Time After Epiphany
vol 14, no. 1

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Less is More!

    Much has been said, much written. Have we digested, discerned and understood it all? If not, then to keep providing healthy nourishment day in and day out, when many are satisfied with nothing but junk food, really accomplishes nothing.
    In the Traditional Liturgy, as pointed out by none other than the Abbot Dom Gueranger, the time of Christmas extends from December 25th until February 2nd, the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary which is also the Presentation of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Temple, the beautiful fourth mystery of the Joyful Mysteries.  It is also Candlemas Day as well as the Fourth Sunday After Epiphany.  All those feasts in one. So it made sense to keep our Christmas issue on until then.  This was not done on purpose by us, but by an act of God for whatever reason He deemed it - we accept it.  
    You see it was an 'act of God' which terminated the terminal of our main computer.  We were prepared for a white Christmas. The weather people in the area had even predicted a few inches of snow on Christmas Eve morning.  What they didn't predict was the heaviest Christmas snowfall in the history of the Tri-Lakes area.  Fourteen inches of snow!   We love snow, but not ice, especially ice storms, and that was the culprit that hit the computer.  Naturally I was on when it spritzed on me, blinked twice, and then faded into total ebony.  The problem was we lost power and at that very second our UPS was fried.  Later in talking with 'computer experts' (isn't everyone an expert?), the theory is that some kind of fatal virus could have invaded since I was working in The Daily Catholic's Outlook Express e-mail program and had just clicked on one of those blasted, aggravating spammers in order to delete it.  I had not opened it, but the fact I had clicked on it, according to some high-tech theorists, it  replicated that I was opening it when the wires were fried.   Zap equals zip.  Nada. 
    I won't bore you with the details of how we tried to fix it after Christmas.  You've heard the axiom, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"?  Well, "if it is broke, don't take it apart unless you know what you're doing."   We didn't and the obvious ensued.  Get a new computer.  One problem: cost. Thanks to the readers we have raised enough to be able to afford one.  Now comes the second problem: which one would be best?  Decisions.  I never realized shopping for a computer could be worse than looking for a car.  It is!  You can't test drive a computer.  Everytime we were ready to settle on this one or that one, someone would put the "be careful" in our ear.   Not wanting to do anything rash (like I haven't before!) we've decided caution and patience are the better part of valor, value and verve.   Through the good graces of a neighbor who wishes to remain anonymous in his generosity, I am able to format on my Outlook Express and e-mail the articles to him to upload on our FTP.  Therefore I can use Cyndi's E Machine, which would not be sufficient memory-wise for the files, software programs, etc. needed for producing The Daily Catholic.  So we wait.
    Perhaps, in God's time, He will place in our path some faithful Traditional Catholic who is younger, with far more computer savvy, who would like to tackle the wonderful ministry of The Daily Catholic; take it to the next level and expand, quite possibly, with the cooperation of several, form a staff of volunteers where it would return to a daily.   That would be wonderful if that is God's plan.  But we do not know yet. So we wait.
    There are a few reasons for waiting, for slowing down.  Aside from the fact we don't want to get stuck with the wrong computer (irregardless of the famous "money back guarantee" which always has strings attached, and besides, who in their right mind can get it back into the box it came in!?), we looked at the numbers.      The numbers I'm referring to is that despite the circumstances of only having one issue - the Christmas issue -on-line for six weeks, throughout January we had over 45,000 readers log on with over 850,000 hits for the month of January from 102 countries.  Adding the 264,764 hits from December 22nd (when the Christmas issue went on-line) through December 31st we had well over one million hits by over 63,000 readers from all over the globe for one issue!!!  
    So what does that tell us? First, it reveals that the readers are hungry for the Truths and Traditions of the Sacred Deposit of the Faith and trying to make sense out of all the confusion that has been allowed to fester for lo these past 40 years.   Secondly, it reveals that to maintain readership we do not need to be publishing daily or even weekly.  Monthly is sufficient since what we are able to provide is a plethora of material which is not of the USA Today variety but has much depth to its content. It takes time and at least an iota of intelligence to decipher and to discern through prayer.  That is vital:  Prayer. 
