DAILY CATHOLIC     THANKSGIVING WEEK     November 25-29, 1998     vol. 9, no. 231


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          With the messages for the world having been concluded three years ago, slowly the public "Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart" has been able to return to the fullness of being Cyndi Cain, wife and mother (roles she never abandoned even for a moment during the public years). However, after much prayer and discernment, she feels strongly that there is much God wishes her to share, for He continually teaches us in our hearts and with the grace of the Holy Spirit, we are to share, to learn, to grow and to be there for one another, as He is always there for us.

          In various weekend issues, when the Holy Spirit inspires her, she hopes to find the time in a busy schedule of caring for a sick child, schooling another son, and the regular work of keeping up a home not to mention helping with the ministry, to write a few lines in sharing with all the experiences and lessons learned in her own introspection. Cyndi has chosen to call her few words, humble and poor in the face of the Almighty, "SYMPHONY OF SUFFERING", for He has placed these words in her heart. To suffer: How all hate the thought, and how, when one is a mother who is faced with the onset of an illness for which the cure may be years away we feel our hearts break in many places. Yet, God hears a beautiful melody here. The angels hear it, too, and so do the saints. The melody reaches to the Heavens and joins with the unending chorus of all the hosts of Heaven praising God. It is Cyndi's sincerest hope that perhaps, together with the reader, we can take our sufferings, which are different yet similar, and place them into this great hymn of praise to the Creator, our Lord, God and Savior, Jesus Christ, and learn to make beautiful music unto the Lord. Below is her twenty-first sonata.

You are an active participant in doing what God has asked.

          It's been a while since last I conversed with our dear readers in this column. The last month or so has been spent in quiet contemplation and prayer and the inspiration from the Holy Spirit has been interiorly retrospect. Therefore, I have not been prompted to put anything in words until now. Though the Sanctifier has inspired me, the words I write here are my own through prayer.

          The editor of this publication, my beloved spouse Michael, recently wrote in his editorial this ministry's dire need for your financial donations to keep this apostolate going.

          We thank the few who have responded! We ask God to bless them, and all who go to DAILY CATHOLIC site every day.

          Did you know that we are well over a million and a half "hits" for our site this year, and counting? Did you know that while many of those "hits" are multiple selections from one person clicking on various sites within this publication, the fact remains that through this electronic publication, free to all, we are reaching more and more people every day and more than 120 nations who log in.

          We are striving with all our heart and soul to do what God has asked of us-to spread the Gospel to all the world; to spread the messages of His Blessed Mother to all the world as well.

          The fact is simple. It takes updated equipment and monthly fees to maintain this domain, and to have enough space to store the daily and past issues of this publication. No, it's not as expensive as a print publication and the cost of mailing, but there are costs and they continue to escalate as cost of living increases.

          If every single person who visited our site would send in a donation of $10.00 or more, as the Holy Spirit leads you, we will be able to go on and possibly ask very, very seldom for any more contributions. In fact, we have already begun a vigorous search for contributions from philanthropic organizations. Anyone who has ever sought grant funding, however, knows that it takes time, in fact months possibly even a year, before the reality is realized. But we are dealing with speculation and that does no good when facing the reality of continuing this daily ministry - the only such English-speaking Roman Catholic publication with that kind of frequency anywhere in the world either in print or on the internet. In order to continue God's work and to reach more souls, we need to be able to pay the bills to keep the DAILY CATHOLIC on-line. Presently, we cannot do that without you. That, my dear friends, is the bottom line. There's a special donation form you can fill out from our site which would allow you to use credit card. If you so desire you can also print out the form and mail it to us at the mailing address of: DAILY CATHOLIC, 1585 Green Oak Road, Vista, CA 92083

          It is never easy asking for money. Nevertheless, we pursue this with hope and trust in Him. We are humbly asking you who visit this site to not only spread by word of mouth the easy access to our daily publication, but also to help keep the word of God going forth in these very troubled times - the End Times - by donating of your treasure as well. We are not asking you to tithe for that should be reserved for our parishes as long as they are loyal to the magisterium and not off on a liberal tangent. But we do ask you to consider us as part of the "leftovers" for, unlike the massive operation of parishes, we do not require that kind of funding but, even operating on a "shoestring" we still subsist totally on donations from the goodness of the readers' hearts.

          Won't you help? Each of you, from whatever country, from whatever town or state, is part of this ministry. You are an active participant in doing what God has asked. We need to work together.

          Please pray to the Holy Spirit. Go before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Then, please help. Each one of you, by a donation of $10.00 or more, will keep this ministry going, as He desires.

          At this blessed time of the year, especially on Thanksgiving, I want to thank you for all you have done. On behalf of my husband, who works tirelessly day in and day out (at the detriment of his health I might add) to put out the best issue he can each and every day of the week at no financial gain to him or the family, we give gratitude to God for the blessings He has bestowed on us and for this ministry He endowed us with at the beginning of this decade. We also are grateful for the countless readers who have given testimony to how our apostolate, in some small way, has helped them in their journey toward Heaven. It is not us; for we are merely the instruments in which the Triune Divinity uses us to perpetuate the one, true faith and spread the messages of Our Blessed Mother has conveyed over the years which bring us all into union with her Divine Son. We keep all of you in our prayers, and humbly ask that you keep us in your prayers, for we also live hand to mouth, day by day, trusting in God to provide.

          Again, thank you for your help. God cannot be outdone in charity and mercy.

Cyndi Cain

November 25-29, 1998       volume 9, no. 231


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