DAILY CATHOLIC   TUESDAY   September 28, 1999   vol. 10, no. 184


"Begone, satan!"

        In having written hundreds of editorials throughout this decade, there are few editorials that produced such a feedback as the one we wrote Friday. Our e-mail bank is flooded with responses and there is just no way to get back to all those who have written. We're already over a month in arrears in catching up on correspondence, so if you wrote, please be patient.

        Regarding the overwhelming response, we received only one negative reply. From whom? You guessed it, Ron O'Brien himself. How did he react to our factual editorial exposing his charlatan ways and total disobedience to Holy Mother Church? By attacking from below the belt, literally, accusing this editor of a life-long sexual problem of self-gratification. "Let him who is without sin among you be the first to cast a stone at her" (John 8: 7). It looks like O'Brien is casting. He forgets Christ's words a few verses further in John 8: 11: "Neither will I condemn thee. Go thy way, and from now on sin no more." If anyone wonders about O'Brien's sanity, sincerity or possible possession by the devil it became crystal clear with his reply which was that his "Yahweh" gave him an instant message which he conveyed via e-mail to all on his list and which we, with nothing to hide, print here so all can see the mental instability of the man hiding behind his false yahweh: "Having read your recent Editorial below I petitioned God the Father as to how I could be of help to you. I was informed by the Father that you have had and have a serious masturbation problem since childhood. This has apparently effected your thinking processes. Therefore I am asking all the souls above to pray for your recovery from this mortally sinful practice. You may petition Mr. Joseph Hunt editor of our newsletter for a miraculous Healing Host which may cure you. However, I suggest if you do request a Host that you wash your mouth out and then your hands before addressing and touching your Lord. With every good wish. Yours in Christ, Ron O'Brien, MI and family."

        My loving bride of eighteen years, though knowing it is not true, was humanly hurt by such an outrageous accusation of her husband. This is a natural reaction to such slander that is totally false, but this editor took it all in stride because of the total absurdity of such a charge. It also reaffirmed our conviction that O'Brien is not only totally false, but also a dangerous loon. True, this editor is a sinner just as all men are. This editor has many sins, but thankfully before God this editor can vow that the sixth and ninth commandments do not come into play because of this editor's undying love for his spouse and the sacredness of our union. Maybe O'Brien has a different Abba then the one we've been praying to for over fifty years, but this editor has been to confession regularly over forty-some years and that "serious sin" this writer was accused of might have come up once in early puberty in the late fifties and was forgiven. Besides the good holy nuns instilled in us the intrinsic dangers of this act against the sixth and ninth commandments and, after experimenting once, this writer was an obedient soul. Since then, this editor can proudly say he has led a chaste life within the requirements of conjugal love in the Sacrament of Marriage.

        In fact, the only problems this editor has below the belt, so to speak, is that prostrate cancer has been found in the advanced second stage, considerably weakening strength which could indicate lymph cancer. Only further diagnosis, treatment or surgery will reveal that. Though daily energy is greatly diminished, we assure you this editor's resolve to continue the DAILY CATHOLIC is as strong as ever, despite the debilitating illness. We leave it in God's hands and accept whatever cross He chooses to give us. After all, Cyndi has offered up her suffering for so long, it's about time her husband shared in the physical pain. All we ask are your prayers. This is another reason we have not resumed our three series THE HISTORY OF THE MASS AND HOLY MOTHER CHURCH, WHERE IS HOLY MOTHER CHURCH HEADING AS WE NEAR THE MILLENNIUM?, and THE AGE OF MARIAN APPARITIONS. We just hope we can get through the remaining fifty plus TOP 100 CATHOLICS OF THE CENTURY profiles since fatigue and exhaustion set in much more quickly these days, so please be patient with us. Guess we can expect O'Brien to say this affliction is a curse from God because of all the terrible sins of this editor!!!

