June 4, 2002
volume 13, no. 103
Traditional Feast of Saint Francis Caracciolo, Confessor who died in 1608.

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 Shears and Tears of a Lamb
Today Catharine Lamb reminds the reader how much has been lost with the loss of Latin. Lex orandi, lex credendi. With the exodus of the official language of the Church out also went reverence and spiritual discipline. A structured, purposeful direction was abandoned. In place of unity of the universal Church there is now division everywhere, created by the confusion of the wholesale changes wrought by the sorry reforms of Vatican II, reforms that fostered a slothful attitude towards the sacred and profound as Catharine explains in her column From Latin to Lazy.

 Traditional Thought
In this issue we present the second part of a two part eye-opening, excellent essay by Christopher A. Ferrara that first appeared in The Remnant and is reproduced here through the gracious cooperation of editor Michael Matt. Ferrara, who has been on the frontlines and seen it all up close and personal, weighs in on why the increased pressure on Traditionalists by Modern Rome as he brings us an account of what really went on during the emergency synod of American Cardinals at the Vatican last month and what should be done in part two of Pulling the Plug
 Christ or chaos
In today's issue we bring you a piece by Dr. Thomas Droleskey on a subject he is truly expert in, for when he is not devoting his time to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts, he is at the Mets games - a familiar fixture for years as the "Lone Ranger." He has written an entertaining and faith-based book on this experience titled "There's No Cure for This Condition" which you can read more about at Chartres Communications. He weighs in on the recent controversy over rumors of Mike Piazza being gay after irresponsible remarks by Mets manager Bobby Valentine. Tom takes issue with him in his column Bobby V is Not a Theologian!
 White Smoke, Black Fire!
We continue with the seventh episode of chapter seven in Part III - "The Shadowing." Pat prepares for his evening rendezvous with Karel on the Via Magdalena in tracking down the Legion of the Basilisk, while Swiss Guard Riage Benziger saves his strength to find help later in the evening when he can make it to the main gate and confide in one he trusts as the suspense builds further in Episode Seven.


 Pro Life Prescriptions
This Wednesday Dr. Frank Joseph lays out the formula for victory for all Pro-Life Politicians running this Fall which is not to shy away from the abortion issue. Rather, take it and run with it right into office because you've got the pro-aborts in a no-win situation as Dr. Frank illustrates in his column A DNAmite Win-Win Opportunity! For his colum last week, see Why does the Hierarchy continuously hide except when its their own hide?

 Simply Sheen
In Wednesday's issue we bring you a short essay by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen which deals with facing responsibility both with our fellow man and especially before God. If we betray the trust we are given, if we offend the moral order, we must make good. We cannot escape that fact which is vital for a smoother ride both here and in the hereafter. He illustrates this in You cannot escape Reparation! For last week, see Denial of Responsiblity


 Echoes of True Catholicism
On Thursday Dr. Marian Therese Horvat will address a seemingly harmless issue for all parents. However, before you race down to your neighborhood video store to rent the newly released Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone you should read what's really behind all the hype. Dr. Marian will explain in her column Harry Potter and the Problem of Good and Evil. For her column last week, see Rewriting History to Serve the Gay Agenda

 Appreciating the Precious Gift of our Faith
Thursday we continue our catechesis on the Sacrament of Penance with the means to purging our souls of both mortal and venial sins. That tool is the sacramental confession, created for us that we might confess our sins, do penance and amend our life. By admitting our faults to Christ through His representatives on earth - the alter Christus the priest, we can be assured of forgiveness if we make a firm purpose of amendment as you'll see the means in How to Make a Good Confession. For last week's installment, see Sacramental Confession.
 The Great Sacrilege
Father James F. Wathen, O.S.J. has granted permission to publish his entire work which was first published by Tan Books in 1972, and which we urge you to read for everything he wrote back then is backed by the solid depositum fidei - the Sacred Deposit of the Faith and still holds true. It takes up where the Ottaviani Intervention left off as you'll see in Thursday's issue when Father focuses on Chapter Five with Part Three of The Apostolic Constitution of Pope Paul VI, Missale Romanum For the full series to date, see Chapters
 Traditional Insights
On Friday Mario Derksen will continue with his series on the The Humanism of John Paul II with his 8th installment in which he explains the true Catholic stance on the Death Penalty and how it has been locked up these days by the constant post-conciliarist preaching against it without realizing what the Church really says. In incarcerating the truths they greatly cloud the Pro-Life issue and dilute the force of stopping abortion from the Pope on down. Could it be because it is not politically correct? See what Mario says in On Death and Life (I). For his column last week, see With a Kiss, Like Judas.
 Christ or chaos
In Friday's issue Dr. Thomas Droleskey continues his popular series on G.I.R.M. Warfare when he analyzes paragraphs 100 through 104 in exposing the ridiculous anglicanization of the Latin Rite and all the modernist trends that have made the Mass unrecognizable over the past 40 years as Tom explains in his 48th installment, The Vernacular Variety Show. For last week's column, see Ecclesiastical Egalitarianism.
 The Fatima FILE
On Friday we continue a chronological account of the cover-up by Modern Rome as documented by Father Paul Kramer and brought to you through the good graces and permission of John Vennari, editor of Catholic Family News. Friday we present the time frame from 2000 to the Present in part five of Chronology of a Cover-Up. For part four, see The Nineties


