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          By popular demand, we are bringing you the Messages imparted to Cyndi Cain, the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart from the Immaculate Mother and her Divine Son Jesus. These messages for the world began September 22, 1990 and were completed on June 18, 1995 on the Feast of Corpus Christi with the charge, "Do not be afraid. Do not be anxious. Do not become lukewarm. Remember, I am with you always until the end of time. Behold, My little ones, I beg you to prepare, for I Come!" Through these five years Cyndi was under the astute spiritual direction of her personal Spiritual Director Father Al Svobodny, OMI who discerned each message before being released. He was personally selected by Our Lady in this great task. It was Our Lord who has called Cyndi "the Hidden Flower" as Jesus relayed to her in an earlier message: "...because My Mother has taken you, a tender bud and placed you within My Sacred Wounds, I shall mold you, I shall bring to perfection all that I have placed within you, and this shall be hidden from the world...My Hidden Flower, know that I place you in the hands of My Immaculate Mother, and you shall know the tender care of Her Immaculate Heart. Know that I desire to work in you in silence, that you shall suffer many crosses and that to you shall be given the triple martyrdom of body, mind and soul." In response to Their request, Cyndi makes these messages known again to the entire world through the Catholic-Internet Network so that all God's children everywhere, without exception, may receive the Blessed Mother's Messages. We are trying to have all the messages over five years published in book form. However the escalating costs of printing prohibits that at the present time. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to help defray the costs of publishing this large-volumed book as Our Lady has requested often, ...please click here. Today, we bring you messages 497 and 498 from May 20 and May 22, 1994 imparted by Our Lord and Our Lady.

Messages 497 and 498

Message Four Hundred-ninety-seven, May 20, 1994

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Sacred of Jesus)
(Feast of St. Bernardin of Siena)
          Beloved Hidden Flower of My Mother's Immaculate Heart, I bless you and give to you My Peace.

          To all of My children I desire you to say: I, your Lord and God, wish all the world to receive My Peace. But the world does not want My Peace. O! Those who proclaim My name, while in their hearts they commit murder with their tongues, and are so blinded by the evil one they do not recognize that they seek revenge for human satisfaction, when Justice belongs only to Me.

          Now the time has come when all of My little ones, particularly those who receive My words, shall be persecuted relentlessly. Now does the River of Sorrow become broader, and My Holy Mother weeps because of the cruel persecution.

          I, your Lord and God, the Word made Flesh, say to you solemnly: Fear nothing. Go forward as I direct you. You will not defend yourselves, for I will be your defense in the final hour. Let not man's opinion sway you from the Truth. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. He who is with Me, cannot be against Me. No man can serve two masters. You are either Mine, or you belong to satan.

          Now is the time to choose, for I solemnly tell you the final hours of the end times have begun. No, you do not know how long this is, for this knowledge belongs to the Father alone. You shall know that which is for the good of your soul only in the moment when you need it, for all of my little ones must walk by faith.

          Be strong, not of yourselves, but in Me, Who alone makes perfect all that is imperfect. Woe to all who, for pride, vanity, ego and self-righteousness, hold back My Mother's Triumph. They shall stand before the Triune Divinity, and there Justice shall be given rather than Mercy.

          I solemnly tell you it is not too late for Mercy. I AM MERCY. Come to Me. I am burning with intense Love to give My Mercy to all the world. This great Hour of Mercy must come, but I need your prayers, your sacrifices in order to let My Mercy pour out.

          Be faithful, humble, obedient children of My Church. Read Sacred Scripture. Go to Mass every day if possible, confess at least weekly, and rush to receive Me reverently in the Sacrament of Penance. Live just and upright lives. Remember, I remain with you. The gates of hell shall not prevail against My Church. This is the Time of Purification. O! Seek My Mercy that this River of Sorrow may be mitigated.

          I love and bless you. I am coming. Prepare now, for time is very short!

Message Four Hundred-ninety-eight, May 22, 1994

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
(Solemnity of the Feast of Pentecost)
          Beloved Hidden Flower, I bless you. You see now how fully one can be filled with the Holy Spirit if one seeks Him!

          O! Little children, on this great feast I gaze upon my faithful little ones and I am joyful because you have kept your commitment to my Divine Son. I implore great graces for you, so very few in number, on the occasion of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

          O! With what sadness does my motherly heart behold the vast number of my children who have abandoned my Divine Son. O! They are poor wretches and I weep for them. They have forsaken the protection of my Immaculate Mantle. They are propelled to think, act , move and speak not by the Holy Spirit but by the evil one who so subtly controls their every breath and beat of heart. O! They are so blinded they do not see their error.

          The Holy Spirit is the Sanctifier. He must be the Divine Guest of the soul if one is to be in union with God's Will! It is the Holy Spirit Who makes calm the human emotions, allowing the intellect of the soul to lead with clarity. The Holy Spirit transforms and the soul becomes the image of my Divine Son. All self is annihilated, all the passions are subdued. God's Will alone remains. This is what shall see you through the terrible times ahead.

          As your Mother I once again implore you to open your hearts that they may be converted. Do not judge anyone - that belongs to God. Pray very much from your heart that it may be the tabernacle where the Triune Divinity abides.

          I solemnly tell you all mankind shall soon, very soon, be touched powerfully by the Holy Spirit. This is the Mercy of God at work! Therefore, please heed my words. Be always in the state of grace. Go to weekly confession, daily Mass whenever you can. Receive my Divine Son in the Blessed Sacrament. Read Sacred Scripture, pray the Rosary. Be always humble, obedient children. The moment is very near and I, your Mother, warn you.

          I love and bless you. Thank you for responding to my Call!

April 28, 1999       volume 10, no. 83


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