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From Monday - the Feast of Saint Bridget of Sweden to Sunday - the Feast of Pope Saint Callistus, Martyr
October 8-14, 2001                       volume 12, no. 151
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How well do you really know your Catholic Faith?

      With this issue we begin bringing you - over the next several months - each General Council of the Church. There have been 21 in all, with the last one being Vatican II. Many are under the totally false belief that the Second Vatican Council covered everything that was contained in Church teaching and that Catholics should live their Faith by the reforms of Vatican II. This is the great tragedy that has occurred because so few Catholics realize what Tradition is and how it was passed down and how it has been so depleted - all because of the Vatican II revolution. Contrary to what so many Catholics of this generation believe, the Church did not begin in the sixties, but rather when Jesus Christ bestowed the Keys of the Kingdom on Simon Bar Jona - Saint Peter (Matthew 16: 18-19). Peter and the Apostles gathered for the first Council of Jerusalem after Our Lord's Ascension, which is recorded in Acts 15 and Galatians 2. They met to decide whether Gentile converts were required to observe Mosaic Law. They declared it was not necessary for a New Covenant had been given to them and perpetuated by the Holy Spirit.

    Last week's quiz revealed how few truly know the Councils of the Church. The answer to last week's quiz was Florence, Trent, Vatican I. Those were Councils which passed infallible doctrine. Nicaea was also, but Vatican II was not. Metz was never a Council but rather the site where the ignominious Pact of Metz was signed wherein John XXIII and the succeeding post-conciliar Popes agreed not to condemn the scourge of Communism which previous Pontiffs had so vigorously opposed. Therefore we have decided to provide the Sacred Canons of each of the 21 major councils called over the past 2000 years. They were considered 'General Councils' or, in recent times 'Ecumenical Councils' in the respect of encompassing the universal Church which dealt with other Faiths and cultures. Never was it established that Councils needed representation from those outside the Faith. In fact, every council except Vatican II reaffirmed the fact that the Church of Rome under the Primacy of Peter was the Sovereign and only True Faith. It was at the Fourth Lateran Council in 1215 when Pope Innocent III declared ex cathedra as unchangeable and infallible dogma that "There is one Universal Church of the faithful, outside of which no one at all is saved."

    Because of these truths, we proudly present every council beginning with the First Council of Nicaea which begins with this issue. Once you have read all the conciliar documents we truly believe you'll understand why Catholics truly need to know their Faith in order to keep the Faith - the Faith passed down through Tradition in the Sacred Deposit of the Faith for all time.


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The First Council of Nicaea
  Though the Council of Jerusalem (Acts 15 and Galatians 2) was the first Church Council, attended by the Apostles, the first Ecumenical (world-wide) Council was called by the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great with Pope Saint Sylvester I sitting on the Throne of Peter as the 33rd successor of Christ's appointed Apostle. The site was the city of Nicaea, just south of Constantinople in Asia Minor. The greatest periti was the Bishop of Alexandria, Saint Athanasius who, amidst his struggles with the Arians, argued convincingly for condemning Arius and, as a deacon, St. Athanasius was at the forefront in defining the Consubstantiality of the Son with the Heavenly Father. For the full documents of the first Ecumenical Council see NICAEA ONE
Catholic PewPOINT
Editor Michael Cain asks if we're truly prepared for the war that began on September 11th and was answered on the Feast of the Holy Rosary. How many see the Godincidence in this and how many will rally to sincerely pray, repent and do penance for the sins of America? How America's heart and soul respond will tell the tale of where we are headed - down the easy towards hell, or the narrow, difficult, uncompromising way to Heaven. He points this out in his editorial The war in Afghanistan is just the tip of the iceberg!
Christ or chaos
Dr. Tom Droleskey continues his series on G.I.R.M. Warfare. He illustrates how the beginning of Mass has been gutted out and prayers deemed important for over a thousand years shelved by those who think the Mass is nothing but a show to perform in Distraction and Disorientation!
Standing with the Church Militant On the BattleLine
Atila Sinke Guimar„es points out the embrace of Islam by the media in the wake of the terrorist attacks began with the acceptance of the infidel faith by the Pope himself when he kissed the Qu'ran. The Kiss and the Blood
Liturgy of the Saints
This week, which leads off with the Feast of Saint Bridget of Sweden on Monday followed by the Feast of Saint John Leonardi on Tuesday, is highlighted by the Traditional Feast of the Motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Thursday followed by the Feast of Saint Edward on Saturday, which is also the 84th anniversary of the final Apparition at Fatima. The 19th Sunday after Pentecost is the Feast of Pope Saint Callistus, Martyr. For these and other feasts, see Liturgical Calendar of Traditional Roman Rite
Pro Life Prescriptions
Dr. Frank Joseph points out that while the nation mourns nearly 7,000 who died on one day in September 2001, few are concerned about the 4,000 who are killed every day of the year through the atrocious holocaust of the womb. He emphasizes the incongruities in his column Are All Humans Equal?
The Great Sacrilege
Father James F. Wathen, O.S.J. has granted permission to publish his entire work "The Great Sacrilege" which we urge you to read for everything he wrote in 1971 is backed by solid, Roman Catholic doctrine and the depositum fidei - the Sacred Deposit of the Faith and still holds true. Chapter Two
Precious Gift of our Faith
Catechetical Apologetic Series based on My Catholic Faith on the Most Blessed Sacrament and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - Installment 242: The Proper Manner of Assisting at Holy Mass
Sanctity of Life
Fr. Frank Pavone brings to the reader's attention the fact abortionists like to use legal means to thwart pro-lifers. He offers new tactics to fight fire with fire in catching them at their own game in Attention, Clinical Workers!
Guest Column
Mother Mary Angelica of the Annunciation returned to her EWTN audience on Mother Angelica Live, after a stroke that paralyzed part of her face, to deliver a mind and soul-numbing dissertation on the answer to why the terrorists attacked on September 11th and what the president must do to alleviate the threat in the future in The Other Terrorists
Echoes of True Catholicism
Dr. Marian Horvat brings up the issue of modesty and how it plays such a pivotal part of the restoration of the Faith, especially in the attentiveness to modest dress by women in today's society in part one of The Egalitarian Revolution
Simply Sheen
Many decades before the WTC disaster, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen alerted us it might take a catastrophe to regenerate our spirituality. Catastrophes often are necessary curtain raisers to revive spirituality
White Smoke, Black Fire!
5th episode of the 2nd Chapter of an on-line novel. Vatican head of Communications seeks to stop heretical decree released to the press by Cardinal Macelli

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    October 8-14, 2001
    volume 12, no. 151
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