February 8, 2001
volume 12, no. 39

The Sin of Silence

   To follow up yesterday's introductory column, we left off in asking you to join God's Pro Life Army of Love. Did you get a chance to ask Him? If not, go ahead and do it now. We'll wait. While we're waiting, Jane is going to take time to hug the kids and answer office phones while Joe writes this second column today. Amazingly mothers have the ability to efficiently handle several duties simultaneously!

    Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.

    Forgive me for my silence.

    Forgive me for not standing up sooner to protect Your littlest ones from this indescribable horror called abortion.

    God has called all of us, in one way or another, to join the fight to protect the unborn. I write this article today to share a story of one individual who finally realized this dept of his calling. My prayer is that you will see yourself in this story and transform yourself from an average Pro-Life individual to a Pro-Lifer!

    God had called me to devote my life to the Pro-Life movement several years before I met Pastor David Vaughn, but it his story that I share with you today (not mine). Pastor Vaughn, who is the pastor of a local Protestant church, attended a pan-denominational pro-life convention that I was a part of in August of 2000. He was one of many speakers scheduled for the opening day of the five-day convention of Operation Save America.

    He was asked to speak that night because he had allowed Operation Save America to use his facility for the first day of the convention. There were about 350 in attendance for a stirring and motivational presentation as each speaker took their turn at the podium. Just before Pastor Vaughan's turn the leader of Operation Save America, Pastor Flip Benham, introduced and ran the video "Hard Truth", produced by the Center for Bio-ethical Reform. It is an extraordinary video and though it is rather grisly, most pro-lifers have viewed the piece.

    In the beginning of the video the head of Center for Bio-ethical Reform, Greg Cunningham, gives his short introduction. "We are about to show you the very graphic and grizzly truth about abortion. We deliberately have only music in the background so, if an individual needed to look away, they could at any time and be shielded from the images. But I will leave you with this question. If you need to look away, doesn't that also demonstrate just how horrifying the hard truth really is?" The video then goes to show many graphic examples of abortion including a live abortion.

    After the video was over, it was Pastor Vaughn's turn. Pastor Benham introduced him and he slowly walked to the podium. Even though I was sitting near the back of the church, I could see tears streaming down his face. After a long pause, he collected his voice he said, "I am sorry. I want each of you here tonight to know that you have my personal apology for not doing more for this cause….. I had no idea it was like that (as he pointed to the screen where the movie just was). I have been a good pastor for many years, I thought I was right with God. It wasn't until tonight, dear people, that I have felt the heart of God. I can tell you tonight, that His heart is broken".

    It was at that moment that Pastor Vaughn became a Pro-Lifer, not a radical, but a person who fully understands the horrors of abortion.

    Every Pro-Lifer has their own story of how they made this transition. We need more Pro-Lifers, more David Vaughn's, more Dr. Frank Joseph's, more Father Frank Pavone's, and yes, more Cardinal O'Connor's. Every single day, 4,000 human persons are brutally murdered before they take their first breath. God is calling us to stop the killing…… save His littlest ones.

    If you are asking yourself right now "What can I do?" and you have not heard that divine whisper yet, then I'll answer you with one word: Plenty. Volunteer at your local crisis pregnancy center or your local Right to Life group. Donate to those organizations! Become a customer of Pro Life Communications! Join the Pro-Life committee at your Parish. If they don't have a Pro-Life committee, it's time they did! Vote Pro-Life for crying out loud!

    If you need a nudge, we can help you find an organization in your area. My wife Jane and I are the founders of Pro Life Communications. We work with Pro-life organizations nationwide so we can help you connect one that needs financial assistance and volunteers (they all need help). Feel free to call me toll free at (877) TRU-LIFE X-4 (877-878-5433, extension 4) or you can e-mail me at, or, if you'd rather talk to Jane or e-mail her, I'll give you her e-mail. It's But don't tell her I sent you. She doesn't know yet that I've put the buzz in your ear and, hopefully, your heart, to respond. If she gets inundated with e-mails from caring people who are hearing God's call to help His little ones, she'll be delighted but be looking for where they came from and I'll have to fess up. Forgive me, dear, for I have stirred things up again! Until next week, God bless you, brothers and sisters.

Joe and Jane Dalton

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February 8, 2001
volume 12, no. 39
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