To be able to make heads and tails of all the documents we've linked, we strongly recommend the books below from Tradition In Action that separate fact from fiction. Everything is backed up to show how everything changed and how, and why it was allowed. You owe it to yourself to read, judge, discuss and share so that the True Faith will be preserved always.

"In the Murky Waters of Vatican II" - the first of the incomparable collection Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani? $15. (+ $4. shipping)

"Animus Delendi - I" - The second of the Eli, Eli... series, translated "Desire to Destroy" tells how the Church was sabotaged through Vatican II and by whom. $20. (plus $4. shipping)

"An Urgent Plea: Do Not Change The Papacy" - plea to the Holy Father to not listen to the progressivists who would diminish the role of the Successor of Peter. $7. (plus $3. shipping) or call 1-323-725-0219.

PO Box 23135
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Marian Therese Horvat, Ph.D.

    We are proud to introduce to the reader Marian Therese Horvat. She holds a degree in Journalism and a Master's and Doctorate in Medieval History from the University of Kansas. Her specialty is cultural history and she will write a regular column in her "Echoes of True Catholicism" as well as collaborate with Atila Sinke Guimar„es on the inspiring column "Cultivating Catholic Culture."

    Her background is in teaching, first in teaching Western Civilization in the Great Books Program at the University of Kansas in Lawrence as well as serving as a principal and founder of private Catholic independent schools in Kansas and Texas. In addition she assisted for many years families establishing home schooling.

    Dr. Horvat has spoken at numerous Catholic conferences throughout the United States. She writes for various Catholic periodicals, and has regular columns in The Remnant, Catholic Family News, and now The DAILY CATHOLIC. She is author of Our Lady of Good Success: Prophecies for Our Times, and co-author of the timely statements We Resist You to the Face, An Urgent Plea: Do Not Change the Papacy, and Previews of the New Papacy.

    She is president of Tradition in Action, Inc., a center for Catholic culture and apologetics. They have many books and tapes available at Tradition In Action, Inc. and we strongly recommend all of them.

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"Previews of the New Papacy" - The Imprisonment of Peter? 500 pictures illustrate what is going on in the Church - even for those who don't want to see. A real eye opener. $10. (+ $3. shipping)

"Quo Vadis, Petre?" - Special Edition of the Eli, Eli, Lamma... Collection on the Jubilee's pan-religious nature that has weakened Holy Mother Church. $8. (plus $3. shipping)

"We Resist You To The Face" - Do not be fooled by the title. This is one of the most respectful and obedient pieces justified by Sacred Scripture and Catholic Doctrine in saying 'enough is enough, no more destruction of our beloved Church!' $10. (plus $3. shipping)

"Our Lady of Good Success: Prophecies for Our Times" - A 350-year-old approved devotion from Quito, Ecuador that is very pertinent today. $7. (plus $3. shipping)

To order these books and see others available, go to or call 1-323-725-0219.

PO Box 23135
Los Angeles, CA 90023