    Whatever we publish in The Daily Catholic we can guarantee you are getting 100% solid Roman Catholic doctrine.  No innovations, no novelties except maybe in layout and graphics.  In other words, the wheat without the chaff.  Since we have so much 'wheat' in the field of our archives in having built up an excellent bank of articles and columns over the past few years by our excellent, nay, extraordinaire group of Traditional Catholic writers, there is much to sift through, to inhale and digest.  Thirdly, this is a labor of love.  No one - from the editor to the contributing writers - get paid one penny for what is on The Daily Catholic.  Naturally your humble editor here does the work of formatting, editing and designing each page of the hundreds of pages available in archives on The Daily Catholic.  Now put yourself in my shoes (normally I don't ask anyone to do that, but this is an exception).   What if you were being paid the same and you were given the choice to one, put out either 20 to 25 issues a month, or two,  four issues (weekly), or three, one issue a month.  Unless you were a glutton for punishment you would opt for the latter, number three.  Now, when you consider that with one issue you are reaching, at a maximum, only 12 to 15% less audience than if you had 25 while still reaching practically every person in the same countries you previously - reached except not as frequently - wouldn't you opt for that?  Unless you were a workaholic you'd agree you could be very content with those numbers.   
     Now add to the reality  that I will be 60 in April and I need to slow down a bit.  Add to this the fact there are other projects of evangelization of the Truths and Traditions Cyndi and I must be working on and to which we must giv needed time and attention.  Therefore, with that in mind I think you can see my rationale for paring back to provide a monthly issue where we will update as needs be.  It would be easy to just close up shot - walk away from The Daily Catholic if I needed to, but I do not want to.  The Holy Ghost has not indicated we should abandon this publication which picks up new readers everyday, but the Sanctifier is indicating, through signs and wonders interiorly and exteriorly, that we need to put it in cruise control and let it fly by the power of His wind - on a whisper that has stretched around the world.  I remind you, we have never spent one dime on advertising to promote The Daily Catholic.  We can't.  We're broke.  Hey, we're non-profit and Traditional.  That combo guarantees we'll make no money but we will help produce conversions.  And, when you think of it, that's all that matters.  
     I think that is another reason why the Traditional Catholic movement is gaining such steam.   If it is of God, no matter how much opposition, it will continue and grow.  If it is not, it will die of its own volition.   We can only pray the latter will be the fate of all that has transpired over the past 40 years in the error-filled, barren agenda of Vatican II and the abominable rite they still call a "Mass" even though it in no way resembles canonically, doctrinally, scripturally and intellectually the sublime propitiation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as the faithful assisted at for well over 1200 years in the Tridentine Rite with the Ancient Gregorian Mass of All Ages.     
      With that in mind I urge you to read the latest articles in this issue beginning with Mario Derksen's final installment of his excellent syllogism on why there could have been no official excommunication according to the Laws of the Church - both the spirit and letter of the law.   We've also included his previous four installments to better acquaint you with the issue.  You'll find his fifth installment Schism or the Syllogism of Truth?   in this issue.  Speaking of the SSPX, we also present Bishop Bernard Fellay's letter Our Relations With Rome to update the reader on the latest developments in the great "dialogue" with Rome.  If this is the way Rome has been dialoguing with the Jews, Muslims, Protestants and New Agers, etc. God help us!    We've already seen the 'fruits' of that as Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey illustrates in his popular series The Germs of G.I.R.M. which we resume with the 63rd installment which we call Acolytes or whAco-lites?  
     We are also excited that we will be able to continue Father Louis Campbell's no-nonsense, solid, doctrinal sermons for each Sunday Mass.   We will post them as we receive them.   He has a powerful one to kick off this issue from last Sunday  titled The Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth which asks some hard questions but they need to be said and acknowledged for no longer can anyone - be they neo-Catholic, liberal Catholic or non-Catholic - ignore the fact that the problems inherent in the Church today begin and end at the top - the very top!  
      Catharine Lamb's article    Statistics: The Real Price  in her Shears and Tears of a Lamb column deals with the same malaise that has so rendered the Church of today impotent when it comes to professing the the Truths and Traditions that had been promulgated for the past 1900 years until the catastrophic reforms that have so jeopardized millions and millions of souls.
