March 2003
Time of Quadragesima
vol 14, no. 13

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The March Madness of April's Fools!

   We have reached the mid point of Lent - the time of Laetare - Rejoice. Nevertheless, perhaps there is too much rejoicing when, in truth, we have so little to rejoice over. Perhaps we celebrate too much and could fall into that category Christ warns of in Matthew 24: 38-39. Morals and Morons could be the title of this editorial for so much blurs common sense and decency much like in Noah's time. We must be vigilant and virtuous. A glimpse of any of the "reality" shows on the tube or the very real reality in the swirling sands of the Iraqi desert bring that home. Nothing can overshadow the War in Iraq, but many sought a reprieve from the 7-24 coverage to watch the 75th Annual Academy Awards last Sunday night. Many in the audience and watching at home, failed to realize they were setting aside the First Commandment so they could worship a golden idol by the name of "Oscar." Now, thankfully, it will finally fade into distant memory, especially considering the tripe that was awarded for mediocrity at best. However, before it does fall into oblivion we'd like to pun a few of the films in tying in the "Good, the Bad, and the Ugly."

The Good...

   First of all, I want to speak of the fruit of the Tridentine and that in Berlin, New Jersey "Life is Beautiful." I must share something that has to bring hope to every true, loyal Catholic. We have been mighty tough on a vast majority of the modernist bishops, and with good reasons as Our Lord and numerous Saints and Doctors of the Church have said we must be vigilant. Now I don't know the leanings of Camden's ordinary Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, but this New Jersey prelate has done something few other bishops have allowed and for that we say "Kudos." While his fellow prelates in Boston, Manchester and the "Gangs of New York" were covering up sexual abuse scandals, Bishop DiMarzio, then auxiliary of Newark, was appointed Bishop of Camden on July 22, 1999 - the Feast of Saint Mary Magdalen. Less than thirteen months later, and with his blessings, the Mater Ecclesiae Roman Catholic Church became the first canonically established Traditional church owned and staffed by a Diocese. With a former professor at Christendom College Father Robert C. Pasley as pastor, Mater Ecclesiae was granted exclusive use of the Tridentine Mass as every parish should.

   To see what was the norm in every Catholic church everywhere in the world before the demolition of Vatican II, I invite you to log on to Mater Ecclesiae Parish for a visual feast of what reverence truly is. What is even more wonderful, Mater Ecclesiae was established on the 83rd anniversary of the Final Apparition of Our Lady at Fatima. Indeed, I would think the Son is dancing with joy on the events taking place daily at Mater Ecclesiae in Berlin, New Jersey where there is Mass every day along with confessions before every Mass. If only the great wall of trepidation and resentment for all things traditional could be torn down in every diocese from sea to shining sea, there would be such a renaissance of conversions and reverence, not to mention an influx in vocations. But, so sadly, this is only an isolated incident where a Vatican II bishop recognizes the infallible perpetuity of the Tridentine Mass as decreed by Trent and Pope St. Pius V. Bless Bishop DiMarzio! Pray for the conversion of more bishops and, meanwhile pray for priests to pester their bishops on the necessity of providing the Latin Mass in every city or locale for the salvation of souls.

The Bad...

   After all, that is the business every bishop and priest is in: the salvation of souls. Yet, what these times we are experiencing show is that we truly are on "The Road to Perdition" and "Far from Heaven." For example, what happened last month with Al Sharpton and Cardinal Francis George's weaseling inaction in "Chicago" gives all the more credence that the "Adaptation" to the new religion of Vatican II is going quite well according to the modernists out to destroy Holy Mother Church. All but a few Novus Ordo bishops have become the "Lord of the Rings" in their dioceses while abandoning their true role as Shepherds. Ergo, so many have become the Lord of "Errings," and the "Two Towers" once pointing to the Two Pillars of the Holy Eucharist and Devotion to Mary's Immaculate Heart have been forsaken for the Towers of Babel.

