December 1, 1998
Advent has begun
December 1, 1998

vol. 9, no. 233


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Medjugorje Monthly Message

Countdown to the Millennium

Events in Church History
Pope Alexander III, founder of the Lombard League      Today is the date 831 years ago that Pope Alexander III, 170th successor of Peter, in order to protect the Northern Italian towns from the ravages of the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa formed the Lombard League. For other pertinent events throughout the centuries that are memorable in Church history today, click on MILLENNIUM MILESTONES AND MEMORIES

Medjugorje Monthly Message for NOVEMBER 25th
The Gospa's message for November

    Dear children! Today I call you to prepare yourselves for the coming of Jesus. In a special way, prepare your hearts. May holy Confession be the first act of conversion for you and then, dear children, decide for holiness. May your conversion and decision for holiness begin today and not tomorrow. Little children, I call you all to the way of salvation and I desire to show you the way to Heaven. That is why, little children, be mine and decide with me for holiness. Little children, accept prayer with seriousness and pray, pray, pray. Thank you for having responded to my call. For more on Medjugorje, click on MEDJUGORJE AND MORE

"The fear of the Lord prolongs life, but the expectation of the wicked comes to nought. "
Proverbs 10: 27

The Hidden Way series now in book form
THE HIDDEN WAY now available! Click here!
     Though we have completed the 100 Lessons/Meditations of THE HIDDEN WAY previously carried on Tuesdays, you may now acquire your own copy of the just-released book THE HIDDEN WAY which contains all 100. To find out how, click on Book

395 and counting,
hoping and praying...

  • Part Nine of The New Lourdes: Betania in the on-going series THE AGE OF MARIAN APPARITIONS

  • December Decorations illuminating our FOOD FOR THOUGHT APPETEASERS

  • Time Capsules in Church History with MILLENNIUM MILESTONES AND MEMORIES focusing on December 2nd.

  • Liturgy of the Day for the First Wednesday of Advent and Thursday, Feast of Saint Francis Xavier, priest, Jesuit missionary and martyr.

  • ...and much more in our 234th issue for 1998!

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Plenary aplenty as Pope revises a lost treasury of the Church
The Pope comes through again for the conservative element of the Church       It may be just another Papal Bull, but the Holy Father's most recent one Incarnationis Mysterium revives the very real existence and knowledge of indulgences - both plenary and partial. The new Papal Bull serves as a practical guide to salvation and the Pope is tying in the resurgence of indulgences with the ecumenical spirit of Jubilee 2000 and the many churches and shrines where these indulgences can be acquired through proper follow-through. In today's editorial we revisit what indulgences are and their origin and give a hearty thanks to the Vicar of Christ for taking them out of the vault and distributing them from the great spiritual treasury of the Church. For today's commentary entitled The dividends are still there
because the Pope is indulging us again!
, click on CATHOLIC PewPOINT.

666 x's Two = 1332!
The advent of humanism and the disregard for the Word of God raises its ugly head in the fourteenth century
      We continue with our brief retrospect of the first thirteen plus centuries as we take an intermission from our progression of Popes to focus on the first part of the fourteenth century. In this installment we complete this review with the last thirty-two years that led up to that pivotal year which the Blessed Mother Mary warns about: 1332, which was 666 times two - all part of satan's master plan. For, because of economic strife a new age was dawning with new rulers and new powers which would further weaken the once powerful papacy as well as the Church's prestige and influence which slipped alarmingly amidst the decline in moral standards everywhere including the ecclesiastical circles as well. It was a time when a king wanted to usurp the Holy See and, as we shall see in future installments on the Avignon exile, the Church suffered greatly for this weakness which allowed humanism to come slithering in even more quickly. For the eighty-third installment titled Propped up by satan, humanism raises its ugly head in the fourteenth century , click on THE HISTORY OF THE MASS AND HOLY MOTHER CHURCH.

"I solemnly tell you that all material things which you covet, shall soon be but rubble and ashes."
Queen of Prophets      Those warning words from the Blessed Mother's 297th message on the eve of Lent 1993 and preceded by message 296 two days earlier call for fasting and penance. Our Lady imparted these to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart in which the Blessed Virgin beseeches her little ones to take every opportunity to pray and do penance for the great tribulation is nigh. She beckons all to return to her her Divine Son Jesus and to turn our backs on the world for these material things are merely temporal and shall soon pass. For messages 296 and 297, click on "I SOLEMNLY TELL YOU..."

Worldwide Catholic NewsWORLDWIDE

with a Catholic slant provided by Catholic World
News Service

    Vatican honors Patriarch on feast of Saint Andrew - patron of the Eastern Orthodox Church
    Saint Andrew is the patron of the Eastern Orthodox Church      In a gesture of cooperation, the Holy See sent representatives on behalf of Pope John Paul II to Constantinople to honor the traditions of the Eastern Orthodox Church and their Patriarch Bartholomew I on the feast of the patron saint of the Eastern Church - Saint Andrew the Apostle who evangelized the east. It is a tradition that has gone on for years with the Eastern Orthodox Church leaders reciprocating the Roman Catholic Church on the feast of Saints Peter and Paul celebrated on June 29th. The Holy Father sent a message to the Patriarch hoping the two of them can get together in the future to pare back the walls that separate the two Churches from full communion. For more, click on St. Andrew.

    Irish peace pact very fragile with news of Protestant vigilante group trying to derail all peace efforts in Northern Ireland
    Northern Ireland Peace Pact in jeopardy due to unrest by Protestant splinter group intent on disrupting the peace     Intent on disrupting the fragile peace accord signed last Good Friday in Northern Ireland, a Protestant radical group known as the "Orange Volunteers" have already kidnapped a few Irish Catholics and have their sights set on even more, including recently released IRA members in their bid to negate the peace and keep Northern Ireland Protestant and British. They have taken responsibility for numerous unreported reports of assaults on Catholic establishments throughout Northern Ireland, especially in Ulster. For more, click on radical rebels.

    Holy Father uses his Sunday Angelus to decry the plight of immigrants and the poor
    Pope decries plight of immigrants, calls for forgiveness of debts       The Holy Father diverted from his normal Sunday Angeles talk at St. Peter's to decry the treatment of immigrants by those who are exploiting their fate, citing the recent shipwreck in the Adriatic as an example of the tragedy of smuggling aliens that could be avoided by more careful and Christ-like love toward those less fortunate on everyone's part. Speaking of the poor, he reiterated the need for well-developed and rich nations to forgive the debts of third-world countries where the debts have become such a burden that governments have put the yoke on the people who suffer the most. He expressed his gratitude to those countries who have responded but cautioned that it is but a drop in the bucket to what can be accomplished and urged all nations to carefully examine their politics and motives and promote reforms that would benefit all. For more, click on immigrants, illegal aliens and the poor.

    Possible Papal Trip being planned to Romania
    Pope making tentative plans to visit Romania      The Holy Father met on Monday with the new Papal Envoy to Romania and expressed a strong desire to travel to Romania, a heavily Eastern Orthodox East European country. Some of the roadblocks, such as Church property confiscated by the communists and turned over to the Orthodox Church, remain to be removed before the Pope can officially make plans to visit this eastern-bloc country. It would be Pope John Paul II's first visit to Romania. For more, click on Romania

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Today and tomorrow we commemorate the First Tuesday and Wednesday of Advent. For the readings, liturgies, and meditations, click on LITURGY FOR THE DAY.

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