      If we are hurting the sensibilities of neo-Catholics who have their heads bent so low because they are worshipping the ground John Paul II walks on, then so be it. We will not be part of papal idolatry since that flies in the face of the First Commandment. He is a finite man who, as Dr. Ciaccio points out, is truly in our Blessed Mother's Sorrowful Heart for he has hurt her Divine Son so by not being the strong Vicar of Christ expected. Pray for him for truly he needs it. And if there are any out there, such as Patrick Madrid or self-made canon lawyer Peter Vere who want to say that I or any of our contributing writers are "more Catholic than the Pope," then I say, "Yes, we are! Unless all that preceded Vatican II was a ruse, was not Roman Catholic." We know for a fact it was and to veer from what we were weaned on would be apostasy. Ah ha, apostasy. Who is truly in apostasy? Those who refuse to follow a pope and agenda that leads to perdition, or those who follow and blindly obey directives that have been declared "anathema" by pre-Vatican II Pontiffs? Consider this: it is better to not follow shepherds - whether they be bishop or pope - who disrespect what Christ has asked of His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church than to disrespect Christ by saying nothing.  Folks, the emperor has no clothes and as tough as that may be to take, the evidence and documentation give truth to that fact.    
    So, though we have not had a new issue for six weeks nothing has really changed in Rome or in the American episcopacy.  In fact, it is only getting worse as the daily reports from Zenit manifest that.   More spin, more mumble jumble, but no teeth.   While everyone is praising the Vatican document - the tome if you will - on finally calling pro-abort politicians to task for their sinful, anti-Catholic stance, the sad fact is that - like every document since the death of good Pope Pius XII - it lacks any enforcement, is totally toothless.  Presidential candidate pro-abort John Kerry has proved that point.  Unless you can multiply Bishop William Wiegand by 300 or more, there won't be any clout, because the vast, vast, vast wasteland of bishops and cardinals appointed by this pope are toothless wimps who don't have the guts to do what the Sacramento ordinary did in rightly refusing the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist to the blatant offender California's Governor Gray Davis.  Why? Because his soul is not in the state of Sanctifying Grace. To receive Holy Communion in such a state makes it even more of a sin, more blasphemous. At least one bishop finally did what we have been calling the appointed shepherds to do for three years  in our Herod's Heroes series.    That only means the pro-abort, pro-sodomite Davis won't be able to receive Communion in Sacramento.   Most likely Davis will just wait until he goes down to his parish in Santa Monica in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles where he'll have no problem because that is under Cardinal Roger Mahony's jurisdiction - with the full approval and blessing of John Paul II - and the truth of the matter is that the heretical red hat of Hollywood is no longer Roman Catholic. Maybe American Catholic, but definitely not Roman Catholic!  
    The sad truth is that very, very few of the hierarchy today resemble true Roman Catholics and that definitely includes the Bishop of Rome.   When that day comes when God says 'Enough!' and he is taken from this earth, there will be many who will assemble the countless storeys of stories on and by him, amass the tons of tomes he has written that could very well fill Paul VI Hall and St. Peter's Square with the trees it took to print the endless words he produced from his time as one of the key periti at Vatican II to the present.  Were the same scrutinous standards for sanctification still in place as in the time of Papa Pacelli, it would guarantee there would be none of the nonsensical idea of canonizing John Paul II after his death.  Think about it.  It would take a century just to read and discern everything since the devil's advocate would be required to meticulously read and discern everything he wrote.    As painful as the idea of  that sounds, I must admit that we ourselves were so duped as to promote such a concept just four short years ago.  We have learned from our mistakes.  If only the Holy Father and the bishops he appointed would.   
     It causes us to consider that with all that has been written since John XXIII through John Paul II and all the bishops they appointed, not once has the word been used that would bring offenders to their knees.  That word is "anathema."   Strange isn't it how the brevity of the pre-Vatican II Popes' decrees spoke volumes and carried such clout and respect the world over, while the Vatican II operatives have chosen to destroy forests and souls while saying nothing?   We should all learn from the wisdom of the Popes of the past:  Less is more! 

Michael Cain, editor

      FEBRUARY 2003
      Time After Epiphany
      vol 14, no. 1
      CATHOLIC PewPOINT commentary