DAILY CATHOLIC     TUESDAY     August 3, 1999     vol. 10, no. 149


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Historical Events in Church Annals for August 10:

  • 258 A.D.
  • Death of Saint Lawrence, one of the seven deacons of Rome whom Pope Sixtus II had prophecied would follow him in martyrdom at the hands of the Roman Emperor Valerian three days later. So overwhelmed with joy, Lawrence gave away everything he had to the poor. For more, see DAILY LITURGY.

  • 1471 A.D.
  • Cardinal Francesco della Rovere is elected Pope Sixtus IV as 212th successor of Peter, the pontiff who would build the Sistine Chapel, establish the feast of Saint Joseph on March 19th universally, established the Spanish Inquisition and appoint the controversial Tomas de Torquemada as grand inquisitor in Spain.. He was an expert politician and generous patron of the arts.

  • 1863 A.D.
  • Pope Pius IX released his twenty-first encyclical - Quanto conficiamur moerore on the alarming rate false doctrines are being promoted.

  • 1906 A.D.
  • Pope Saint Pius X issues his ninth encyclical Gravissimo officio munere specifically to the bishops of France over the issue of French associations of worship.

August 10, 1999 TUESDAY       volume 10, no. 149


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