DAILY CATHOLIC    WEDNESDAY     April 14, 1999     vol. 10, no. 73


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Historical Events in Church Annals for April 14:

  • 972 A.D.
  • Holy Roman Emperor Otto II marries Theophano, Princess of the Eastern Roman Empire, unifying the two empires for a short time.

  • 1291 A.D.
  • A flank of Knights Templars attack the Moslem camp at night in what was called the "Siege of Acre" and all are massacred. The infidels knew they were coming. The defeat greatly demoralizes the rest of the Templars.

  • 1386 A.D.
  • The doors of Saint Mary's College in Oxford, England are opened for the first time.

  • 1471 A.D.
  • The "kingmaker" Warwick is killed on Easter Sunday at Weymouth, England just before Queen Margaret arrives, but too late to save Warwick and her throne.

  • 1998 A.D.
  • 79 year-old Cardinal Hans Hermann Groer resigns as the leading prelate of Austria after 20 years of sexual abuse allegations tear the country apart morale-wise. The Cardinal said in a statement issued by the Vatican's apostolic nuncio in Austria that, "In the past three years, there have been several, often inaccurate assertions about my person. I beg God and people for forgiveness, if I have burdened myself with guilt."

April 14, 1999 WEDNESDAY       volume 10, no. 73


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