 Catholic PewPOINT
On Monday editor Michael Cain illustrated how the domino effect is toppling the post-conciliar Church and the momentum is picking up with the revelations of the modernists' darling Archbishop Rembert Weakland's sodomy tendencies. The American Church is coming apart at the seams and yet the USCCB continues to ignore the pleas for help, to snub their noses at accredited Catholic organizations whose input would truly help. Instead they have gone into bunker mentality while all around them alien forces of the satanic nature abound. In a comparison to the final episode of the X-Files, Cain showed how the facts can be more bizarre than fiction in his editorial Until the Domino effect completes its sordid run, the Dominus effect won't be effective!

 On the BattleLine
In Monday's issue Atila Sinke Guimar„es pointed out how we should be indignant instead of tolerant of the "appalling sin" and no amount of rationalization or excuses can justify the grave offense against God and Catholic doctrine for the sin of sodomy that seems so rampant in the post-conciliar Church today, especially here in the United States. He relied on St. Peter Damian's arguments to reveal the vile vice pedophilia is and that there is precedent for dealing with this problem as Pope Saint Gregory VII proved the clergy could be cleaned up. So also today the same measures are needed as he explained in his column The Modernist Spin on Sodomy
  Doctors of the Church
Monday's Doctor of the Church was born into a wealthy family and used those riches to receive the finest education at the hands of the world's greatest professors in Rome and then employed that wealth of knowledge for Christ's holy Church. He amassed all of the Scriptures and translated them into the Latin tongue, all wrapped up in the magnificent Latin Vulgate. This masterful Doctor, the "Father of the Mother Tongue" who we featured as the eighth on the chronological list was Saint Jerome

"Humility is the safeguard of chastity. In the matter of purity, there is no greater danger than not fearing danger. When a person puts himself in an occasion, saying, 'I shall not fall' - it is an almost infallible sign that he will fall, and with great injury to his soul."

Saint Philip Neri

Today in Church History
Anniversary of the Baptism of the First Christian King of England

Today is the 1,405th anniversary of the Baptism of Saint Ethelbert, King of Kent, by Saint Augustine of Canterbury in 597 A.D. This christening allowed Ethelbert to become the first Christian monarch of England and prompted a mass conversion among his subjects as well as neighboring kings of the Saxons and Angles during his 56-year reign.

In each issue we will feature a special prayer to enhance your Catholic devotions

Prayer for the Feast of Saint Francis Carracciolo

O God, Who didst adorn blessed Francis, the founder of a new order, with a zeal for prayer and a love of penance; grant that Thy servants may make such progress in the imitation of his virtues, that by contant prayer, and bringing their bodies into subjection, they may deserve to attain Heavenly glory. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, one world without end. Amen.

From the Collect for the Feast of St. Francis Carracciolo

For prayers posted thus far, see Devotions and Reflections

TUESDAY, May 28:
Traditional Feast of Saint Augustine of Canterbury, Bishop who died in 604. Historical feast of Saint Germanus, Bishop of Paris who died in 576 and Saint Bernard of Methon, Monk who died in 1008. He is the Patron Saint of Mountain Climbers.

Traditional Feast of Saint Mary Magdalen de Pazzi, Virgin who died in 1607. Historical feast of Saint Maximinus of Trier, Bishop who died in the 4th Century.

TRADITIONAL FEAST OF CORPUS CHRISTI. Feast of Saint Joan of Arc, Virgin and Patroness of France who was martyred in 1431. Traditional Feast of Pope Saint Felix I who was martyred in 274. Historical feast of Saint Ferdinand III, King of Spain who died in 1252.

FRIDAY, May 31:
Traditional Feast of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Traditional Feast of Saint Petronilla, Virgin who died in the first century. In the new the feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to her cousin Saint Elizabeth.

Traditional Feast of Saint Angela Merici, Virgin who died in 1540. She was the Foundress of the Ursuline Order of Nuns. In the new, the feast of Saint Justin, who was martyred in 165. He is the Patron Saint of Lecturers.

SUNDAY, June 2:
Traditionally the Second Sunday after Pentecost in the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Feast of Saint Marcellinus, Priest and Saint Peter, Exorcist who were both martyred in 304. Traditional Feast of Saint Erasmus, Bishop who was martyred in 303. In the new, the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ. Historical feast of Saint Blandina, who was martyred in 177. For reflections on the Sunday Liturgy, see Fr. Cusick's reflections

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