October 16, 2002
volume 13, no. 117

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A Final Warning Plea to the Bishops

What good are the Canons and tenets of the Faith if those entrusted to uphold the unchangeable teachings of the Church are more fearful of offending the enemies of God rather than upholding God's holy laws?

    "1.4 million unborn children are killed every year in the USA alone and still you bishops will NOT excommunicate those who sign the death warrants; not even the nine Catholic Senators, who condemned them to a painful death, while they are being born. This, my dear bishops, is why the majority of Catholics have been desensitized to the holocaust of the womb. It is YOU -- the bishops, who are the cause of it. "

Dear Bishops,

   This is a respectful, but firm, non-compromising open letter to all the prelates of America to come to your collective and individual senses before it is too late. Souls are at stake; particularly your own, dear excellencies.

   A terrible mistake was made by you, the American bishops, in the handling of homosexual priests. I think you will agree that this mishandling could not have been done without the help of satan. Here in the United States, the loss of moral authority by the Catholic Church is immense. The mere word, “Catholic,” elicits raised eyebrows.

   When you have homosexuality running amok in seminaries, pederasty is inevitable. But it is done and now the rebuilding must start. The number of generations it will take before the raised eyebrows cease, is anyone's guess.

   I hope and pray that you have learned from your mistakes. That you will kick liberalism and satan back to hell and finally adhere to the strict doctrine of the Catholic Church.

   From talking to my fellow Catholics, this is what want. They want you to act the part of shepherds, as God intended. Protect your flock from the wolves/sin.

   However, there is one way that bishops can facilitate the recovery process. In addition to cleaning up the seminaries and defrocking all priests who are homosexual, the bishops must make an all out effort to STOP THE KILLING OF UNBORN CHILDREN.

   Let the world know that God's Commandment, THOU SHALT NOT KILL includes the killing of unborn children. Let the world know that the Catholic Church will NOT take a back seat in this regard, as it has in the past.

   So far your efforts to save the lives of God's precious children leave much to be desired. You played into the hands of satan with your dismal handling of homosexual priests. Please do not play into his hands again.

   Let the world know that the life of a child in the womb is worth as much as a born person. It is apparent that bishops, currently do NOT think this is so, as evidenced by the pitiful messages emanating from the pulpits throughout the country regarding these killings.

   In our parish, abortion is hardly mentioned. Oh, sure once in a while, a token comment is made for the sanctity of human life. The truth, the KILLING OF UNBORN CHILDREN is not said. This watering down a great sin is appalling.

   Is it any wonder that Catholic women have a higher rate of killing their unborn child than Evangelical women? Is it any wonder that the percentage of Catholics, who voted for Al Gore was greater than the Evangelicals. This in view of the fact that George W. Bush is pro-life and Gore is not only pro-abortion, but if elected would have vetoed a ban on partial-birth abortions as Bill Clinton did. Clinton in his two wins had the lion's share of the Catholic vote, in spite of his extreme pro-abortion stand and his well known womanizing.

   Thank God, Bush was elected, because the ban on partial-birth abortions was recently passed overwhelmingly again in the House and if it passes in the Senate, about 5,000 children, every year, will be spared an excruciating painful death in this late term, barbaric procedure. No thanks to Catholic voters, who wanted Gore to be our president. President Bush said he will sign it, if it reaches his desk and there's the rub.

   The problem are the Catholics senators, who do not want the ban passed. The Senate majority leader, Tom Daschle, a Catholic says he will vote against it. Pat Leahy, another Catholic and who is chairman of the Judiciary Committee along with Daschle are tying to “kill” this bill. They do not want it to go to the full Senate for a vote. This would be another major blow to the Catholic Church if they succeed.

   In the past, bishops have vehemently condemned the organization known as Catholics For Free Choice(CFFC). You say they are not really Catholics, that they are impostors, but then you turn around and give a free ride to the following thirteen Catholic Senators, who are ALSO for free choice to kill unborn children: Senators Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Tom Daschle, Pat Leahy, Richard Durbin, Jack Reed, Tom Harkin, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, Barbara Mikulski, Patty Murray, Mary Landrieu, and Susan Collins. It is apparent that you have one set of rules for the rich and powerful and another for the rest.

   All of the above senators are Democrats except Collins, which begs another question -- “why do Catholic politicians migrate to the party which is “ satan’s pride and joy?” Not only does this party condone the killing of unborn children, but they also embrace homosexuality, which is clearly condemned in the Holy Bible and they are in the forefront to legalize homosexual marriages.

