March 18, 2001
volume 12, no. 77

Another Viewpoint from Readers

    Editor's Note: We have been receiving beaucoup feedback on our Open Letter to the Bishops and our "Herod's Heroes" series. It's running 95% positive to 5% negative, but in fairness we share opinions of both sides below with all three of the negative responses received and just a sampling of the positive ones received:

Doing the Church a favor!

    I used to read Daily Cathoic several times a week - but had gotten away from it lately. Well, never again!!!! After your recent column "The Buck stops with the Bishops", and our correspondence, I made a visit to Daily Catholic and stumbled on Herod's Heroes! You don't know how much I have prayed that someone would take up the banner of "outing" these very same 'Catholic in name only' Politicians!!!! I have already e-mailed Senator Biden and will make my way down the list starting at the beginning - including any Bishops and Cardinals who have e-mail addresses. Plus I have sent the link to all my Catholic friends on my e-mail list! I truly think that you are doing Holy Mother Church a very much, over needed, favor! I had already started composing a letter to the Papal Nuncio, Most Reverend Gabriel Montalvo regarding "The Buck stops with the Bishops" column. I might as well include this along with it.

Sam in Florida

Doesn't support overturning Roe vs. Wade

   I would like to voice disagreement. While I am Catholic, and I am certainly not Pro-Choice, (unless it means choosing life) I don't support over-turning Roe v.Wade.

    I feel that the Pro-Life movement is a wonderful organization, however, I feel that they could do different things that would ultimately save more un-born children.

    My point in writing to you today however is not to state my views on the topic, but to say that I, as a practicing Catholic, disagree with your approach. I think that the idea is novel at best, and not very reasonable. People can have different ideas, and they can disagree, but this shouldn't be the basis for ex-communicating people from our faith.

    Rhetoric of this nature does nothing more than perpetuate negative notions that people outside of the Catholic faith have about us. This type of 'your with us or your against us' mind set, is very detrimental to any organization, and it has NO place in any Christian faith.

    In closing, let me state that although your intentions are clearly decent, perhaps there are other approaches that could be considered. We should be trying to truly promote life, and not get bogged down continuing this political stalemate of Pro-Choice vs Right to Life. All of that is merely polical garbage that is clearly getting in the way of what our true focus should be, preserving un-born lives.

Shalom, Dan McGlincey

Code of Canon Law spells it out!

    The Bishops in a recourse against Catholic politians in the US Congress that advocate and vote consistently for pro-abortion civil legislation should proceed according to the norms of Canon Law in applying sanctions. These norms are found in Book Six of the Code. The appropiate "grounds" or charge against these individuals seems to be canon 750 '2 ("Ad tuendam fidem, 18 maii anno 1998), inasmuch as voting for pro-abortion civil legislation entails NOT strongly holding ("firmiter ... amplectenda ac retinenda ... moribus ab Ecclesiae magisterio definitive") that which has been difinitively proposed by the Magisterium as Catholic morals ("moribus"). The Code provides for a "just penalty" to be applied (c. 1371 01).

    Although some type of general letter from the Bishops as an admonishment (monitum) to the aforementioned Catholic politicians seems appropiate, in particular, the "Bishop" to proceed with a prior investigation (ad procedendum) is the that one where each Catholic politician resides (c. 1717 ''1-3). Then, that Bishop must decide how to proceed (c. 1720).

    Regarding the content of a "just penalty", one could consider the taking away (privatio) of any "privilege" and/or "title", even if that title is only honorary (c. 1336 '1,20). If a censure (excomunication or interdict) is considered, the Bishop must give first the admonishment (monitum), and this under pain of nullity of the eventual censure (c. 1347).

    Vatican II and the subsequent post-Conciliar legislation including the renewed Code has granted more participation to the laity in the Church. Thus, it seems time that not only priests but also the laity be disciplined for their actions that militate against good order, morals and doctrine in the Catholic Church.

Fr. David Sereno, JCD

Tough Love is necessary!

   I think this list of Herod.s angels is one of the best teaching tools of defining the real meaning of love, that I have seen on the Internet. Please do not let the whining of a few people stop you. It is in my opinion an anointed work of hope and peace. God bless you in your apostolate

Deacon Ken Finn, Diocese of San Diego

Nothing to do with abortion?

   These are strong words. I disagree with your tactics. Surely you can see that there is a threat made here? This message that you are sending has nothing to do with abortion. It has to do with the separation of Church and State. Let the one who has not sinned cast the first stone and excommunicate anyone from GOD.

Troy V. Harrison, CPT, AV

We need to be vocal to end the bloodshed of abortion!

   How brave of you and how right you are in your open letter to the Bishops of America. The abortion issue needs to be address and we need all Bishops of this country to state to our fellow Catholics that abortion is so wrong. I was hoping that they would declare "Mother's Day" a day of Rosary to end abortion. As Cardinal Sin used the rosary to overturn two corrupt governments of the Phillipines without bloodshed, our Cardinals should be as vocal to end the bloodshed of abortion. When our children see our political leaders advocating "Pro-choice" and going to our public and parochial schools saying the same thing, they believe these "leaders." Our bishops must do the Lord's work and not be fearful of the consequences. God Bless you and continue the work of Jesus.

Dorothy Maffei

Tired of hearing about abortion.

    Don't you have any other issues to write about other than abortion? Try writing about the good in God rather than the wrath of God. I get so sick of hearing about who is going to hell. Sin is sin. I hope you are all very sure you are going to heaven while you judge and condemn others.

Desiree Jarman

Right on target!

    I thank and praise God for you and the great work you are doing through your website. You are exactly on target, putting the bishops on notice about their silence in the face of the holocaust of abortion and excommunicating the pro-abortion murder "catholic" politicians. If the bishops of America had the smallest spark of courage and prophetic witness of Martin Luther King, the legal murder of abortion would be a footnote in history--Dead On Arrival!

    I am copying each Herod's Hero to my word processor and will send to their respective bishops for action. Keep up the great work! You are on the right track.

Joseph Fazio, East Northport, NY

Truly inspired.

    What an outstanding open letter to the bishops!!!! Most pro-life Catholics discussed all these things and were filled with wonder as to how these senators and congressman can stand up and say "I am Catholic" and in the next breath say "I support abortion." The Holy Spirit surely guided that letter.

Patty Lamperski

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March 18, 2001
volume 12, no. 77
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