        All sin aside, it's time for all of us to pray for the graces that O'Brien will hopefully realize the mortal errors of his ways before he reaches the point of no return. We pray that he and Joe Hunt will be cured of this possession or oppression by the devil...because the soul is far more important than the body. O'Brien's latest "revelation" was just another manifestation of his digging his own grave deeper. After O'Brien had instantly lashed out Friday night at this editor in the only way he could - through prideful condemnation as his defense - some on the list (which he had amassed through Hunt) requested to be unsubscribed and protested O'Brien's certain revenge and self-defense tactics of hiding behind "Yahweh." We know this first-hand because we received several e-mails over the weekend from those who had unsubscribed from O'Brien's e-mail. We quote Hunt's words to one e-mailer, "Well, [e-mailer's name withheld], do you want Yahweh to expose you to the world? How lucky do you feel? Is your ounce of arrogance going to stand up to Yahweh's weight?"

        Folks, that sure sounds like a threat to us! "How lucky do you feel?"??? Wow, Clint Eastwood would be proud! These threats are merely further proof that O'Brien and Hunt are total flakes, albeit frustrated ones who are lashing out at any and all who dare challenge them. Lately, in fact, Hunt has taken it upon himself to speak for O'Brien in most matters and is therefore a willful accomplice to these lies.

        The e-mailer wrote back and, in his reply, hit the nail on the head: Whatever O'Brien was "receiving in visions" was from the evil one, not the True Abba. He replied to Hunt, "Given the fact that I have never claimed to be a saint - I really have no reputation to lose. But don't kid yourself. There is ANOTHER spiritual source who has seen our sins YOURS AND MINE (at least all except the mental ones which are not voiced) AND THAT PERSON IS SATAN. I am not intimidated by your childish threats. At the Last Judgment all of my sins and yours and Ron's and every other human being will be revealed - as well as all the good things we have done. Neither I nor any other sane Catholic fears you, Ron or your darned fool threats. Got that? Wake up and smell the coffee. God doesn't reveal sins of His children to people like Ron. If God allowed him to - satan could. But not God. And every Catholic with a brain will know it." Another e-mailer wrote, "You have reached an all time low, when you brought up something so personal as the mortal sin of masturbation.  Only satan would be so vile and stoop so low.  I know my God, the one true God, our Father wouldn't.  That's when I knew for sure, in my heart, satan has been working through you.  I feel so sorry for you.   I will be praying for you, and your family, to the one true God, our Father, that you will be able to see the real truth.  I know what I am saying will not change your mind, but prayers might."

        Ah yes, the power of prayer can move mountains. And there are plenty of those towering obstacles in New Hampshire! As the e-mailers correctly stated, throughout the history of mankind God does not operate in such a manner, never revealing sins of others to a human for revenge purposes. Some priests have the gift of reading souls, but they do not reveal sins to anyone else. It is called the Seal of Confession and was established when Our Lord charged Saint Peter in Matthew 16: 19, "...and whatever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven, and whatever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven" which means whose sins they shall forgive, they are forgiven...and forgotten. That is why every time O'Brien opens his mouth he betrays himself further. Let's all hope and pray that soon there will be no more ears or hearts left to hear his rubbish...satan's rubbish.

        We do want to make one correction from our Friday editorial. In our reference to O'Brien selling hosts for $3,333.33 we referred to it as usury which would come into play with such a large amount that he is asking for - something which is not his to sell. However, the correct terminology to what he is doing is Simony and that is a far, far greater offense in the Church. Simony takes its name from the heretic Simon Magus who wanted to purchase the power of the Apostles of bringing down the Holy Spirit on those on whom they laid hands (Acts 8: 19-20). O'Brien, by demanding the six three-figures amount is violating Canon Law 848 as well as performing a sacrilegious act that cries to Heaven.

