails adding HTML scripts for these early installments and all 105 installments to date will be available for review. We hope to do the same with our on-going series AGE OF MARIAN APPARITIONS which Tom also saved, but we're not going to rush that if it takes time away from the family. This second summer hiatus will be more family time - a day at the beach, a day at Balboa Park and the Museums, possibly a day at Disneyland, a ball game, and an old-fashioned summer picnic. In short, we plan to spend a week enjoying the crazy, hazy, lazy days of summer before the boys head back to school in late August and we resume our regular features in September. We couldn't think of a better week to take this time than the week that sandwiches two of Our Lady's fabulous feasts - the Assumption and the Queenship of Mary. The latter is superseded by the Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time but, in recalling our lives to date and thinking back how her call has completely changed our lives, even though we are in Ordinary Time, we can assure you there is nothing ordinary about Our Lady!

Michael Cain, editor

August 13-22, 1999      volume 10, no. 152-157
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