   This is a party which is constantly bashing Catholics and the entire religious community. Do you not know that we are the religious right, or the religious fanatic? Yet, Catholics keep voting for their tormentors. Am I missing something here? When will Catholics learn that when you keep bashing your head against a stone wall, your headaches will not go away? How is it possible for Catholics to keep voting Democratic, unless satan is involved?

   Had it not been for Catholic-educated politicians, I do believe that Roe Vs Wade would have been reversed long ago. Catholics are well represented in the Senate and in the House. One thing we do know for sure, is that if it had not been for Catholic Senators, partial-birth abortion would have been history 5-6 years ago and thus about 20,000 children would have been saved from a gruesome death.

   When Clinton vetoed the ban on partial-birth abortions (twice 1996 and 1997), the House had the necessary two-thirds vote to override the veto, but the Senate was three votes shy. There were thirteen Catholic Senators who were and still are pro-choice [to kill unborn children]. Nine of these Catholic Senators even voted NOT to ban partial-birth abortions. If just three of them honored the Doctrine of their Catholic Church, or just had a sense of common decency, partial-birth abortions would have ended. But instead, their political party came first and God second.

   The following are the Catholic senators, who are not only pro-choice to kill, but even voted NOT to ban partial-birth abortions: They are directly responsible for the death of about 20,000 children, over the past six years: Ted Kennedy and John Kerry (MA), Richard Durbin (IL), Tom Harkin (IA), Jack Reed (RI), Barbara Mikulski (MD), Chris Dodd (CT), Patty Murray (WA) and Susan Collins (ME).

   These nine are the same as abortionists. They signed the death warrants for viable babies, who are killed in a gruesome and extremely painful manner while they are being born. Let us face it -- this brutal procedure is murder.

   And what have the bishops done about them? Absolutely NOTHING. As a matter of fact, they still receive the sacraments. How is this possible? Why would the Catholic clergy put the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ on the tongue of someone they KNOW has a mortal sin on their soul and blood on their hands? How about 20,000 mortal sins?!!

   If they are not excommunicated, then no one should ever be excommunicated for ANY reason.

   The only thing that I can think of is, that bishops do not consider the life of unborn children to be on a par with the born. For this, may God have mercy on your souls.

   1.4 million unborn children are killed every year in the USA alone and still you bishops will NOT excommunicate those who sign the death warrants; not even the nine Catholic Senators, who condemned them to a painful death, while they are being born. This, my dear bishops, is why the majority of Catholics have been desensitized to the holocaust of the womb. It is YOU -- the bishops, who are the cause of it.

   Where do these Catholic politicians get their satanic views? Most are Catholic educated from grade school through high school and many went to Catholic colleges. We do know there are pro-abortion professors teaching theology in our Catholic Universities. Not only are they teaching, but they are pushing their views on the students. We send our children to Catholic grade and high schools, only to have their minds exposed to liberal garbage and pro-abortion indoctrination in college. Not to mention pornographic plays. If you want names -- let me know.

   There were ten pro-abortion speakers at Catholic universities for their commencement exercises this past graduation. One has got to wonder -- are pro-life speakers inadequate? Of course not. Then WHY? That's the question. Where are the bishops?

   Canon Law imposes strict standards of conduct requiring "correct doctrine and integrity of life" upon those teaching in Catholic institutions (Canon 803, Sect. 2, and Canon 804, Sect. 2), and states that those who fall short "need to be removed" (Canon 810, Sect. 1). It is the bishop's responsibility to watch over "even those schools which have been established or are being directed by members of religious institutions ..." (Canon 808, Sect. 1; Canon 805).

   Sometimes, I wonder -- why even have Canon Law? If it does not apply for Catholic senators, who sign death warrants and pro-abortion professors in Catholic colleges, it does not apply to anyone. Get rid of it. Why waste the paper it is written on?

   Bishops went out of their way and called for a large conference to discuss the honmosexual/pedophilia scandal. If only, you would go out of your way, to this extent, for the little ones.

   I know that the Catholic Church does not want to get involved in politics, because of their tax status -- but this is ridiculous. This is not a political issue -- it's a MORAL issue!! You don't have to mention names, or any particular party, but if the IRS doesn't go after Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Frances Kissling to name just a few pro-aborts who openly campaign under cover of religion, then why would you be afraid of identifying the wolves who would devour the flocks under your protection? If you are truly shepherds you would! At the very least, you can certainly tell the parishioners to vote for Pro-life candidates in order to save the lives of God's most precious children. You can form committees to pass out flyers to inform the laity who the pro-life politicians are.

