September 14-29, 2001
volume 12, no. 149

Why are the pulpits so silent?

    As I sit and try to collect my thoughts for another column, the TV is on and the news of the day, is thrust upon me, whether I like it or not. Over the past several weeks there have been tragedy after tragedy -- there is no end. A week ago the media was all over the story of a man killing his 3 year old son, his pregnant wife and 4 other relatives. They hounded the airwaves several weeks ago about a mother who killed her 5 children by drowning in the bathtub. She had to chase her oldest son around the house -- caught him and took him screaming and flailing, to his watery grave. The missing people; the rapes; children killing children. Every day -- there is no let up. It's as if the news media can't wait to tell me all the horrific stories of “man's inhumanity to man.” Then the events of this past Tuesday hit us and there are no words to describe or explain it. But there is a reason why.

    They ask, “why are all these bad things happening? How can people do these things? Where is God? Why is He allowing all this?”

    Oh, you pitiful people, who ask these questions. You are so lucky that God doesn’t throw his hands up in complete disgust and wreak havoc and total destruction on this planet we call earth and in particular the United States of America, the one and only super power. The only country, which can set a tone for the rest of the world. The only country that other countries try to emulate.

    Instead of setting examples that exemplify common decency and dare I mention, examples that would please God, we have done everything possible to instill in people the perception that life is cheap. Perhaps many will realize it indeed is precious. I daresay that is how those who had relatives in those buildings and planes feel. These kinds of tragedies will indeed get even worse if we continue to kill 4,000 children of God every day in our country alone.

    Consider we have Panned Parenthood, who is angry at President Bush for withholding funds, so PP can be reimbursed for killing unborn babies, throughout the world and we dare to ask, “why does God let all these bad things happen?”

    Our pulpits are practically SILENT and in the rare instances they speak up about the American holocaust, it is SO watered down that no one is dissuaded from killing their unborn child.

    They keep using the word “abortion.” and parrotting the weak directives coming out of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Pablum. Pure pablum. Would the clergy all drop dead if they would say, “if you KILL your unborn baby, you WILL go to hell?” It's not as if it's a lie. It is the TRUTH -- you kill another human being, you disobey God, who said, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”

    They are so afraid of losing their tax status, that they would take their chances on insulting God. Yes, God is insulted when his shepherds look the other way, while the flock is systematically being killed.

    If any priests, or bishops are reading this, let me announce to you: -- You will NEVER, NEVER, lose your tax status. If you did, then EVERY Black Church in the USA would have to lose theirs and that will NEVER happen. Not only are the Black clergy not afraid, but they even mention candidates by NAME. Bill Clinton and Al Gore actually went to Black churches to get their votes.

    Anyhow, let's says that you did buck the odds of a billion to one and did lose your tax status and you are out a few bucks -- it's only money. Have you forgotten, “For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but suffers the loss of his own soul.” No, you didn't forget, you just ignored it.

    This pitiful attempt by the clergy to protect God's children, by not speaking out vociferously from the pulpits, is music to the ears of planned Parenthood and all other death mills. Where are the St. John the Baptists?

    The pro-aborts get SICK when you tell the truth and say the “KILLING OF UNBORN BABIES.” Just once before I die, I would like to see a pro-lifer who has the opportunity to get on a network show, say, “There is absolutely no difference between killing an unborn baby and a born baby. Both mock God and His Commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” And then say, “There’s not an embryologist in the entire world, who could deny that human life begins at conception, we now have DNA for the proof.” Come to think of it, I would also like to hear this from the pulpit before I die.

    I daresay God would like to hear that from his shepherds before they die as well, for the sake of their own souls for it would seem they have forgotten the final four things which the Church has always taught: Death, Judgment, Heaven or Hell! Who do you think the Almighty will hold responsible? Those who thought they were obeying and were deceived, or those doing the deceiving?

    When I listen to the clergy and how they continually play into the hands of the pro-aborts, I want to scream, “SAY KILL, NOT ABORTION.” When the pulpits continue to soft peddle, such a cowardly, inhumane act of killing one's own child with rhetoric befitting the planners of death -- Planned Parenthood, then you know that satan has gotten to them too.

    Have you noticed that the proponents of these killings have latched on to another sugar coated euphemism for the killing of human beings. First they discarded the word “abortion,” because any thinking person, just might associate it with the destruction of a human being. Then it was the “right to choose” and now it's “a woman's reproductive freedom.”

    Oh, these sugar coated euphemisms for killing. I am wondering if Planned Parenthood can be sued for lying to the American people. Since P.P. is a billion dollar industry and we all know that industries can be sued for false advertising. Then, how can they get away with saying, “a woman's reproductive freedom,” is in jeopardy.