        It's interesting to note that O'Brien is also in the business of declaring excommunications of others, even God's appointed successors of the Apostles. Did you know lay men could excommunicate bishops? We quote his condemnation of July 10: "Therefore, as an example of what today awaits nearly all My servant priests, and to begin the process of restoring My Authority within My Church, I hereby excommunicate from My Church and sentence the soul of one John McCormack, Bishop of Manchester, New Hampshire TO HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY." Now that is what is truly called "being condemned!" But God has never worked that way! He didn't publicly condemn Judas Iscariot and neither will He condemn anyone else publicly before others, let alone a bishop! The monarch of France Philip IV tried to excommunicate Pope Boniface VIII. Philip the Fair was eventually excommunicated himself and became an enemy of the Church. Naturally, excommunication of an ordained minister by a lay man didn't work then and it won't work now! When it comes to excommunication, O'Brien's disobedience to the Church through such slander of her appointed ministers and through the consistent employment of simony, has, in effect, caused O'Brien to excommunicate himself from the Church. It is very similar to what occurred in Lincoln, Nebraska when Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz warned those members of Call To Action and We Are Church of their errors and that they would excommunicate themselves if they persisted in their disobedience. The only difference here is that they were on the far-left, O'Brien on the far, far-right! He may fall back on the fact there is schism within the Church and he thinks he is one of the self-appointed saviors to rescue the Barque of Peter, but that cannot be accomplished through disobedience. Only through prayer, as Our Lady has conveyed to so many valid visionaries, locutionists and messengers over the past two hundred years, can this apostasy be overcome. Archbishop Marcel LeFebvre meant right but went about it the wrong way through disobedience. Padre Pio saw it and went about it the right way throughout his time of suspension and forced silence - by being obedient. To repeat what we printed last Friday, that is the litmus test to proving whether something is from God or the devil.

        When we wrote the first editorial we fully expected to be attacked and slandered by O'Brien who doesn't know us from Adam nor do we know him. It isn't a personal thing between us, only the fact that he is misleading countless souls and has proven without a shadow of a doubt that he is a false prophet in the same ilk as Bayside and Necedah, Wisconsin. In his case, from his responses and confrontational attacks, he is even more militant and vindictive than Baysiders. When he threatens souls with things not in conformity with Church Doctrine, then it becomes personal for God's sake. Yes, we expect this dissident one to strike back as the snake in the grass the serpent truly is. Dissidents have tried to get "personal" with us in the past. They have given us their best shot with no substance whatsoever. They've gone after Cyndi simply because she was a messenger in the first part of this decade. Try as they might, short of libel, slander and stealing, they were never able to provide a shred of proof on anything for every one of her messages was in total compliance with Church Doctrine, Sacred Scripture and Canon Law. Add to this that in all things she was and remains ever obedient to the Magisterium of the Church. Since 1995 she has returned to being merely a loving wife, mother and obedient servant of the Lord, endeavoring to live all Our Lord and Our Lady imparted. That is the essence of all Heavenly messages: living them in quiet humility and obedience.

        We half expect O'Brien to condemn Cyndi next just because of her intrinsic association with this editor. If the pattern he has established with those in the Magisterium who counseled him, and those who disagree with him is followed - and a cornered wolf does instinctively act out of survival - then we can expect a rash of condemnations and who knows what sins we'll be accused of. To show the scope of the sickness of this man we quote another e-mail he sent out this weekend in which he attacks EWTN and Mother Angelica with these venomous and libelous words straight from O'Brien: "Mother Angelica is a vain, pompous old hag who's [sic] station EWTN will be the main tool of the anti-Christ one day..." Again, the far-right attacking the orthodox, but his vindictive, slanderous words are such that enough is enough! Mother, like all of us, is a sinner, but what she is doing has the Holy Father's approval and everything she programs is orthodox in cooperation with Church doctrine, dogma, teachings and the great Deposit of Faith! Going after Mother and the Holy Father are just too much as far as we're concerned. Aren't you amazed that this self-proclaimed profit who is supposed to be "so holy and receiving messages from God," not to mention "miraculous unconfected-by-a-priest hosts out of mid-air" has so much hate in his heart?!? That's another litmus test to authenticity. Love goes hand in hand with Obedience. It prompts one to pray that the Warning will come sooner so we will truly know in our own hearts what sins we each need to work on privately and the realization that the True Father Almighty is a Merciful Father Who is giving us this time of Mercy as a sort of dress rehearsal for the Last Judgment. But until the Final Judgment no one will know the sins of others and, if they are revealed, they come not from God but from His greatest adversary - lucifer who indeed has that power as a fallen angel; far greater power than any man!