   Can you imagine if all the bishops and cardinals, along with the laity on one given day, went to abortion mills and prayed -- what a glorious impact this would have. The media would be all over it. Think of all the lives it would save and wouldn't that be wonderful? The few priests and bishops, who do this now, get no coverage.

   Even if you lost your tax status -- so what. It seems to me there is a passage in the Bible that says, “For what will profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” (Mark 8:36.) Have you forgotten this? I hope, you are not ignoring it. Besides you WILL NOT lose their tax status, for trying to save the lives of these children. Clinton, before his elections, actually went to Black churches to ensure their vote and so did Al Gore. It paid off -- over 90% of Blacks voted Democratic (for Pro-abortion candidates).

   With over 60 million Catholics (40 million of voting age) in the United States, legalized abortions would soon be history, if bishops would only make more of an effort. It's up to the BISHOPS, if the holocaust of the womb continues, or ends.

   Not only is the laity sick of the way bishops have handled homosexuality and pedophilia, but we are sick of the Catholic hierarchy for coddling pro-abortion/pro-choice politicians. These bad apples are spoiling the entire barrel.

   Please show the world that you are doing God's work and make the saving of His precious children your number one priority. Other than EWTN, I never see priests on TV condemning abortions, however, I do see Evangelical ministers. Is there a reason for this?

   The November elections are around the corner, have you issued edicts to all pastors in your diocese to tell the parishioners at every mass to vote for pro-life candidates and to tell the flock that to be pro-choice is a sin, for it propagates a great evil -- the killing of human beings?

   Are your flyers, with Pro-life candidates listed in the back of the church, as well as the pro-choice [to kill unborn children] candidates?

   If not, you do NOT consider the life of unborn children to be on par with born children, or adults and you must know that this makes satan very happy.

   Politics aside, as I said it is a MORAL issue. Therefore, it is IMPERATIVE that the Republicans win back the Senate and keep the House if we are to have any pro-life legislation, as Democrats led by Catholics senators will just keep stalling any such legislation as they have done in the past.

   You MUST excommunicate pro-choice to kill Catholic Senators -- they propagate death. As for the nine Catholic senators, who condemned to death 20,000 viable children in the most painful and brutal manner, they MUST go first.

   Why they have not been PUBLICLY excommunicated long ago is a mystery. Just as in the homosexual scandals, you erred. Please, no more errors. Surely you must know that public excommunication WILL lessen the amount of abortions and in time I do believe Roe Vs Wade will be overturned.

   It will make the headlines and send a powerful message to Catholics around the world -- the life of unborn children is worth as much as born children, which it is. But you would not think so, by the actions of the bishops so far. This will make the Catholic Church once again a beacon of light and truth and it will again be respected by the entire world. This, I guarantee you. Yet all you do is continue to hide the truths under bushel baskets of compromise and fear.


   If people kill, or order the killing, Canon Law dictates they be excommunicated, especially when they show no remorse and continue in their sinful ways. Otherwise the suffering and killings will continue. You know this to be true -- then why the reluctance?

   Please, do not let the children suffer and die any longer. Be the good shepherds, as God intended. If you fear repercussions by standing uncompromisingly for the teachings of the Church, then for the sake of your soul, resign your position immediately. It would go better for you now, than later. If you fear man, then you no longer fear God and that is tragic. Jesus said quite clearly in Matthew 6: 24: "No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will stand by the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon."

   By serving the Democratic cause, you serve mammon, not God. Consider what Our Lord said in Luke 12: 48, "But of everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and of him to whom they have entrusted much, they will demand the more." Also consider what the holy Doctor of the Church Saint Athanasius said, "the floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops." In all respect and the love of Christ, your excellencies, only if you protect the precious hairs of every unborn child will you be able to escape a similar fate.

   God bless and I pray that you do the right thing! The soul of America and countless Catholics are at stake, as well as the millions of babies who are our future! God alone knows the answer and will judge accordingly. Will it be a future forged by blood or by moral righteousness and goodness? Bishops of America, the choice is yours, if the killing of unborn children continues or ends. I repeat: It's up to the BISHOPS, if the holocaust of the womb continues then, before God, let the blood of the innocent be on your hands and heads!

Dr. Frank Joseph

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volume 13, no. 117
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