    Right now, on the website of Planned Parenthood, there is an article called, “The War on Reproductive Choice.” This is a blatant “LIE.” There is NO war going on for women, who want to reproduce -- to get pregnant. There has NEVER been an attack on a woman's reproductive freedom and there never will be. But you see, these disciples of the prince of darkness, don't really mean reproductive freedom, or choice. What they mean is -- once you reproduce, THEN a woman should have the right to KILL what she reproduces. Once conception takes place, reproduction is OVER.

    There is a difference between “reproductive freedom” and killing what you reproduce. But then, Planned Parenthood is noted for twisting words and lying to the American people. They even say that “Abortions do not hurt women, physically, or mentally.” If they can say such a falsehood, why would you expect them to start telling the truth now.

    When I link Planned Parenthood to satan, this is not just lofty rhetoric. There seems to be a perception in our country that the devil; who goes by many names: satan; lucifer; the prince of darkness does not exist. That there is no hell, but probably there is a God and maybe there is a Heaven.

    To these sad, sad people -- wake up before it's too late, or you WILL, be living in satan’s domain for all eternity. He exists as sure as I'm typing this. Jesus Christ was tempted by satan. We are warned about satan in the Holy Bible over and over and over again. Everywhere there is an evil act, you WILL find satan. Every time an unborn baby is killed -- you WILL find satan. Every time a commandment is broken, you WILL find satan. Every time Planned Parenthood says women should have the right to kill their unborn child, if they so choose, you WILL find satan.

    What would you say, satan’s biggest five accomplishments are in the United States? You don't know -- here they are:

1) Planned Parenthood, the biggest killers of human beings the world has ever known, is satan’s home away from home. From there he barks out his orders -- KILL, KILL, KILL.

2) Satan’s second biggest accomplishment in the United States is the Hollywood Community, the purveyors of filth.

3) The control of the educational system, where young minds are easily accessed. From grade schools to colleges, satan is at the doorway beckoning your children to enter. Who would have thought a generation ago that homosexuality with all it suffering, deaths and suicides, would now be taught to our children as just another normal alternative lifestyle. Who would have thought that universities would have courses in pornography. The number of universities that I would send my child to, I can count on the fingers of one hand.

4) The seduction of the American people to embrace the most ungodly and perverted lifestyle imaginable and which is clearly condemned in the Bible -- homosexuality.

5) The taking control of one of the two major political parties in the most powerful country on Earth, the United States. That party is the DEMOCRATIC party.

    Oh, how satan loves it when Democrats refer to people of faith as the “religious right” and if they attend church every week, they are the “far religious right,” or the “religious fanatic.” You just know that satan has a grin from ear to ear when he hears this name calling.

    But, satan’s coup de grace is his easy access to the minds of Catholic Democratic politicians.(check Herod's Heroes) This party votes en masse on all bills that glorify satan. The number one, of which is, the killing of God's children while still in their mother's womb and at times, when they are 80% out of the womb.

    You have to wonder -- how is it possible that these Democratic politicians can accept satan’s proposition that women should have the right to have their unborn child killed, if they so choose.

    Such an evil act. YES, there IS a satan, how else could a civilized society condone and propagate death to their own kind?

    Should we be surprised that so many in the arab nations in the mid-east hate the U.S? Are we surprised and shocked that they call us the 'great Satan'? We have given them plenty of reasons to do so. Until we change our ways, until we turn back to God and embrace His laws fully we will be subjected to even more hate and violence. Yet, it doesnt' seem our sold-out politicians get the message. Why? Because now that the Democratic party has embraced homosexuality, with all it suffering, deaths and suicides, satan revels, even more so, as he knows that God has denounced this perverted lifestyle.

    I ask you, “why would satan not love this party -- they are doing his every wish?” These politicians have a special place in the devil's heart and WILL have a special place in HELL.

    This war is not between God and satan. That would be a mismatch. God could smite satan with His little finger. With one breath, God can blow satan into oblivion.

    The war is between the children of God and satan. God gave us a free will and commandments to live by. Through the centuries, this war has been waging. There have been ups and downs. At times, the world has embraced the tenets of satan and there were times that Godliness has risen to the top. There has even been a time when God could no longer take it, as He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, for their moral degeneracy, of which homosexuality was at the top of the list.

    Don't look now, but Sodom and Gomorrah had nothing on us. COULD WE BE NEXT? ARE YOU PREPARED?

Dr. Frank Joseph

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September 14-29, 2001
volume 12, no. 149
Dr. Frank Joseph's PRO LIFE PRESCRIPTIONS column
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