July 15 - September 1, 2002
volume 13, no. 104

We Reap What We Sow!

      Contrary to the utopian One World Order dreamers, there are severe effects to the causes of ill which society has rendered.
    "We can see that the final showdown, the setup of the final battle on the plains of Meggido, may not be far off, at least from the standpoint of preparation and environment: the implementation of a World Government based on the principles of satan, complete rule of immorality throughout the lives of all the people, apathy to what is transpiring. And those who say that we should never consider such things are sadly misguided. It is the duty of every generation to stave off the end of all things if they can, for that time will be one of great distress never seen before and never to be seen again. Few souls will be saved, owing to both the wicked atmosphere and the blame of the people of those days in ignoring the signs and not doing something about them."

   All of us have heard of the concept of divine retribution. It means that we are repaid by God in kind for the good or evil that we have done. God is just; therefore He must judge justly. Although we have many chances in the form of graces from God, and He credits to us as merit when we do good, there are only so many opportunities that our just God provides for His unworthy and backsliding people. Else we would have a world just like the modernists say; that is, one in which everyone is forgiven and goes to Heaven no matter what he or she has done. (With the possible exception in the minds of modernists that President Nixon and Timothy McVeigh, far-right people, might possibly go to hell). This concept of everyone going to Heaven results in a general apathy to everything that goes on around us, and indeed it affects all of us contrary to what we might think. Deep down many of us believe it doesn't really matter what we do or say. We're all forgiven aren't we? And people who do wrong are just misguided children of God who should be accepted for what they are and treated with love and dignity and understanding. If they come around, good, but if not, it's of small consequence since we'll all meet up with God in the end (so thinks the modernist or student of the enlightenment). How many of us are truly active in politics and social affairs as we should be? By truly active I mean like the U.S. Founding Fathers, those 'dead white males' as the far-left is so fond of calling them, who would have given their lives for true freedom, and some actually did. How many of us are willing to stand up and be counted saying: 'Give me liberty or give me death'?

   Because based on current events I don't believe that many of us would or will stand up and be counted. We are lukewarm, wishy-washy, wimpy kind of people, plump and happy, surly, forgetting out prayers, forgetting to do good, always wanting more, never wanting less, indulging, resting, sleeping and relaxing, easily offended, quick to take tit for tat, rarely setting a good example, but still, looking for heroes in movies and newspaper articles. I'll tell you a real hero of sorts that might surprise you that I would mention: Tom Cruise, the Christian Scientologist. This guy sets a fine example for his religion, an odd one though it is. He spends hours mingling with his fans, common everyday people. He signs autographs and talks on their cell phones with their family and friends. He has his girl Penelope Cruz with him when he does this. (And if his breakup with ex-wife Nicole Kidman was due to marital unfaithfulness on her part, you can't fault him for that). This guy takes a lot of time out of his busy schedule to be kind to people, and he does it a lot. How many of us do the same? How many of us have spent one minute trying to help someone besides ourselves in the last month? Can you see why I would call him a hero of sorts?

   It brings us to the issue of 911, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and their gang. These guys are good guys in many ways, heroes of sorts, though Protestants. They are also a bit courageous. They said publicly that 911 was due to the moral decay, the bankrupt moral poverty, of America. They stated that the 911 disaster was a direct result of all the abortions and divorce and immorality and sodomy that goes on every day in the United States. Now President Bush, thinking about his reelection, which he often does, asked them to back down, and unfortunately they did. But who can really fault what they said? It's true! There have been more than 30 million unborn babies liquidated at women's health clinics all across the country, little local gas chambers of sorts. Many of these were children being carried by teenage girls. These teens 'just said no' to an unwanted pregnancy, and much of the whole country is proud of them and applaud them for doing so. It's no more Miss Homemaker, but rather, Ms. Feminist I'll do it if it feels good. It is a 'matter between a woman, her conscience, and her god' as the much revered Secretary of State General Colin Powell, a Jamaican immigrant who is darling of the Media and 'moderates', has said. Abortion has become an institution, my dear friends. It is a way of life now that probably cannot be ended by a simple vote or even a Supreme Court decision. I am no lawyer, but I know that things that have become institutionalized, like abortion, are not easy to get rid of in this day and age. The people will argue that it is their cultural right, a form of religion almost (and to some in fact the child sacrifice by abortion is indeed a part of their religion, but that is another matter).

