DAILY CATHOLIC     NEW YEAR'S ISSUE     December 29-January 3, 1999     vol. 9, no. 250

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          VATICAN, 28 (NE) In his traditional reflection before the Marian prayer of the Angelus, Pope John Paul II remembered yesterday the Family of Nazareth. The liturgy of the Church celebrates on Sunday of the infraoctave of Christmas the Blessed Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Reflecting on this celebration, the Holy Father mentioned to the great number of pilgrims gathered that "the Church in an environment of a joyful Christmas, and living with a renewed admiration the mystery of the Immanuel, takes us now to contemplate the Blessed Family of Nazareth». In his address, the Holy Father highlighted the importance of the values for "the women and men of all the times and of all cultures" that are obtained from the contemplation of this "marvelous model."

          "Oh, Family of Nazareth, living image of God's Church". With these words, the Christian community recognizes in the family communion of Jesus, Mary and Joseph an authentic "rule of life," the Successor of Peter stated. He also, mentioned that the more the Church knows how to carry out the pact of love that is shown in the Blessed Family, "so much more will she complete the mission of being ferment of the world with the purpose that the men in it may constitute a single family."

          "The mystery of Nazareth teaches each and every family to generate and educate their own children cooperating in an admirable way with the work of the Creator and donating to the world, in every child, a new smile," he mentioned. "To the family of Nazareth," concluded the Pope, "today's families look at in order to obtain from the example of Mary and Joseph, which are lovingly dedicated to the care of the Incarnated Verb, the opportune instructions for the daily options of life. Under the light of the teachings and next to that unsurpassable school, each family will be able to orient itself towards the fulfillment of the Plan of God."

          During his Angelus address, he pointed toward the next worldwide encounter with families, which is scheduled to take place in Rome, on October 14 to 15, 2000, as part of the city's Jubilee celebration.

          Speaking from the window of his vacation home at Castel Gandalfo, where he had gone for a few days of rest after the Christmas celebrations at the Vatican, the Pope said that the theme of the meeting would be: "Children: springtime for the family and of society."

          The Pope also gave a strong endorsement to a project begun by a group of lay people in Milan, which calls for families to invite a needy single person to share their dinner on New Year's Day. The Pontiff said that program could "not only offer a more serene day to someone in need, but at the same time show the way to true friendship and fruitful collaboration."

          The worldwide encounter with families which will take place in Rome in 2000 is the third in a series of such meetings. The first occurred in Rome in 1995; the second in Rio de Janeiro in October 1997.

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December 29-January 3, 1999       volume 9, no. 250


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