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From Monday - the Feasts of Saint Pius V and Saint Pius X to Saturday - the Feast of the Archangels
September 3 to September 29, 2001                       volume 12, no. 148

     We are still down and will be until the Feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Perhaps that is a good thing so that all will turn away from the computer and turn to God in these times when prayer and repentance are the only answers to the demonic disasters that have occurred. America must turn away from the culture of death and embrace the Sanctity of Life in all its stages in asking God to spare our country and citizens from further destruction, in granting forgiveness for these despicable acts of cowardice. We must love our enemies, as difficult as that may be in these times when it is natural to seek vengeance. We must live the Gospel. We must return to the true Roman Catholic doctrines and liturgy that has been so desecrated and seek to reinstall Jesus Christ, Son of God and Savior of the world as the universal King of all nations. Pray for Mary's Immaculate Heart to triumph soon. We are the Church Militant. We must work together with all our hearts and souls to reinstate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in our parishes. It is time to sacrifice our own temporal wants and goals for the eternal goal of salvation. That begins in our hearts and souls, and that begins by pleading with your pastors to allow the Tridentine Mass in your parish now. Demand for the sake of souls everywhere that the Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel be said by all as Pope Leo XIII decreed. If they delay, flee to a Tridentine Rite near you. Please, please heed the signs!

NOTE: Once again the nagging pinched nerve is flaring up, thus rendering the editor unable to work at the computer for awhile. This comes at a time which we consider providential for, due to an influx of information that bears the full truth of the Catholic Faith - verifiable through Sacred Scripture and the infallibly defined dogmas and doctrines which comprise the teachings and traditions of Holy Mother Church - we need the time to study and absorb recent findings so that we may present to you our readers the truths and nothing but the truths as taught by the perennial and infallible Magisterium of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. This study and recuperation can be done more efficaciously while elevating and resting the feet and legs. Thus we will regrettably be down for an undetermined time in order that the editor may recover and we may fully digest and discern all that God wishes to be disseminated through this humble, insignificant vehicle of The DAILY CATHOLIC. During this time we strongly urge you to read all that you can in the portal of the Sacred Deposit of Faith. By so doing you will be better prepared for understanding the material we present when we return to our regular schedule. You may also sign up to receive The DAILY CATHOLIC E-zine that will start when we go back online. We appreciate your patience and prayers. Again, God has a reason for this delay and we accept it willingly and joyously for His honor and glory.


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Symphony of Suffering
Cyndi asks why just a crusade in name only. Why not a real, live actual crusade worldwide that will end in Rome speaking with One Voice for the Primacy of Peter? It can happen! Do you want to be part of the FirstCRUSADE of the 21st Century?
Christ or chaos
Dr. Tom Droleskey on the undaunted mission of the Church Militant in a special column For the Permanent Record
Pro Life Prescriptions
Dr. Frank Joseph calls for an end to the warped logic of the psychobabblers in Psychiatry and Homosexuality
White Smoke, Black Fire!
2nd episode of the 2nd Chapter - All hell breaks loose as Armageddon arrives on the Field of Abraham on All Saints Day!
Saints preserve us!
St. Joseph, St. Peter, Pope St. Innocent V, and Blessed Juliana of Mt. Cornillon study the deeds to try to find the fruits
Conspiracy Unveiled
Part six - Behind the Vault - "Marc Rich using bribery and murder, destroyed the Pope's soybean business in America. And Marc Rich was enabled to do this with the connivance of some in the soybean markets, the Justice Department, and the American CIA, and others." How the Vatican lost billions of dollars
Traditional Thoughts
Second of a four part segment by Michael J. Matt, editor of The Remnant on Sustaining the Outrage
Precious Gift of our Faith
Catechetical Apologetic Series based on My Catholic Faith on the Most Blessed Sacrament and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - Installment 239: Sacred vessels and altar linens
Ottaviani Intervention
Part Eight - Letter to Pope Paul VI from Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci in 1969
Liturgy of the Saints
Feasts, Devotions and the Word of the Day during the feasts celebrated between September 3-5 including the Feast of two great Pontiffs - Pope Saint Gregory the Great and Pope Saint Pius X.
intercepted memo from the spamMaster to his appointed soulScanners - The red glow of the global village
Simply Sheen
Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen shows how history repeats itself and how sin has become commonplace as he asks Have we lost our sense of guilt?
Time Capsules
Events during the time period of September 3rd to 5th that happened in Church History including the 4th anniversary on Wednesday of the death of Mother Teresa, founder of the Missionaries of Charity whose beatification has been moving along swiftly.
September Papal Intentions - Holy Father's General and Missionary Intentions.
Herod's Heroes - Call to their bishops for the official censure of 72 Pro-abort politicians who claim to be Catholic
Sacred Deposit of the Faith - Church and Papal Documents from Trent onward

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    September 3-5, 2001
    volume 12, no. 148
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