   The next big cultural icon to be destroyed will be marriage and family. Actually it is mostly destroyed already. The far-left judiciary and in particular the very bottom of the judicial system, that is, the family court judges, have ruled again and again to take away the rights of fathers and family. They have thrown fathers in jail on hearsay, they have removed children from loving families that were too conservative, they have handed children over to far-left activists who will give them a radical and ungodly education. Men are scared now to get married, for fear that some left-wing judge will take away everything they have. Where God is, these 'family' judges most certainly are not. Where do they come from? From the leftist law schools, which are cultivating socialist and humanist ideologies in all their students, even at Georgetown, that so-called Jesuit Catholic university. In a nutshell the universities encourage all moral wrong as right, and all moral right as wrong, and I know, as a professor. And now that sodomites can have a 'marriage' of sorts in some states, and a 'family', the rest should fall rather quickly. Why stop at sodomite 'marriages'? Why not allow bigamy (multiple wives) and polyandry (multiple husbands). After all, the muslims, who are growing rapidly in numbers in the United States and the whole Western World, through the open-arms policy of our political statesmen, often allow the free taking of multiple wives, depending on the sect. Don't they have a right to practice their religion freely in our pluralistic Society? Doesn't a satanist have the right to abort her baby in this same Society? Should we really be 'one nation under God'? Is it not more politically correct so as not to offend anyone or promote the establishment of a particular religion to say that we are 'one nation under God and satan'? We are after all under God and satan presently; it is an indisputable fact. If we were only under God there would be no sin (as in Heaven). If we were only under satan, there would be no good (as in hell). But we have a choice. And so should not people be allowed to marry even cats and dogs, or children, if they want to?

   It brings us to the problem of bishops and pedophiles. Quite some months ago, not knowing the extent of the problem or the details, I came down on the side of Cardinal Bernard Law not being replaced. But now we must consider carefully. Approximately three quarters of all the local ordinary bishops in the United States (111 of 178 at last count) have been implicated in one way or another in the sex scandals (see Catholic Bishops and Sex Abuse). And maybe more are to follow. Generally this is of the form we have typically heard in the news of late, that is, protecting abusive priests, shuffling them around between parishes and safe houses, reassigning them to other diocese or to other countries, or moving them to so-called 'non-children' ministries. We know that much of the abuse that has been covered up by the bishops involves the destroying of the innocence of underage girls and boys, mostly boys. This is satan pure and simple. There is no arguing it. It cries out to Heaven for vengeance. I was once told that in the old days the Church would sentence such people to death, give them Confession and Holy Communion, and execute them. Not a bad idea, when you consider that the Church's primary concern should be the salvation of souls. Contrary to what the modernists will tell you, execution of the abusers is a high form of forgiveness. The Church is so concerned with souls that, rather than allowing the abuser to backslide and endanger his soul, as well as others, he is given the chance to repent, if only for a brief moment, and then to go to his eternal reward. It removes the problem and no more children are destroyed. And perhaps, should not this method even be extended to the cover-up bishops? If the 111+ bishops were immediately executed after going to Confession and Holy Communion, I guarantee you, dear reader, that there would certainly be a real change in the way the Church conducts its business. There would be no more sodomite seminaries for example.

