DAILY CATHOLIC    FRI-SAT-SUN     April 16-18, 1999     vol. 10, no. 75


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          The CATHOLIC DISPATCH has received notice of this event from three separate sources across the United States so far; from New England, Washington (state), and North Carolina. There will potentially be hundreds, or even thousands, of Catholics gathered together in front of the capitol that day to pray the Rosary. But don't expect the Mass Media to freely announce a "Million Man Rosary March!"


          Catholics may feel helpless in the face of so much evil in the world, primarily indicated by the workings of the law and judicial departments, and especially with what is now vomited by the Mass Media and promoted in the schools. Let us recall to mind that we Catholics have a power at our fingertips that nobody can take from us. As long as we fulfill our personal obligations and remain in the state of grace, our prayers and sacrifices work to invisibly obtain graces for the Church and world to counteract the spread of evil. We must also have faith enough to persevere in this even though we do not see the results ourselves. The Lord is greatly please by this perseverance and faith.

          We now have another great opportunity on May 1st to pray the Rosary publicly for a like cause.

          We all know how sinful the world has become, and how sorely the Church today needs prayers. The "errors" from Russia that Our Lady of the Rosary at Fatima mentioned in 1917 were not limited merely to "communism". The godless errors of materialism, liberalism and humanism have continued throughout this century to infect the world to such an extent that the chastisement of God has now been placed upon us in a more subtle and serious manner: Whereas the usual wars are a grace of physical punishment and correction that work to convert men through a tangible suffering and fear, the more serious chastisements God gives take the form of spiritual catastrophes that infect the clergy and faithful with heresies -killing souls eternally- in such an intangible way that the very organ of man that should be able to recognize and reject them -the mind- is debilitated by the heresy such that it cannot often see clearly the poison that is harming them.

          The Church has always taught that heresy is worse than physical murder because it kills souls eternally in hell rather than only temporally. The world is calling down the vengeance of God by its sins, not only because of abortion and sodomy, but even more so because of the heresies, sacrileges and blasphemies that are being today promoted within the Church.

          It is the health of the Church that ultimately determines the health of the world.

          We must strengthen the Mystical Body of Christ. Our Lady gave us the remedy in 1917 by emphasizing devotion and reparation to Her Immaculate Heart, primarily through the daily recitation of the Rosary to obtain grace for the individual, Church, and the world.

          Why gather together in a group to say the Rosary when you can say it at home? God loves public prayer also, that is one reason He ordained that we give public worship every Sunday and Holy Day. We can see the special graces that have been given when we recall the victories of Our Lady that had been wrought by the Rosary at Lepanto, Brazil, Austria and other places. In Austria, for example, in 1955 where only 10% of the population in that country pledged to say the Rosary, the Communists of Russia all of a sudden agreed to its Independence. Historians are still wondering how or why such an unprecedented thing happened!

          Therese Neumann, the Bavarian mystic who, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, "survived 35 years on the 'bread' of the Holy Eucharist at mass each morning at Konnersreuth, Germany", was asked three months before her death in 1962 if it was the prayers of the Austrians that had purchased their freedom seven years before. Her answer? "Definitely, definitely, it was the prayers and many Rosaries of the Austrian people which purchased them the freedom from Russian domination."

          Ultimately we must be satisfied with the promise of God's Mother Herself who promised that,

      "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph, Russia will be converted, and an era of peace will be conceded to humanity."

          Let us not be tempted to take this promise as an excuse not to fulfill our obligations to help bring this about as soon as possible. Yes, the war is promised to be won in the end but...
    .....will you and your loved ones be casualties in this war before then?

          We must work to see to it that we have the least amount of casualties, and that the victories come as soon as possible. It is a matter of saving your soul, and that of others, before the war is won. Let us help diminish the amount of time in which Our Lord and Our Lady are greatly offended.

          Can you make the sacrifice to attend on May 1st? The sacrifice itself will do much for the cause. If not, can you resolve on that day and hour at least to say your rosary and unite you intentions with those who will be in front of the U.S. Capitol? If you can make that pledge, it would help strengthen the faith of those actually attending if you could give word of your pledge to the contact below.

    For more information contact:

    Block Rosary P.O. Box 13242 Charlotte, NC 28270-0079

    Phone: 704-843-0648 Fax: 704-843-0974 e-mail: dld@charlotte.infi.net

April 16-18, 1999       volume 10, no. 75


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