   Confusion reigns and hate hardens because we have lost the sense of true Christ-like love. Like the Pharisees we make such a fuss over 3,000 killed in two towers on 9-11 or over the death of one abortion doctor, but conveniently forget the nearly 50 million unborn innocents killed in the war of the womb. Yes, we're officially at war with Iraq, but we've been at war since 1973 in America in celebrating the Holocaust of the Womb, and since the early 60's in the Church. We should be used to war. We are the Church Militant to those who understand the meaning of the Communion of Saints. War is not something unusual. It is the norm for we are constantly at war against the principalities as Paul says in Ephesians 6: 12, "For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness; against the spirits of wickedness in high places."

   And so we are at war with the devil and his minions. We have been since Adam and Eve gave into pride. The devil is not Saddam Hussein nor is it George W. Bush. No, the devil works through these men through half truths to numb the conscience and to posture towards peace and harmony on the devil's terms, not God's. God never said we would have an abundant life of ease and peace here on earth. Rather Christ clearly said, "Do not think that I am come to send peace upon earth; I came not to send peace, but the sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. And a man's enemies shall be they of his own household. He that loveth father or mother more than Me, is not worthy of Me; and he that loveth son or daughter more than Me, is not worthy of Me. And he that taketh not up his cross, and followeth Me, is not worthy of Me."

   Now those words don't sound like what John Paul II was proposing: "There is still time to negotiate. There is still room for peace; it is never too late to come to an understanding and to continue discussions." (Zenit, March 16). No! That is the problem. You don't dance with the devil and that is what the new Vatican has been doing ever since John XXIII announced on January 25, 1959 that he was going to call an ecumenical council. Of course satan wasn't formally invited, but he was standing there just waiting to be asked and he slipped right in with some mighty shady characters posing as periti. Ever since the casualties of war have mounted: millions and millions, possibly billions of souls lost and more every day because we have placed more importance on natural goals than supernatural goals.

   I know there are neo-Catholics out there who will quote the Holy Father in that same article, lauding him for saying, "I have the duty to say to all young people, to those who are younger than me, who have not had this experience: 'No more war!' as Paul VI said during his first visit to the United Nations." That is the problem: pandering to the UN. More dancin' with the devil. It is documented that Paul VI humiliated Holy Mother Church and his holy office during his first visit to the UN by bowing to this abominable demon-oriented pagan institution and by not only abandoning the tri-crown tiara, but wearing a Jewish Ephod, a Masonic symbol. Remember he said "Satan is now in the sanctuary"? Some might wonder if that statement was a boast. Considering all the destruction Cardinal Giovanni Montini allowed and engineered, one has to consider that possibility.

   So also his successor. Keep in mind it is never our place to judge a man's heart or his intent. We can only gauge someone by their actions. Now we can all hear the neo-Catholic righteous ones declaring, "there he goes, more Pope-bashing." Because so few have criticized the Pope for his un-Catholic, totally alien to Catholic tradition track-record, he continues to allow the Church and the precious Faith to further disintegrate. If we stand idly by without saying anything, then we have to answer to God for we have loved mother or father more, and are not worthy of Him. I'm sorry, but God comes before any man and that includes the Pope who is very, very human and very, very fallible. In fact, contrary to public opinion, he has not declared ex cathedra anything infallibly on his own. I would venture to say that nothing has come from Rome of a truly infallible nature in accord with the decrees of Vatican I (other than reinforcing established dogma as every pontiff should) since Pope Pius XII proclaimed the Dogma of the Assumption on November 1, 1950.

   So just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it does. Yes, we are at war. Why? Because we have not heeded what the Mother of God asked for: the Consecration of her Immaculate Heart for the Conversion of Russia. She did not ask for the world to be consecrated, only Russia. If not, then Russia would spread her errors far and wide which she has done. This was aided quite handily by the Church herself through the clandestine Pact of Metz of 1962 in which John XXIII authorized the future Paul VI to negotiate a deal with the Communists. By selling out the Church and her doctrines, not to mention stern warnings by past Pontiffs, John got his precious Russian Orthodox observers at his insidious council. But what price?