   Finally dear friends, let us consider the phenomenon of the massive influx of illegal aliens and the effect that it is having on Western thought. It is our own fault that such is happening. Western Culture, which gave us many of the greatest saints and doctors of the Church, is disappearing rapidly. And only the far-left would say that this phenomenon is for the better. The 'dead white men' who founded America and Western Society as we know it are anathema to the media and university elite, and the death knell is getting louder. Christopher Columbus and George Washington are bad words to the politically correct. The 'in' words are Reverend Jesse Jackson (famous for fathering love children and shaking down corporate execs for funds) and the Reverend Al Sharpton (famous for false accusations against policemen, for supporting far-left causes, and for generally nutty behavior and hairstyle). With the influx of millions of illegal aliens, the country, more and more, shifts far-left and votes in the pro-abortion Democrats. It is an indisputable fact. We can say in all honesty that illegal aliens are the primary, though indirect, agent for the destruction of the family and the intransigence of abortion and other immoral philosophies. The millions of illegals love Democrats, who get them papers, register them to vote, and then they're all set to vote in more far-left politicians and judges. All the good that our country has represented before God has either been destroyed or is fast being destroyed. It would be no wonder to me if very soon the One World Government, spoken of by the Prophets, was established before our very eyes. There are almost enough far-left politicians and judges in the Western World to do so now. To be sure, they got a little ahead of themselves when they tried to ban the Pledge of Allegiance. We are not quite ready for such, though in a few years I daresay that we will be. But because it came too soon, even the far-left media and politicos are backing off from supporting the judges' decision to ban the Pledge. They want to support that decision, in their minds they yearn for it and gleefully accept it in their hearts because it honors the devil, but they know that most of the people are not yet ready for this further implementation of satan's throne room, and so they shy away from commenting or making a fuss.

   Because of all these sins, and many more, Western man is being given a just retribution. For example in Rhodesia, which is now under a UN-sanctioned government, the few teenage girls of European descent that are left in the country, daughters of honest farmers, are being raped by the scores by the locals. (Their fathers the farmers also are being slaughtered, and now it is suggested by the Rhodesian government and the UN that the United States should send food aid since almost no one is left there to produce food). In Australia, gangs of illegal muslim immigrants go on rampages and rape scores of virgin Aussie teenage girls. In London, a naked third world illegal immigrant who chopped up 11 native English with a machete at the local Roman Catholic Church has been freed less than 2 years after the fact. In Salt Lake City, after the soulful 'rhythm and blues' artist, R. Kelly, a multi-child rapist, was honored as show emcee at the Winter Olympics, Elizabeth Smart, a young blonde virgin, is kidnapped, no doubt with horrid intent that we shan't speak of. In the American Southwest, 7 Texans were killed and 30 injured when a wagon full of illegal immigrants purposefully drove without lights at night down the wrong side of a highway to evade detection. The US Senate has voted to fund illegal aliens who are studying in American universities through taxpayer dollars, the kind of situation that led to 911. And yet all these illegals are in a way needed to keep the economy from collapsing, or so it is said by the political and media elite, because those 30 million US abortions have drastically reduced the natural population growth! We reap what we sow dear friends. Now the muslims, by a slow takeover process in Europe and the United States, through immigration and 10 children per family, will once again restore a kind of morality to the nations in these places. Under muslim sharia law, which to be sure will enforced in Europe one day soon and might even be implemented in the United States, there will be no more abortions, no more adultery, no more fornication, and anyone guilty of violating the rules will have his or her head chopped off or be stoned to death, or both. Eye for eye and tooth for tooth.

   Is this the time of the end? Anyone who claims he knows is a liar. Not even the Son, but only the Father in Heaven knows. Yet Jesus tells us that when you see the trees budding, we will know that spring is near. We can see that the final showdown, the setup of the final battle on the plains of Meggido, may not be far off, at least from the standpoint of preparation and environment: the implementation of a World Government based on the principles of satan, complete rule of immorality throughout the lives of all the people, apathy to what is transpiring. And those who say that we should never consider such things are sadly misguided. It is the duty of every generation to stave off the end of all things if they can, for that time will be one of great distress never seen before and never to be seen again. Few souls will be saved, owing to both the wicked atmosphere and the blame of the people of those days in ignoring the signs and not doing something about them. I can tell you that the destruction of Western Culture and the implementation of muslim sharia law is most certainly not what God wants for His chosen people. Neither is a One World government or 30 million child sacrifices in a few short decades in the U.S. alone. And yet just a few months after 911, have we not all lapsed back into apathy, bishop, priest, and layman alike, slouching toward Gomorrah?

    In illo témpore: Dixit Jesus discípulis suis: Vidéte, vigiláte, et oráte,
    At that time, Jesus said to His disciples, Take ye heed, watch and pray.

Mid-Summer Hiatus Issue
July 15 - September 1, 2002
volume 13, no. 104