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          VATICAN (CWNews.com) -- An inquiry into the shooting death of the former commander of the Swiss Guard has been completed and filed in the Vatican archives, according to a Roman newspaper report.

          Il Messagero, citing evidence obtained from an "indiscreet" Vatican official, reported that the investigation into the May 4 shooting that left three people dead-- Col. Alois Estermann, his wife Gladys Meza Romero, and Cedric Tornay-- had been concluded quietly, after investigators confirmed that Tornay had killed himself after first shooting Estermann and his wife.

          The Messagero report, published on Monday, indicated that there was "no mystery" about the killings, nor was there any evidence of international intrigue or romantic complication. Investigators concluded that Tornay acted solely out of frustration over the way he had been treated by Col. Estermann, who was his superior in the Swiss Guard.

          The Messagero story thus confirms the theory which was put forward by the Vatican immediately after the shocking killings. There was no official response from the Vatican to the latest story.

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December 29-January 3, 1999       volume 9, no. 250


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