DAILY CATHOLIC   TUESDAY   December 15, 1998   vol. 9, no. 242


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O little town of Bethlehem, beware!

          A day after we commemorate the 199th anniversary of America's first president - George Washington, known and loved for his honesty, we are left with the forty-second successor to the "Father of our country" -Bill Clinton who is, according to polls, known and loved for his dishonesty. It was another great American Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president, who said, "You can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but not all of the people all of the time." Evidently Clinton, whose only similarity to the beloved bearded rail-splitter from Kentucky is the bedroom he rents out at the White House, has never grasped Honest Abe's words of wisdom and warning. Steadfastly he denies lying even though all of the people have seen him lie on television and television doesn't lie (another false assumption!). Remember, this is the same man who admitted smoking pot in college, but for him it was alright because he "didn't inhale." After all, it's a private matter and no one else's business. This is the same man who admitted illicit sex in the oval office, but for him it was alright because he didn't "consummate the copulation." After all, it's a private matter! This is the same man who admitted misleading judges, juries, investigators, and congress under oath, but for him it was alright because he did nothing that could actually be construed lying...in his mind. After all, it's a private matter! This is the same man who brashly received Holy Communion with his wife Hillary in South Africa, a man who is not a Catholic, yet who knows the rules of the Church from his time in Catholic education in grade school and Georgetown University, but for him it was alright because he blamed the priest and bishop. After all, it is a private matter! We all know the Vatican's response to that! This is the same man who has condemned millions upon millions of unborn babies to death through promotion of the sin of abortion and stubbornly has refused to yield to Congress' will to ban partial-birth abortions, but for him it was alright because, after all, it's the woman's right for that is where his greatest voter constituency comes from; and, afterall, for a woman it's a private matter! All this from a man who takes greater pride in the prowess of his privates than respecting the private lives of others or privates in the military, of which he craftily evaded like the plague. Yet he is to be respected as the Commander-in-chief?

          If the reader thinks this tirade of Clinton is nearing an end, we only need to look at where he is on this very day to see the travesty and irony of it all. William Jefferson Clinton is in the little town of Bethlehem. Oh, the shame of it. It is more like Herod returning to life. There were many Herods in the years surrounding the life of Christ, but, for the most part, all were consumed with their own ego and power, all were intent on preserving their private lives by imposing their will on the public...much like the modern "Herod" of today - Bill Clinton. There was Herod Agrippa who imposed the tax and census which brought Joseph from the House of David with his pregnant wife by the Holy Spirit- the Blessed Virgin Mary to this little town where there was no room at the inn. It was this same Herod who launched the terrible slaughter of the innocent in quest of searching out and destroying the new King. It was Herod's son Herod Antipas who led a life of debauchery that led him to behead John the Baptist because of the lustful, murderous whims of the decadent Salome. This same Herod, like Pilate, washed his hands of passing judgment on Jesus. Like both Herods, Clinton smoothtalks others, playing one nation against another. As soon as things get heated for him in the U.S., Clinton either tries to take the country's mind off his own sins, or creates a crisis somewhere else such as Iraq. You almost wonder if Saddam Hussein and Clinton are in cahoots. Actually they are, for their master is satan and they, like their luciferian leader and the Herods of the past, are so clever with half-truths. And so, like the Herods who sweet-talked Rome but behind their backs lambasted them to the Jews and Palestinians, Clinton puts on airs of being responsible for bringing Palestine, led by Yassir Arafat, and Israel, with Benjamin Netanyahu, together, forgetting the millenniums of hurts and border rivalries that have separated these cultures. Like Herod Agrippa who lied directly to the monarchs from the East - the Three Magi - when he told them to report back to him about the new-born King, "Go and make careful inquiry concerning the child and when you have found Him, bring me word, that I too may go and worship Him" (Matthew 2: 8), Clinton has lied throughout his political life in asking the people to trust him while, in truth, he is betraying them consistently. Yet the people go on believing it's alright if the "king has no clothes." The Magi were also known as the "Three Wisemen" but their wisdom failed to see through the deception. It took an angel of the Lord to enlighten them and, therein, they manifested their wisdom by turning their backs on Herod and returning to their homeland by another route.

          So also with Clinton's persuasiveness. The angel of the Lord has been trying to tell the people of America how dangerous this man is for the collective soul of this country. The Blessed Mother warned of this even before Clinton was known nationally when she imparted to the Hidden Flower that, "If you are not careful, you will elect in your country someone who will take America to perdition." That was conveyed at a time when George Bush was running a favorable 90% approval rating and the only blip on the political radar scope was David Dukes, the avowed Klu Klux Klan zealot. Today, almost everything Our Lady warned about Clinton and his culture of death platform have come to pass. When will we learn? The slaughter of the innocent by Herod, as bad as it was back then, was a drop in the bucket compared with the bloody oceanic tidal wave of innocents slaughtered through the pro-abortion policies of Bill Clinton. In fact, more babies have been slaughtered by abortion than all those killed in wars from the beginning of time! The angel of the Lord is trying to get through to the House of Representatives but there still remain stubborn souls within that body who place their party first and God second. Not a good idea! They show their lack of wisdom by not taking an alternative route but rather make a bee-line back to the liar to report their findings and, like Herod, Clinton professes a desire to make peace with the new-born King and worship him but his actions say otherwise. In a word, Clinton is a hypocrite of the umpteenth degree. He'll call on the name of God because that's what the pollsters advise, but he doesn't believe it or this man would be truly repentant and come clean. That's what reconciliation is all about. The Psalms and Proverbs are filled with passages of what happens to the proud man in God's Justice, but poor Bill Clinton just doesn't get it. There are so many passages in Sacred Scripture in which Jesus warns that God alone shall you serve and especially in Matthew 7: 21, "Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord,Lord' shall enter the kingdom of Heaven; but he who does the will of My Father in Heaven shall enter the kingdom of Heaven." Is Bill Clinton doing the will of the Father? The answer is a resounding NO! Therefore, for those who think we might be too harsh on the president of the United States, we say God comes first and those who oppose God and His laws are our enemy and must be dealt with as such. We pray daily that Clinton, his wife and all the other cronies in his administration and most on the hill will someday see the light and repent of their ways, something Herod did not do and paid the price. It's not too late for Clinton, but time is definitely running out. It's time for him to come clean, not just for the sake of the people but for the sake of his soul as well. The lifestyles of the Herods and Clinton parallel in every way with all giving in to the seven deadly sins. The Herods have all eternity to think about that and regret it, but Clinton still can be saved, but not if he continues on his way for, as he stands on the sacred soil of Bethlehem today, one can only assimilate this event with the inevitable comparision's of that wicked ruler of old Judea for both Herods and Clinton represent lost souls responsible for countless other lost souls. It is like the blind leading the blind, but if we open the eyes of our hearts and souls we can see clearly that Clinton is both Herods personified! And so we say to the world, all Catholics and Americans: O little town of Bethlehem, beware!

Michael Cain, editor