   While Americans clamor to discard all things French in protest of the Jerry Lewis lovers' insistence of always being contrary, it would be good for neo-Catholics to take stock of what is happening in France through "dialogue" with the Muslims. What galled this editor to no end was the Vatican's recent response, specifically Archbishop Jean-Louis Tauran, the Pope's pointman as Vatican Secretary for Relations with States. Here is what Zenit reported on March 26th:

    The Vatican official said he believes that the present situation has weakened the United Nations, an effect he considers "very grave," since the agency is "the only instrument we have to regulate the life of nations."

    He also warned, "This war will generate all possible extremisms, including the Islamic."

    "We must all be conscious of this," he said. "It will provoke terrorism and occasion a great wound in the dialogue between Christianity and Islam because, unfortunately, in the Muslim world there is a tendency to identify the West with Christianity.

    "John Paul II has spoken many times of respect towards Islam: We all pray to the one merciful God. We hope that the statements of His Holiness will reassure Islam. However, the risk continues to be very great."

   First of all, to pander to the UN is, well, reference my comments about Paul VI above. Secondly, of course war will generate all possible extremisms. Is this any different than the Crusades? Did the Popes of those times or the saints complain that perhaps Christians will be misunderstood for standing by the Cross? While our soldiers are commanded not to wear or exhibit any outward signs of Christianity from crosses to medals to bibles to even the Rosary for fear of offending the enemy - as if bullets, missiles, bombs, etc. don't offend - modern Rome falls in lockstep with this idiocy by expressing alarm that "the Muslim world will identify the West with Christianity." I hope they do! For I hope to God we are still Christian, despite the overwhelming Masonic influence and fusing of the pagan, liberal and socialist states into our government (see Dr. Thomas Droleskey's first installment of Catholicism and the State).

   I would offer to the poor misguided French, whose faith is being stolen right underneath them (and offer as evidence France: Eldest Daughter of the Church, and the First to go Muslim ), to observe and take notes of the fervor and reverence of those who, in a couple of months, will gather from all over the world in Paris - the "city of lights" and leave it all behind by trekking on foot out to the great Cathedral of Chartres in the Annual Pilgrimage of Chartres where the Tridentine Mass is celebrated in the Diocese of Chartres. I know it has always been a thorn in the modernist bishops' sides that Traditional areas are growing and bearing fruit, while Novus Ordinarian areas that have been contaminated by the Vaticantwoarians, are rotting on the vine. The only good wine left in France comes from the Tridentine grape.

   And yet the sour taste of war in Iraq, in the womb, and in the Church continues to pollute the wells of truth. Who has the truth? Fox, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, Al Jazeera, L'Osservatore Romano, The New York Times, The London Times, etc? The answer is none of them. The truth can only be found in the infallible Sacred Deposit of the Faith which incorporate Sacred Scripture and the Sacraments, Dogmas and Doctrines of Divine Revelation and Tradition, handed down by saints and sinners who preached and died for the Triune God, not a unitarian "one and the same God" where even the Pope tells the heathen Muslims that Catholics and Muslims worship the same God. If that is so, how does he resolve the fact that Muslims do not believe in God the Father? Or that the Jews do not believe Christ is the Son of God, thus denying the Holy Trinity which every Christian - read Catholic - must worship. The Orthodox Church has been in schism ever since denying Filioque - that the Holy Ghost proceeds from the Father and the Son. So we truly do have different "Gods and Generals" whose battlefield strategy could determine the course of the current war. As far as spiritual strategy, that, and that alone should be the priority of the Pope and the Vatican. It is time to divorce themselves from the geo-political pandering to One World Order plans of such nefarious organizations like the United Nations. There is way, way too much emphasis on the natural and humanistic elements and so very little importance or urgency given to spiritual and supernatural elements such as the Four Last Things - Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell or, as we like to call it: The Final Four. Ring a bell? It should, though the wars on the hardwood for the NCAA cage championship pale in comparison with those caged in tanks rumbling through the desert toward Baghdad, fearing land mines and the unknown that lay ahead.

