January 3, 2001
volume 12, no. 3

DAILY TIMELINES IN CHURCH HISTORY: Events that occurred Today throughout the 2001 year history pertaining to the Roman Catholic Church

Historical Events in Church Annals for January 3rd:

    236 A.D.
  • Death of Pope Saint Anterus, 19th successor of Peter whose pontificate lasted less than two years. Born in Magna Grecia, he was elected on November 21, 235. Like others he suffered martyrdom at the hands of the Roman Emperor Maximus, the barbarian from Thrace. He ordered that the acts and relics of the martyrs be gathered together and kept in churches in a place called the "scrinium."

    269 A.D.

  • Death of Pope Saint Felix I, 26th successor of Peter. He died a martyr at the hands of the Roman Emperor Aurelian and his successor Pope Saint Eutychian would commemorate his death on his tomb, a practice originated by Felix.

    500 A.D.

  • Death of Saint Genevieve virgin and mystic of Paris who tended to the poor during the occupation of the city by Chilideric and the Franks. She was successful in interceding on behalf of the people and through her intercessory prayers and example, Paris was spared of attacks from the dreaded Huns as well as plagues, epidemics and other catastrophes.

    1431 A.D.

  • Saint Joan of Arc is handed over to the court of Bishop Pierre Cauchon and charged with heresy and witchcraft because of her mystical visions she received from God. Five months later, on May 30th she would be burned at the stake and not absolved until Pope Callistus III would find her innocent in 1456.

    1521 A.D.

  • Pope Leo X publishes his Papal Bull Decet Romanum pontificem, condemning Martin Luther and officially excommunicating the Augustinian monk for burning Leo's previous bull Exsurge Domine.

    1962 A.D.

  • Pope John XXIII hands Cuban ruler Fidel Castro the bell, book and candle for his refusal to heed the teachings of the Church or allow the people to worship, and for his embracing atheistic communism.

January 3, 2001
volume 12, no. 3

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