        While it is never "fun" or easy being attacked, we can take solace in the fact that the attacks on this editor have opened the eyes and hearts of many as to the fallacy of O'Brien's messages and hopefully there will be a mass exodus from his cult. To be the whipping boy for that kind of cause is worth it. We have good company in the Pope, Mother Angelica, Bishop McCormack, et alii who have been condemned and their sins exposed as well. We don't take credit for exposing this false prophet, only as obedient servants striving to be loyal to God and His Holy Church which He established and which He assures us that "I am with you all days, even unto the consummation of the world" (Matthew 28: 20).

        We have received several e-mails from people who have either experienced the fraud perpetrated by O'Brien and Hunt or have information regarding it. We are not a clearing house for such things, but the Church is and that is where it should be directed. We strongly recommend contacting Bishop John B. McCormack, Diocese of Manchester, 153 Ash St. P.O. Box 310, Manchester, NH 03105 or you can call the Chancery Office at 603-669-3100 or send faxes to 603-669-0377 or e-mail: webmaster@diocesemanch.org. Whether this will be beneficial is left to conjecture since O'Brien and Hunt have dismissed directives directly from the Church so far and are already in direct disobedience to the Bishop and Holy Mother Church and have violated Canon Law. Even though O'Brien, starting to show desperate fear, has sent out a letter and even printed our Friday editorial on his webpage. Below various paragraphs of our editorial he has inserted his schismatic comments that cry out heresy in trying to defend his actions and calling this writer "Pope Michael," the bottom line is he is flat out being disobedient to the Church and every day that he passes off more rubbish as coming from "Yahweh" he is digging himself a deeper hole in hell, for God will not be mocked. As to being a pope, sorry, that is not our style. Rather our style and fiat has always been to be obedient to the Vicar of Christ on earth, the man whom Jesus has selected and commands we be obedient to as His representative. Now O'Brien has set himself up as Christ's personal sole representative. Strange, we don't see a succession here from Saint Peter to Ron O'Brien! Please, please pray for O'Brien's soul and those who stubbornly follow this far, far, far-right heretical pied piper.

        With that said we sign our finis to this controversy. We are not going to write about this anymore for it was never our intent to get into a specific spat with the devil. Because so many had petitioned us to speak out and because of the overwhelming evidence provided that prove O'Brien's messages are not from God, we took the responsibility as a concerned Roman Catholic journalist to inform the people. Our purpose has been accomplished. We say good riddance to the cult of the Sons of Light, Knights Templar. We hope that the officials at Militia Immaculata will step in and take some action with two of their members who place MI behind their name. It is a disgrace to all that Saint Maximilian Kolbe established. Not to take action would be a travesty to this martyred saint. We pray that O'Brien's cult will no longer deceive the faithful, and that it will fade quickly into oblivion. In a letter that betrays his fears this past weekend, O'Brien titled it "There is no profit in being a prophet" but perhaps he protests too much, for in truth, there's no profit in disobeying the True Prophet Jesus, the Son of God, and the Magisterium of the Church He established! Without a doubt, there is truly something very rotten in Keene that casts a keen over the faithful for satan is orchestrating a far-right schism that is rotten to the core! On the eve of the Feast of that great defender of the Faith and God's chief lieutenant against lucifer - the great Saint Michael - we complete this commentary with Jesus' command in Matthew 4: 10. It echoes what all those faithful to the Magisterium of the Church endorse in driving out the demons that embrace Mr. O'Brien: "Begone, satan!"

Michael Cain, editor

September 28, 1999      volume 10, no. 184
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