...and the Ugly

   What we are seeing today is a replay of the very ilk of leftist protesters and liberation theologists that plagued the Western Hemisphere in the sixties. Why just today it was reported that none other than lifetime liberal activist Daniel Elsberg was arrested yet again for protesting the war in Iraq. Lost in the shuffle was the fact an American bishop by the name of Thomas Gumbleton was also arrested. I guess when he is not promoting sodomite services, he's protesting anything that does not conform to his modernist agendas such as war with a despot.

   No one wants war. Before 9-11 few gave it a thought. Why has Saddam Hussein been targeted when Osama bin Laden was the bullseye for so long? Good question to which I have no answers and neither do any of the talking heads on the endless array of cable or network news. One thing is for sure, both the Iraqi dictator and the Saudi bin Laden are cut from the same cloth as that of Adolph Hitler. That in itself should be enough not to give any ground to these tyrants. As usual it is the innocent who suffer. Is it fair and just? Yes, for Christ assured us that our kingdom is not of this earth. Yet, to hear the rhetoric coming from modern Rome and the spokespieces for the American bishops, one would think suffering is terrible and America is the oppressor, preventing progress of the United Nations. Please! Though Secretary of State Colin Powell is an avowed pro-abort, consider his reply to a question launched by the Archbishop of Canterbury, a frequent cohort with John Paul II on ecumenism without commitment. The archbishop, fearing America was only "invading" Iraq to build up an empire, was quite readily put in his place with Powell's response: "Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return."

   Many are torn right now over this war. American or Catholic? Which loyalty should we follow? The answer is both. True Catholic doctrine as taught by the holy Doctors St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas give credence to the United States' involvement despite what the Vatican II church says. I am patriotic to the core but I do not and never will believe in my country right or wrong. If my country is wrong before God, then I could not support our troops. If my country is right before God, then I must support our troops. Is my country always right? Definitely not. That is why Catholics must vehemently oppose any law that goes against God's laws such as abortion, adultery, homosexuality, dishonesty, stealing, etc. But when it comes to defending the world, of giving of itself - both in troops and treasures (for it is we taxpayers who pay the freight for weapons and reconstruction in every nation we have ever been involved in) America stands alone as the defender of freedom in the annals of history.

   Let's get serious here, folks, John Paul II and his regime are not pro-American. Never have been. Despite the presence of Cardinal Stafford and Archbishop John Foley in the curia, they are mere token appointments. I daresay the Pope is more concerned about ecumenical dialogue with Muslims than safeguarding the souls of American Catholics. This is evident from numerous statements regarding the build-up of war, the anti-capitalist tenor of John Paul's speeches, and his feeble, weak-kneed handling of the great scandal in the modern church in American Dioceses where practically every bishop has taken part in cover-up. Several have already been exposed from Boston's Cardinal Law to Milwaukee's sad, sad excuse for a shepherd in Rembert Weakland, who lied through his teeth until finally it trapped him. You'll note that not one bishop has been removed immediately by the Pope. Quite a contrast to the scandal at the Air Force Academy where practically everyone, once the evidence was provided, were unceremoniously removed. Not so with modern Rome's governance of the wayward shepherds on this side of the pond. In fact for instance, Tucson's Bishop Manuel Moreno, who recently resigned, the spin was focused on "poor health" whereas, no matter how ill physically he was, what he allowed in his see was spawning "poor health" of souls. Rather than the modern church facing facts and calling a spade a spade, they choose once more to cover up the cover-up. This follows the hollow words of praise and then cover-up of lost funds by San Francisco's Archbishop William J. Levada after the disgraceful resignation of Bishop Patrick Ziemann of the Diocese of Santa Rosa in 1999. For the past three years now everything seems to be unraveling. For those who realize how deep the corruption goes, it can't unravel soon enough. At "The Core" of this muck and scandal is none other than Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles. He was appointed by John Paul II who continually condones Mahony's apostate actions. For Mahony's connection, I invite you to read Bishop Bad Boy by Ron Russell. It follows the same pattern as Cardinal Joseph Bernardin's network of unsavory bishops he recommended and promoted - all tied in with the sex scandals and cover-ups. I would also recommend Atila Guimar„es' documentation on The Pedophile Crisis. While this is the term preferred by the pro-homosexual leftist media, this scandal should rightly be called what it is: The Sodomy Scandal!

