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      These Meditative Lessons on the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary which encompass the time from the Tomb through the Ascension were imparted via both interior visions and interior locutions to Cyndi Cain, the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart from the Blessed Mother of God after Pentecost in 1993. Cyndi relates that, "while I saw many details in these interior visions, only certain details were to be written down. Therefore, these lessons are not meant to be a detailed geographical or historical account, nor are they meant to pinpoint all the intricate details one might wish to have knowledge of regarding the time of of the Resurrection and beyond...for the importance of each lesson lies not in the descriptive passage or dialogue, but in Our Lady's own meditations which follow each interior vision. These meditations are meant to strengthen us in our faith during this our exile - particularly in these end times when the Holy Catholic Church will be ripped apart by apostasy and schism...for Our Blessed Mother wants our faith to be as strong as an anchor. For our faith to be such, we must have the faith of a simple, little child." As an added bonus for Easter we bring the special chapter on the Resurrection to you and ask the Holy Spirit to give all the enlightenment and discernment to learn and grow from these meditative lessons that all may persevere in the time of the Great Darkness which looms ever closer. For those who would like the complete works of "My Lord and my God", as well as the books on the Joyful Mysteries - "Come, Let us Adore Him", and the Sorrowful Mysteries - "It is Consummated!", click on BOOKS.

Meditative Lesson 11:


part one

      Dear Father, it is quite late. The day has been filled with many graces, but sorrows too, as I continue to recover from an illness which has baffled doctors and left me weak and bed-ridden for a month. God's Will be done. He alone is my life, and I trust Him totally, and love Him above all else. It is He Who prepares my poor soul for all He desires to give me, and daily He teaches me the joy of suffering for Him alone for He is my Lord and my God! The world does not understand; that is all right. He does, and that is sufficient.
"He is not here, for He has risen even as He said."
Matthew 28: 6
          John and Peter have set off for Our Lord's burial place. Peter wants to run buy yet he doesn't want to call any attention to himself. He tries to blend into the scenery; just a common citizen about after the Passover ritual has ended.

          John is much different for even though his eyes have not seen the Master, his pure heart recognizes Truth. He is eager, spurred on by love. Yet, it is this very love, flowing from God, which makes John able to walk with Peter as they pass along the streets, recognizing that Peter is the head, and in deference does he keep step with him out of sublime charity.

          Their route is the same as the Magdalene's, except once upon the hard-packed road leading to the garden, Peter speaks.

          "Do you believe her?" he asks of John.

          "Yes, Peter, I believe her."

          "I…I wish…."

          "Yes?" John prompts.

          "You are His Beloved one, John. You knew His heart as He knew yours, while mine gets so cluttered, and confused. But I want to believe."

          "Then Her knows already what is in your heart. Did He not often tell us, when we sat at His feet and were taught by every word He uttered, that we must always remain open to Him? Of course, He meant our hearts. Do not be troubled. He will help us."

          "Yes, He said 'I am with you,' and I do feel it here…." Peter taps his chest. "But… O! How I have failed Him."

          "As we all have, Peter. Each of us. Only His Blessed Mother is without blame. Come, let us hurry. There is the gate."

          John moves forward now, his love no longer able to be restrained. He runs, and Peter, who is of shorter stature and more years, tries to keep up but is a good 100 feet behind at his best.

          The scene of the tranquil garden seems to me unchanged as I follow with John. He rounds the rock outcropping and pauses to look down. There are the perfumes, oils, spices, herbs that the Magdalene had worked so hard to prepare. He glances up. I follow his gaze. There is no one present that I can see. The Roman guards have all gone, to make up whatever story will satisfy their commander. I wonder where the other Marys have gone, and immediately am given to understand that having received, at length, permission from the lone Roman guard, they approached the tomb, satisfied of its emptiness, crying, as was the Magdalene, they took the side path she had taken, searching for their stalwart companion. I am given to understand that by now they have returned to the house of the Last Supper and have learned the rest of the Magdalene's account of her encounter with the Risen Lord.

          John looks back and Peter has closed the gap between them. "Come quickly, there is no one about. But it is as she said, the stone has been rolled away."

          Peter nods and keeps moving, but John, drawn as a magnet, hurries forward to the tomb's entrance. He places his right hand on the cold stone wall and pauses. In that instant he sees before him Our Lord's full Passion and Death. He sees again the mournful placement of the disfigured body in this tomb and the effort of Joseph, Nicodemus, and himself to lever the stone slab into place.

          Then with tentative footsteps he goes in, passing what appears to me to be a very small outer room, and then through a low archway into the interior chamber, or actual tomb where he had helped to place our Dear Lord's Most Sacred Body.

          At the moment when he crosses the threshold from the outside world into the sepulcher, I become aware, as does John, of a wonderful illumination which permeates the interior chamber. This light of unearthly quality is also a living, moving light which blends gold and silver, but also the shimmering colors of sunrise. I am also aware at the same time that the entire tomb has a fragrance, which is breathtakingly beautiful. Not flowery. More, I seem to understand, the scent of purest incense. Not man-made incense, but heavenly incense which is constantly given in praise to the Trinity by all the angels, and now that Heaven has been opened, by all the saints as well.

NEXT INSTALLMENT: Part two: "My Lord and my God!"

April 22, 1999       volume 10, no. 79


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