   As this scandal continues to rage out of control beneath the hollow veneer of "we're doing all we can" posturing while sandbagging every investigation the dioceses can, the Pope focuses his attention on the Right to Water! (Zenit, March 26, 2003). One would think that the man responsible for over one billion souls would be talking about the "water of life" - baptizing those who believe so that they might be saved as Christ charged in Mark 16: 15-16. Rather, you hear very, very little about conversion through baptism but empty words towards dialoguing with heathens and heretics. Instead of sharing and working towards their conversion, the church of Vatican II works for equality with the world. As I write this the Vatican is presently in a videoconference with theologians of numerous religious persuasions (none of whom hold to the Truths and Traditions of the right and just reasons for the Primacy of Peter as expressed by Pontiffs and Councils for over 1900 years). Yet that is what the videoconference is being called: "The Primacy of Peter" as Zenit documents:

    "The initiative, organized by the Vatican Congregation for Clergy, is in response to John Paul II's proposal in his 1995 encyclical "Ut Unum Sint" on ecumenical dialogue. In No. 96 of the encyclical, the Pope called for a "fraternal dialogue" between "ecclesial leaders and theologians" to "engage with me in a patient and fraternal dialogue on this subject, a dialogue in which, leaving useless controversies behind, we would listen to one another, keeping before us only the will of Christ for his Church."

   I would strongly recommend you realize what is going on by reading, An Urgent Plea not to Change the Papacy to realize the grave dangers of this "fraternal dialogue." True fraternal dialogue places the welfare of the soul above the welfare of the body as Jesus asserts in Matthew 10: 28, "And fear not them that kill the body, and cannot kill the soul; but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell." Pray for the spiritual safety of our troops and for the people of Iraq. Pray for their families that they might understand and fully accept God's Holy Will in all things - even war.

   We would all love to wake up tomorrow and discover all that has transgressed over the past 40 plus years was all an April Fools joke: that Vatican II never ever happened; that the Church is stronger than ever. Because of that loyalty to virtue Church leaders did not cave to the revolution of the sixties and steadfastly upheld the moral compass without compromise so that 50 million more souls were born to unselfish parents who in turn encouraged vocations and through example a billion more had converted to Catholicism. Thus the religion of Mohammed was dying on the vine; that the Chaldean Church was so strong that a man of Saddam's ilk could never have assumed power and, thus, no need for war; and that on the skyline of New York there were no Twin Towers of the World Trade Center to destroy for they had never been built because that land had been used to build a Catholic university producing countless righteous citizens, politicians, doctors and lawyers as well as priests, nuns and outstanding lay Catholics that would work towards the Social Kingship of Christ and the Queenship of His Blessed and Immaculate Mother. That would be the greatest possibility imaginable, but alas, the fools of April are all of us who allowed so much to deteriorate so quickly without realizing the grave damage being done.

   Because we were not vigilant and not kept our eye on the prize while focusing on the "Final Four," we are trapped by satan's full court press which has lulled us into a false sense of security for our physical and spiritual welfare. Instead of mounting a solid defense, we choose to dance with the devil. The date of Paul VI's decree where the New Order of Man replaced the Perpetual Order of God in what Jesus warned would be the "abomination of desolation" (Mt 24: 15) occurred on April 3, 1969 - a day that will live in infamy. Since then we've allowed the evil one to pound us with a downpour of half-truth after half-truth that would be a heretical flood to any Pope or Catholic prior to this deluge of the past 40 years. Some call it revolution, others war, others renewal. I call it mighty dangerous, for rather than a "New Springtime" the vast majority of Catholics are falling in lockstep with the devil's agenda on the march to perdition. You could call it: The March Madness of April's Fools!

Michael Cain, editor

      MARCH 2003
      Time of Quadragesima
      vol 14, no. 13
      CATHOLIC PewPOINT commentary